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Industrial locomotives in the late 80s to mid 90s

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All cement works locos for this lot...


TH293v, seen on a short train of cement tanks from the BR sidings to Castle Cement's Ketton works. 1996.



And at the works.



TH164v on the internal rail system from the quarry to the chalk slurry plant at Rugby Cement's Barrington works. The system connected to BR via the Barrington Light Railway and a pair of Rolls Royce 4wDH locos handled traffic over the branch.



RH499435, a 165DE type, also on the internal railway at Barrington. Both photos were taken in 1996.


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There were some great industrials to be seen around then, even saw one steam industrial on a tour of Scotland in the early 80's.

Few and far between now although one of Llanwern's shunters was on view from teh main line a few weeks ago.

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Guest stuartp

(about British Oak) To be honest I can't remember if loaded trains came in and the coal was transferred to lorries or vice-versa. It's a long time ago and I never was sure what a "Disposal Point" was meant to do. They certainly didn't mine coal on the site at this time.


The coal from Caphouse went out by road by this time, and then underground to Woolley briefly before the whole system closed. Someone on here (Miles ?) was asking about British Oak some time ago and I asked some questions of an ex-Healey Mills driver colleague for him. Without digging out my notes, IIRC the site both received and dispatched coal by train and by road from the smaller collieries in the area and from further away. The coal was blended on site before being sent out as different customers required different grades. Power stations in particular needed poor quality coal as their boilers are basically designed to burn cheap dusty c**p, too high a calorific value and the refractory bricks lining the furnaces tend to run out through the ash pans.


The method of working would have your 'knowledgeable' exhibition viewers shaking their heads in disgust. MGRs from the Wakefield direction were straightforward, the trains ran wrong line from Horbury Junction straight into the exchange sidings, the loco ran round in the yard and away. However, unfitted trains from Healey Mills were hauled up to Horbury Junction with the brake van immediately behind the loco and the tail lamp on the drawhook of the last wagon, before being propelled facing road into the exhange sidings with the guard riding in the leading wagon. The outgoing wagons (if there were any) were then extracted and the brake re-attached. If the return working was to Healey Mills , the train was hauled back to Horbury Junction and then propelled back to Healey Mills with the brake van leading (max 28 SLU). If it was going further west (Elland Power Station for example) the train and brake were both run round at Horbury Jcn and the train proceeded in the proper fashion with loco and brake in the traditional positions.


Cracking pics Ruston !


[Edited to get the return trip brake van on the right end having found my notes !]

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Thanks for that info, Stuart. I've obviously got the pics in the wrong order and the light loco must have been coming back over Blacker Lane after depositing those fulls in the sidings.


(Elland Power Station for example)


Speaking of Elland Power Station.


Elland No.1, HC D1153 at C.F. Booth's yard in November 88 with a scrapyard employee hanging off it.


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A couple of pics taken at the Allen Rowland scrapyard at Tyseley in 1996. A Hibberd 4wDM (w/n 3958) and a Yorkshire Engine Co. 0-4-0DE, which I didn't record the identity of. I think these must have been taken on a Sunday when the yard wasn't working.





Rolls Royce10279 at the Bolsover Coalite plant in August 91. The Coalite plant produced a form of coke as a smokeless fuel for household use. I always used to enjoy the smell of coal tar that drifted from here right across to the M1 when I was driving on that road. The plant closed several years ago now and I miss that smell when travelling on the motorway. They also had an 0-6-0DE Yorkshire here as a spare, which I've got a photo of. I'll post it when I find and scan it.



Rolls Royce 10283, one of a pair of 4wDMs, at the very modern loco shed of the Preston Dock railway in May 95. I'm led to believe that this railway is now run as a preservation project but that they still run tanker trains - does anyone know if that's correct?



YE 2760 at Allied Steel & Wire, Cardiff. I took this one during the same trip as the pics, shown previously, at Port Talbot.



It was great to see the photo of YE 2760 at Allied Steel & Wire, Cardiff. I am now the joint owner of this loco which is based at Toddington on the Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway. It is currently undergoing an engine swap but has given 11 years reliable service at Toddington. It would be great to see more of this and the other ASW Yorkshires!

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I'm afraid I didn't get any pictures of other ASW Yorkshires. I saw a couple of ex-ASW locos at Wilmott Bros. plant yard at Ilkeston in 1995, one of which was a very late style YE.


HE 6662 and the Yorkshire (2911?), both ex ASW, Cardiff.



And now for a set of 88DS Rustons.


RH321732 at rest in WH Davis wagon works yard, Langwith Junction, April 95.



RH236364 out of use and parked on a track covered in mud at British Gypsum Ltd. Hotchley Hill works. Date unrecorded but probably 1995. There were a pair of these at this site but by the time I visited one had left site and had been sold to Trackwork Ltd...



... which I caught up with at Long Sandall the following year.



RH312432 Seen in March 91 standing on a short length of track at what was soon to become the station throat of the ELR's Rawtenstall station. The loco had worked the Rossendale Solid Fuel Concentration Depot at this site until it closed and was abandoned on site. It was criminal that the ELR didn't do something about preserving the loco and it was cut up where it stood shortly afterwards.


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What a fantastic thread - I've only just stumbled across this section of the forum!


The couple of shots on page one of this topic in the Stanlow/Ellesmere Port area are particularly interesting to me - I've a longterm (i.e. SLOW) project to recreate a little bit of the MSC railways in that area. Do you have any more of the system during this period? Finding more modern photos is proving quite difficult and one of the reasons that progress is so slow!

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Hi James.


