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Hunslet class 05

Michael Delamar

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thought id start the discussion off on this model, its one im looking forward to.

whilst I think the scottish version is a better looking machine, im glad they've decided to do the LMR version as it fits in with my modelling interests. several where allocated to Speke junction Liverpool in the late 1960s and as thats my modelling area and period ill have one or 2 of these.




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notice the different positions of the front steps




Thre are also differences to the tops of the engine room, some had a pipe for the exhaust, and some just a hole in the engine room roof. The early ones with the footsteps behind the air tanks were, if my memory is correct, an inch or two shorter.


Nice of Hornby Magazine to show us a picture of an Andrew Barclay 0-6-0 shunter to announce the Hunslet class 05 shunter (page 14 January edition).




When the TOPS classes were first introduced there was a odd Barclay 204hp 0-6-0 left in service and a couple of Hunslet 204hp 0-6-0s and all were classed as 05. Heljan were quite specific about their model being a Hunslet so there is no excuse really for a quite nice photo of a big Barclay.


But is this a good excuse for showing mine off.


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It will be nice to find out which of the 3 versions they are doing

Out of the preserved ones

D2554 (05001) version 1

D2578 version 2

D2587/95 version 3


As for liverys that I can think of theirs black,green(no wasps), green(with wasps), blue(05001) and CEGB orange. Any more?

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As for liverys that I can think of theirs black,green(no wasps), green(with wasps), blue(05001) and CEGB orange. Any more?


Dependant on version... NCB Blue (Very near to C&O Enchantment Blue.)with red pinstriping, handrails, cast plates apart from builders and coupling rods.  This was used in the North East area from the early seventies (possibly the late sixties?)

Earlier livery was Green. You can just make out some green in the phot where somebody had nicked the builders plate. The builders plates had been promised to me! I had to make do with the locos gauges instead...





1981-03-08 Hunslet 0.6.0 NCB North East Area 2404-35,  East Hetton Colliery by delticalco, on Flickr

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As Clive and others say, there are variations across the class - I think Heljan have gone for the biggest batch with the least variation. Across the class there are differences in cab, air tanks, exhaust, top of fuel tank/bonnet, front and rear footsteps, buffers, buffer beam, radiator filler pipes and possibly wheel diameter. I'm pretty certain that in some of the list, there are more than one variation. And then when you add in the very similar industrial locos, then there's even more to go at. I'm sure the eminent Mr Edge will have a full list!


I hope Heljan get it right, but no doubt there'll be those that say they didn't do a loco specific to the region that they model.


My turn for a gratuitous pic of my Judith Edge kit.






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Nothings straightforward these days...Modelrail have just quoted Heljans Kim Nannestad as saying that the loco modelled will be from the later batch. Not all bad news for LMR fans-a handfull of these were based at Llandudno.

Yes, Model Rail quotes Kim as saying the later series (D2574-2618) will be produced initially, but that the earlier series (D2550-2573) may follow at a later stage.

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