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Show me your voyagers 220/221.


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After the succession of the HST topic, I thought I would start a voyager thread...

To follow will be Virgin XC thread in Cornwall, that could cover 47's and voyagers.


But for now this is just a voyager topic.


Thanks in advance.


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Hi Jack


A couple of pics to set the ball rolling....


220014 & 221123 working hard up the slope away from Redruth 15/7/06




220013 South Wales Voyager leaves Truro 23.8.04




220029 Vyajer Kernewek/Cornish Voyager speeds past Tregajorran, Pool (Redruth) 10/6/06




221103 Christopher Columbus at Redruth 17/4/06




220010 at Camborne 3/4/11




One good thing when Virgin had the franchise was that all their Voyagers were named,which made identification a lot easier.....I've lots of pictures of nameplates as it was impossible to identify the unit any other way unless you saw it close to in a station moving slowly due to the positionng of the unit numbers low down on the nose.....Not an option now with the new franchise owners


Any way,hope you like the above


Cheers Bill

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really great picture Bill thanks for sharing them.

cant believe the voyagers have been around over a decade now..! seems like yesterday the 47's were replaced on XC services.




Hi Jack


It certainly is frightening how time has flown....I well remember waiting for my daughter & her then boyfriend now husband on Redruth station for their Virgin operated train hauled by 47's & Virgin liveried stock at the end of an 11 hour trip(if on time!!!!!) from North Wales.


Also seeing First GW's sleeper in the mornings on their return with the motorail vans on the rear.


Sadly I didn't have a camera then.....Didn't get one 'till 2004 by which time they'd gone


Look forward to your XC thread when you start it


Cheers Bill

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Another great idea for a thread Jack! Here's a few of mine.


First of all from 2010 at......Par!











Same year, but this time at Lostwithiel.





And some from this year at Par.


First Voyager of the day from Penzance




I arrived at Par to take pictures at 6:30am and managed to see quite a few voyagers in the first couple of hours. Here's a few more:












Best regards,



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IIs this better - Penzance


Ah, 158s in Cornwall, those were the days! So much more comfortable than the 150s and tin rockets we have to endure down here now. Also quite an interesting period livery-wise, with the changeover from Virgin to XC, refurb of First HSTs and 158s from Central, Wessex, and TPE adding to the mix.

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158's are spacious and comfortable, but personally I think the voyagers are almost like being in an old faithful armchair with a socket for handsets and laptops... Perhaps a futuristic armchair?



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Haha funny armchairs.

Why do DMU's smell like wee? Jump on a HST/ voyager tomorrow and it smells of crisp newspapers and fresh coffee. But those 150's shutteling PZ- Newton abbot will reek of damp and musty dog.


I suppose most trains are uncomfortable, being bashed round the head with a holdall, foot run over with a bag on wheels, loud passengers and using the lavatory just as the train rattles over a set of points... Does that explain the wee smell...? Lol.



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