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Specials, railtours and excursions on Cornwall's branches & mainline

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Hello there


Here is a new topic to detail photos and timings of railtours and specials running on the mainlines and branches of Cornwall. It was introduced to allow better access to forthcoming workings - rather than cluttering up the excellent Cornwall today topic. Would people rather we keep it for up to date pictures & information, or tours from years gone by? Please add your comments.

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The first proper working of the topic:


There's steam down this & week Sunday 1st & 8th September. Timings the same for each week.
I believe it's a Black 5 this Sunday
1Z37 08.48 Bristol TM to Par
Exeter SD       10.27 / 11.19
N Abbt                   12.11
Plymouth        12.58 / 13.08
Liskd                     13.37
Par                        14.01
Thence empty around to St Blazey for turning
1Z39 17.45 Par to Bristol TM
Liskd                 18.25
Plymouth       18.55 / 18.59
N Abbt               19.43
Exeter SD       20.15 / 20.41
Bristol TM           22.25

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Craig, thanks for posting the fact that the Royal Duchy's running.

Going by the times on uk steam tours site,  if I read it right that makes 2 steam trains (royal duchy) (torbay express) through between Exeter & Dawlish Warren within 12 minutes of each other! Worth a trip down to Starcross if I've got time. Interestingly, the Duchy then sits at the Warren for 18 minutes....

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Network Rail yellow class 150 travelling around Cornwall next week: 


18th September 2013

2Q08 05.24 Plymouth to Par

Lostwithiel DGL:       06.13 / 06.19

Par DGL                  06.30 / 06.41

Par                                06.43


2Q08 06.53 Par to Truro via Fowey / Liskeard / Newquay / Par

Lostwithiel (Rev)        07.01 / 07.42

Fowey                        07.58 / 08.07

Lostwithiel                      08.22

Liskeard (Rev)          08.38 / 08.56

Lostwithiel DGL        09.12 / 09.56

Par                                 10.04

Goonbarrow            10.18 / 10.51

Newquay                  11.20 / 11.30

Goonbarrow             12.00 / 13.10

Par (Rev)                  13.24 / 13.41

Truro                            14.05


19th September 2013

2Q08 05.08 Truro to Plymouth via Penzance / St Ives / Penzance & Laira

Camborne                          05.23

Penzance   (Rev)          05.38 / 05.50

St Ives         (Rev)         06.08 / 06.18

Penzance   (Rev)          06.36 / 07.25

Truro                                07.55

Par                                   08.16

Liskd                                08.37

Plym                             09.00 / 09.30

Laira  (Various moves) 09.48 / 11.01

Plymouth                         11.06


20th September

2Q08 04.01 Plymouth to RTC Derby via Looe (Coombe only - not Moorswater)

Saltash                         04.08

Liskd                     04.24 / 04.31

Looe                     05.07 / 05.14

Liskd                     05.42 / 05.50

Plym                      06.17 / 06.19

The rest of the world.......

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For the night owls amongst us, some mid week engineering trains visiting the Duchy


Mon 16th

6W98 19.41 Westbury to St Blazey

Plymouth              22.03

Par                 22.53 / 22.55

St Blazey             23.00


Tues 17th

6W98 06.20 Par to Westbury

Liskd                      06.54

Plymth                   07.32


6W97 19.41 Westbury to St Blazey

Plymth                    22.03

Lisk                         22.30

Par                     22.53 / 22.55

St Blazey                 23.00


Wed 18th

6W97 06.20 Par to Westbury

Liskd                        06.54

Plymth                      07.32


6W60 20.42 Westbury to Penwithers Jn (Works as required to Penzance)

Plymth               23.01 / 23.05

Liskd                     23.30

Par                        00.10

Truro                  00.36 / 00.38


Thurs 19th

6W60 04.40 Long Rock to St Blazey via Penzance

Penzance           04.44 / 06.12

Camborne              06.34

Par                    07.18 / 07.48

St Blazey                08.07


6W35 22.09 St Blazey to Long Rock via Penzance (works as required to Truro)

Par                  22.28 / 22.59

Truro                23.26 / 23.28

Penzance         00.06 / 00.36

Long Rock            00.40


Fri 20th

6W35 04.49 Penwithers Jn to Westbury

Par                     05.18

Liskd                  06.02

Plymouth        06.26 / 06.31

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Sun 29th Sept 2013


As mentioned above Braunton expected to work the last steam special to Par.


