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  1. I think you're right. I seem to recall official pics of the Clacton units with GE prefixes - probably the only place I would have seen them. Edited to add photo from 1963 Model Railway Constructor which appeared with scaled-up GAs of these 'state of the art' units. (CJL)
  2. Wasn't that the thing where they 'contained' a deadly virus by dropping a train full of infected passengers into a river?!! My wife was a micro-biologist - she nearly choked watching it! (CJL)
  3. Yes, takes a bit of nerve to watch it - especially as it is usually screened late at night. 'Narrow Margin' is also pretty violent so perhaps that's why it was not on the list. Was the very watchable - but truly awful - 'Unstoppable' on the list? If we eliminated all movies where the writer had not the first clue about how continuous brakes work, we'd have a very short list!! (CJL)
  4. Well, at least similar locomotives and a good attempt at historical accuracy in most respects. So, was the real General used in the Buster Keaton film? Perhaps I'm getting confused. (CJL)
  5. 'The Great Locomotive Chase' (Disney with the real 'General' in steam) and 'Narrow Margin' (Gene Hackman -shot on the British Columbia Railway pretending to be VIA Rail Canada - with an SD40-2 in VIA livery!) would both be in my top 20. Both set very much ON a train. (CJL)
  6. Or is that a weed-killing train? When I worked at IA there was a picture of 10800 on the Brighton line, on a 'Merrymaker-type' trip - an excuse, perhaps, for anyone who wants an excuse to have this model on an SR layout. (CJL)
  7. It's Oakworth, KWVR. (CJL)
  8. Like the rail buses and the 121/122s, the parcels cars were personal favourites of mine. I provided Martyn at Heljan with quite a lot of help on these and quite a few reference photographs so I suspect the 3A49 head code may be a result of this particular picture. The rail blue/white roof dome/yellow corridor blanking panel version and 'Scooby-do' with the lettering in the dirt were also from my references. Manufacturers go to great lengths to get these things right and it is always good to assist them. (CJL)
  9. I can't now find the photo but there was a working to Colnbrook on the Staines branch. I believe it was once a week to collect consignments of Penguin books. 1960s period but after withdrawal of passenger services. (CJL) Edit : Found picture. Photographer T. Wright
  10. If we held back magazines for new product announcements, they would never go to press! (CJL)
  11. It would depend entirely on what the original contract arrangements were, as to who can do what with the tools and when. Very early on in the project I did suggest a boxed set of loco and tramcar in GER livery. However, the costs of tooling the coach made it prohibitive at that time. (CJL)
  12. I did that conversion and described it in Model Rail a while back. I don't have file copies or an index here to check when it was. Hawksworths are not suitable for pre-BR, however. BSL did a nice Collett slip with punched aluminium sides and PC Models did a toplight era slip with printed sides. (CJL)
  13. If we do a re-run - and to the best of my knowledge there are no plans to do so - it would probably include a GER livery this time. However, in the survey we did originally, the GER livery choice was evenly split between the blue and the red/grey schemes, meaning that neither got sufficient support to be worthwhile. (CJL)
  14. Depends what you mean by BR Standard blue? Do you mean the Corporate Image Rail blue which began with XP64? There was a Brush Type 2 painted blue long before XP64 ( from memory was it D5578?). (CJL)
  15. There were one or two WR units that received rail blue with a yellow panel, not a full yellow end, and maroon buffer beams. Yes, maroon. The Corporate Image was undermined from the outset by localised adaptations by people who didn't like the official version. The most extreme was probably the SR-based Pullman cars for the Golden Arrow, and the Brighton Belle, where the livery adopted broke all the rules and even the font used for the lettering was nothing like the approved fonts. The late Brian Haresnape, who was on the BR Design Panel that produced the Corporate Image, was highly critical of these unauthorised departures from the plan. (CJL)
  16. Excuse me? I must be the 'railway journalist'. I thought the discussion was about 'Ready to run model railways' . It is, after all, in the Hornby thread. Peco and Dapol were omitted because they both manufacture what they can profitably produce in the UK and don't produce the things that they can't - the complex electrical and mechanical stuff. Peco manufactured one locomotive in the UK and it was a good long time ago. Dapol and Peco produce plastic kits and Tampo-print rolling stock bodies. The reason that you are seeing Chinese-made models with more customer-fit parts is because no country stands still. Progress in China has meant government-imposed wage rises which are driving up the cost of all the hand-assembly which is now involved in manufacturing railway models. My most recent purchase is a Walthers freight car on which there are more than two-dozen wire hand rails and grab irons to be customer fitted and the customer has to drill the No.80 holes, too! Ironically, British manufacturing might have been able to cope with 'Design Clever' levels of detail, but we all know how the market reacted to that. The fact is, as the market shrinks, production runs get shorter and that drives prices up and, maybe, the future does lie in British assembly of short-run models, but they'll be in plastic, not brass or white metal - though they'll cost just as much! (CJL)
  17. So clear that no one is doing it? 3D printing and mass production are not the same thing. (CJL)
  18. They've been made in India for years. (CJL)
  19. Brown under frames on coaches and units were part of the official Corporate Image introduced with XP64. They were subject to local variation, however.(CJL)
  20. No doubt based on the 1960s one in Model Railway Constructor. (CJL)
  21. The HCRY nearly closed as no one was willing to spend any money on it. However, it does now have a rescue package. Found this on Youtube. Well worth a watch - several steel coil cars scattered through the train. (CJL)
  22. One reason? I can think of several and they vary from one manufacturer to another. I would stress, since I am being quoted here, that I have bought models for review only if it was a model I wanted anyway. The most recent is the EFE tube train. There are legal implications around items that are not supplied freely for review but those on certain internet reviewing platforms don't seem aware of that (CJL)
  23. Tracked down an Atlas in the UK and a Walthers kit from the USA (postage not too bad). The majority are for sale from the USA, some with as much as £60 postage though. (CJL)
  24. Will there be a DCC sound-fitted version? Lots of rattling panels and an engine that sounds like a bag of spanners! I suppose (as a user of LT route 218 with RFs) at least the Leyland Nationals had doors! (CJL)
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