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  1. 03180, Norwich Sept 27th 1983 03112, 03066 Gateshead Depot 21st Jan1984 03078, 03094 Newcastle station 21st Jan1984 Runners can be seen attached to all of these.
  2. A terrible photo taken from a moving train of one at Llanelli taken on 7/1/84, showing MW cables. D2152 (03152), seen here on the Swindon and Cricklade Railway, Oct 13th 2019, still has a patch on the rear of the cab where its MW cables emerged. I saw virtually all the survivors in 1983-85, photographing many, and the Norwich and Newcastle pilots had runners, but the Ipswich, Birkenhead and Landore allocated ones didn't.
  3. Just reading your "Railways of the West of England in the 1980s", very enjoyable, thanks. Ended up with two copies, though....
  4. 03079 is one of those with a cut down cab to fit under a bridge on the IOW from when it was allocated there for engineering work. You'd have to repaint the NSE liveried 03179, which was the other cut down IOW one (the model sort of reflects that, though the cab windows don't go quite high enough), and remove the air braking equipment (079 vac only, 179 dual).
  5. Yes, it's not the most efficient use of space, but someone (Murray Brown?) said on a video many years ago "enough room to hold a dance".
  6. Very spacious inside the Clayton cab, these photos were taken with crew permission at Eridge in Aug 18.
  7. I'll be ordering a Ken Cooke once Derails website has calmed down a bit. Having driven it on the Derwent Valley a couple of years ago, I have to, don't I ?
  8. I jump started this with a Hyundai i10.....
  9. Having been forced to have more time at home again, I've cracked on with road markings etc. A few recent purchases as well.
  10. I've just tried my other two photos, and they come out the same.... Truly bizarre, I've inverted one of them whilst cropping, and it still comes out up side down on here.... Even more bizarre, I've uploaded one the right way up in my blog, Loftshire
  11. Well mine runs nicely on a GWR D set, smooth and virtually silent. The cab doors are a pain to fit (as are those on the J72). For some bizarre reason, my photos will only open in Antipodean orientation....
  12. You might be right. I assumed it wasn't the first train, as it would have been late morning, as I'd travelled by train from Wolverhampton via New St and Bristol. I have no other details, my note taking being usually just locos seen and/or ridden behind.
  13. I happened to be in the area on 17/2/86, purely by chance, and saw the second train behind 59003, passing Westbury.
  14. Tim Hall

    Class 33 Book

    Just reading my copy now, very good so far.
  15. I wouldn't have a leg to stand on..
  16. Oh heck, you've nearly cleaned me out in the last few weeks as it is :0
  17. Come to thing of it, I had two identical K1s because of that...fortunately I sold one on for what I paid for it.
  18. I did the same with the SECR liveried H class when they first appeared. Was on the point of emailing my "dealer" when I realised
  19. Mine got around my innermost circuit, which has a short section of flexi less than 3rd radius set track. Makes a big difference to the appearance.
  20. I've just ordered a late crest DC one from Derails, so they're still available.
  21. No... but you have missed a clip of him playing trains on the previous page...:)
  22. Seen on 12/4/86 at Esk Cottages (probably) and Pickering.
  23. Blimey, I didn't think the Terriers were THAT old
  24. I won't. There's far bigger things going on in the world....
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