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  1. Thanks for the offer, of the mag and membership, but no thanks. Surely it's up to the members if they want a meet somewhere up North, not an ex member, many moons ago there was talk of trying to do a meet somewhere in the Carlisle area, so the Northern England and Mid Scotland member could get together, but nothing came of it. Will keep my eye's open to see if it ever happens, but i won't be holding my breath.
  2. I'm a lapse member, mainly to do with my location, West Cumbria, my division was based in Crewe a 350 mile round trip, though there is a group in the North east 220 mile round trip, hence i never got to any meets. Always thought it was a Southern based organisation, i didn't really benefit from being a member, was ask a few time to become a member again (mainly at exhibition) but when i asked the question about the North /South divide, got the same answer, not the NRMA fault just the way it is, i feel sorry for any of the Scottish groups, wanting to go to the convention, it will be 600 mile round trip, if not more. I'll still fly the flag for American modelling and keep my fingers crossed there's a meet/convention a bit further North so i could attend or even display my layouts.
  3. Never had any problems contacting Sophie, by phone or Facebook messenger
  4. Your in luck, there at the NMRA convention next weekend, non members can attend Saturday. image of there Facebook page
  5. Another great weekend at Barrow, thanks to Ian and the gang for putting on a good show, only downside was, they took us to a Brewery on Saturday night, made me drink beer!!!!!
  6. The layout work well for it's first outing at Barrow exhibition, couple of little tweaks to do before Workington in November, but really happy how everything worked as planned. Also a couple of show invites for next year to!!
  7. any good Ian http://www.proto87.com/Trolley_poles_help.html
  8. The layouts first exhibition, is this weekend at Barrow in Furness, come along and say hellooo!
  9. Couldn't agree more, the pop up video and adds are very distracting (to me), which is why i've stopped updating/ using RMweb as much, we could always pay to be a gold member, but that's of no benefit to me, being a HO American modeller, lots of forums are going the same way. i'll just pop in now and then, to check if i've any messages
  10. Hope there's not going to be any wet paint in a month's time!!!!!
  11. Is that the Irish Walney, we'll need more than a bus for Saturday night out!!!!!
  12. maybe of interest to you! https://www.anglo-americanmodelrailways.com/product-page/norfolk-western-6-pack-a-h2a-3-bay-hopper-car-loads-broadway-imports-ho
  13. Been doing final little bits to finish of the layout ready for the exhibitions to start again. First show will be Barrow in Furness, Oct 9-10th, note new venue, with Franklin Falls NH https://www.ukmodelshops.co.uk/event/22032-FurnessModelRailwayClub_Exhibition
  14. This day in History,1978 Now under the Conrail banner, a mixed bag of Alco's , PC RS11,CNJ RS3 and CR C425 are standing next to the yard office at Lakehurst yard.
  15. XL is the manufacturer, not type of decoder, they make the MRC decoders. http://xlsystemsdcc.com/product-category/ho-scale/ https://www.modelrectifier.com/Articles.asp?ID=264
  16. There MRC decoders, not some of the best
  17. Dam thought i'd get away with it, there's always one that spoils the fun!!!
  18. I would change those setrack points, especial if propelling 60' box cars and running big loco's like SD60's, there will be trouble ahead!!!!!!!
  19. Overcast morning in Lakehurst IP, as GP38 2766 pulls box cars from Reliable paper recycling.
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