1Z37 08.28 Bristol TM - Par as usual, arr Par 14.01, deprt 17.45 in the evening.


There is a schedule for a 12.20 0Z57 Long Rock to Laira on Sat 28th - Also a 5Z57 16.38 Laira to Long Rock. This may be a Sleeper coach move. Dont shoot if it doesnt run....

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As I have put in the Kernow Today thread a while back, 1 SLEP and 1 TFOD have been sourced. Next summer will therefore see a normal 5 SLEP train instead of just a sat and a spare FO as we only have 2 to play with at the moment ! The TFOD will be a pre refurb experiment with a new design of disabled toilet.

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/\ /\ /\ Useful info - but that's all going to Devon, not Cornwall.....


UK mainline steam tours shows the 'Great Britain VII' London - Truro on 26th April, then Falmouth - Bristol on 27th. Nunney Castle 5029 plus Brittania 70000 each way.

Then 'The Royal Duchy' Bristol - Par & return 1st June with Nunney Castle, Tangmere and Oliver Cromwell shown!

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/\ /\ /\ Useful info - but that's all going to Devon, not Cornwall.....


UK mainline steam tours shows the 'Great Britain VII' London - Truro on 26th April, then Falmouth - Bristol on 27th. Nunney Castle 5029 plus Brittania 70000 each way.

Then 'The Royal Duchy' Bristol - Par & return 1st June with Nunney Castle, Tangmere and Oliver Cromwell shown!

Unfortunately can't see 70000 being involved. Currently the engine (not the tender) is at the Mid Hants with the front driving wheels out. They are due to be dispatched to the South Devon on Thursday for attention to loose keys between the wheel and axle on both sides. The guys in Devon will remove the wheels and then we'll see. No effort is being spared to get it done ASAP but with the best will in the world it is sadly unlikely to be in Cornwall at the end of the month.

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Yes, I'm afraid it is for the foreseeable future. Huge money needs spending.


Here is a working for Apl 11th. The Netwrok Rail HST. First time I have known it run, though it may not be the first appearance in the County:


NMT HST to Penzance Fri 11th Apl


1Z20 05.55 Old Oak Common to Penzance (via Swansea!!)


Bristol TM             12.12 / 12.15

Taunton                     13.12

Exeter SD                  13.52

Plymouth               14.52 / 15.01

Liskd                           15.23

Par                              15.40

Truro                            15.57

Pnz                              16.24


Return (1Z20) Penzance to Derby RTC

Penzance                     16.34

Truro                             17.03

Par                               17.26

Liskd                            18.02

Plymouth               18.26 / 18.55

Exeter SD                      19.58

Taunton                          20.39 

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A heads up for some Cornish loco hauled action in the coming week. The FGW class 57 & day coaches will start training runs next weeks on Tues 8th / Wed 9th & Sat 12th Apl. How exact (times wise) and reliable these runs will be are speculative, but they're in Trust and I'm hopeful they'll produce!


Whether they'll run in concurrent weeks on the same days / timings is not known at the moment.


5Z11 10.20 Long Rock to Plymouth

Truro         10.55

Par             11.16

Liskd          11.44




5Z12 12.50 Plymouth to Long Rock

Liskd         13.19

Par            13.40

Truro         14.03

St Erth       14.37


Slight amendment - Saturday return is 12.30 from Plymouth

Edited by winterbournecm
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