I have a few of a couple of locos at the small MSC shed that housed the locos that worked the freightliner trains at Trafford Park and have a couple of shots of the 0-6-0 Rolls Royces at Ellesmere Port. I may even have one of a Hudswell Clarke at Weaste. I'll have a look but I can't guarantee that they'll be worth copying and I'm sure they won't show anything worthwhile of the system itself or its surroundings. One of my regrets is that I concentrated on the locos and not much else.

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Here are some of the MSC locos. I've found a few more but I've yet to scan them.


HC D1191 at the Barton Dock shed in 1995.



And the same loco in company with one of the RR 4wDHs in August 96.



Sentinel 10144 at Ellesmere Port, also August 96. Somewhere I have a picture of another of these with an MSC brake van.



Not MSC but just down the road in Stanlow, at the Shell terminal. Thomas Hill 287v.


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Wonderful!!!! The MSC 0-6-0 is next on my kit list, and I did wonder about the Stanlow Thomas Hill, but had never seen a good photo that showed the livery. Any more you have would be awesome, I only wish I'd driven up the road (well asked my Dad too) in my teens whilst this network was still in use.

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  • RMweb Premium

Wonderful!!!! The MSC 0-6-0 is next on my kit list,


I've built the Judith Edge kit and done a pseudo MSC livery, complete with yellow/black stripes that was used on "Tontine Street Goods". Unfortunately, I can't track down the link on fotopic - and I'm not near home for a few days to access the pic from my hard drive.


Ill try and post a link in a few days.




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Here are a few more of the Hunslet (7410) that I showed previously in the shots taken at British Oak D.P.


This photo was taken before those at British Oak and shows the loco in storage at British Coal's Wentworth Stores, near Barnsley. On the right is a Ruston 48DLZ 2ft. gauge flameproofed loco for underground use.



Another of the loco on a train of HAA hoppers at British Oak.



British Oak may well have been the last time the loco was used by the Opencast Executive and I later found it in use as the yard shunter at Booth's Rotherham yard.



That wasn't the end for 7410. IIRC it was bought byRMS Locotec and was overhauled to become part of their hire fleet. Does anyone know where it is now?

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Thanks for that. So it may still be around...




Nice pics, keep 'em coming. Particularly if you have any more of the ex-Templeborough/Longbridge 67Te Hunslets, I'd be most grateful!





Here you go.


HE8805 photographed from a passing train at Aldwarke, April 88.



And in action, passing a trainload of proper minis (as opposed to the BMW effort - eugh!) at Rover's Longbridge plant 8 years later.



And another pair of before 'n' after shots.


Sentinel 10037 at Thos. Hill's Kilnhurst works in January 91.



And in August 96 at Balfour Beatty's track supplies depot at Sandiacre. A rail crane also operated here and can be seen in the background.


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A few more.


I can't remember the name of the company that operated this pair of Barclays and there's nothing written on the slide except the works number - 674. It was in Middlesborough and the date was April 91. Both locos were ex-NCB and were still carried the livery.



YE 2890 at Templeborough Steelworks, Rotherham. March 89.



Although it looks like a Rolls Royce/Sentinel, this loco was numbered in the Thomas Hill list 0 228v. It was working at the Stanton foundry sometime in 1995.



48DS RH224347 was found hidden and out of use as the W.H. Davis wagon works at Langwith Junction in March 91. It was supposedly in working order and spare to the 88DS that has featured previously.



Sentinel S10164 seen in August 96 at a cement terminal (Blue Circle IIRC) in Widnes.


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  • RMweb Premium

Go for it and post the builds in this section. I think we could do with a few more actual modelling topics in here. :)


I had pics of the previous builds on fotopic - maybe I need to drip feed them on here.. ;)




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Scraping the bottom of the barrel now. I'll have to see if I can find some more to scan...


English Electric (EEV) D1194, ex Seaham Harbour Dock Co. At C.F. Booth's yard in March 95.



TH177c, ex Stella North power station. C.F. Booth Feb. 88. I believe this was a rebuild of a Sentinel steam loco.



HC D1279 (ex C.F. Booth, ex NCB Renishaw Park Colliery (I think). Seen here entering the premises of RMS Locotec at Dewsbury cement terminal on 7th December 1995.



HE 7396 at Rover's Longbridge works in April 96. This loco was a one-off and not your usual Hunslet IIRC. It looks a bit taller in the bodywork for a start but I'm afraid I don't know what the technical differences were or where it originally worked.


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Another 4.


Just going back to the OP, this is the Thomas Hill loco (257v) that my brother and I had a cab ride in at Croft. It is seen here with the empty wagons that it had just brought into the quarry site.





Not far from Croft is another rail-linked quarry. This time we are at Bardon Hill and TH 297v, a Steelman type, is powering it's way up the gradient into the quarry site with a load of empties.



And another Steelman in action, this time at British Steel's Shelton works in 1997. I got to drive this one later in the day.


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Dave, did you take any photos of the wagons in use on the internal system?



Three pics of one of the last 48DS locos to be used in industry.

I may have missed the answer to this one, but what happened to the little Ruston in Guisborough?

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Hi James,


No, I didn't take any of the wagons specifically but I may have a pic where they can be seen coupled the the Fowler's successor - a Mercedes Unimog that was fitted for road/rail. IIRC they were hoppers of about 20 tons capacity and painted mid blue in colour. I think they were very old and possibly ex-LNER. Whatever they were I'm fairly certain that they weren't the more usual 21-ton hoppers.


Regarding that 48DS; I believe it was "preserved" but that term seems to mean almost anything these days and I'm not at all sure where. You see I when I stopped chasing these things I also stopped updating my IRS books. I think it went to some scheme or other that hoped to re-open an old line in the north of England, but not a major "heritage" railway.


Sorry I can't be of any more help.

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