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the last blue class 56

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I think the last four BR blue Class 56's were lined up at Leicester depot (I think) for a photoshoot in the early 90's.  I can't remember the numbers of them but I think 006 was certainly one of them.  I seem to remember that Rail magazine had a pull out picture of them all lined up within the magazine.

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As has been said 56006 was an Old Oak Common special, but IIRC 56004 was also a late blue.  This is odd because 56004 had new "Doncaster" cabs to replace the Romanian ones it was built with.  



Or maybe one Doncaster cab


56004 Doncaster Works 1.4.84 | Following major collision dam… | Flickr

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I can identify 56004, 008, 010, 020, 022 and 026 as still wearing BR Blue at the start of 1993. Of those, 56020 and 026 were out of use by that time. All except 56022 were still blue two years later, and by the start of 1998, 56004 (active) and 56008 (stored) were the last two remaining.


I feel like I've seen said photo in one of my magazine back copies quite recently, but I haven't yet been able to track it down again. I'll share it here if I do come across it.

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