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  1. I am about to do the same. Cant wait any longer. I have a Bachmann 66 and a Lima 59/0 put aside for about 5 years now. I should probably start my S kits wagons to go with it to ensure they get released rtr
  2. Should be a great show. Lots of layouts i cannot wait to see.
  3. It will be diesel or electric given that its at the DEMU show There is no point wish listing steam engines.
  4. That is a bit worrying. I had a problem with a 31 but none of my 50s (and I have quite a few) have shown any issues. Some of them would have been 50035 originally.
  5. Very good news Kevin. I love the grey blue pullman picture on the cover. Eamon
  6. Picked up a copy of this recently to go with the previous 4 volumes. Really interesting. Looking forward to more titles for the seventies and eighties too.
  7. What speaker was fitted to the 071s and 201s? I do not have any Irish models but know plenty of people that do. Apart perhaps from provision been made for the fitting of a speaker no speakers were fitted. Correction - the 071/111 did have an inbuilt speaker. Just proves I do not have one. I doubt it would add much to the cost being factory fitted.
  8. As mentioned PH design do an etch for this. Shawplan do one too. The Shawplan one represents 901 to 904 in an earlier condition (80s into the 90s) so it might be more suitable for the period you model. The nose grille detail is different for pretty much all of the 37/9s so photos of your chosen prototype in the period you require should be checked. The noses can vary a bit too - position of lamp irons. Also as mentioned, one of the side windows on the 37/9s was filled in as it was for some other 37 sub classes. Hope this helps.
  9. Thanks, I do mean the 86. I have edited my post. Electrics are not my area of expertise. I have lots diesels and no electrics
  10. I always felt the 33/0 looked wrong to my eyes, which is why I never bought one. I did convert a 33/1 into a 33/0. Having looked at the revised one in the cabinet at Warley it is much improved and I shall be buying some. Hopefully we will see Heljan revisit some of the their other models that suffered from shape issues such as the 47 and 86 and the O gauge Mk 1s.
  11. The Bachmann website states that the 43 is new tooling. Edit, link added: http://www.Bachmann.co.uk/details.php?id=93&vis=2 Hopefully the 42 is as well.
  12. It only seems to be the railfreight yellow version currently available. As far as I remember there was only one wagon that carried that livery. Probably mentioned earlier on the thread.
  13. This issue has come up before and it is the same one that affects the Hornby class 60 as far as I recall. You may find it in a class 60 topic. It may even have been on a previous incarnation of RMWeb.
  14. Railfreight definitely seemed to the most popular version, the same with the BDA before it. They were gone in no time from the bigger retailers. I will be in for some more myself.
  15. My vote is for Provincial. I would definitely buy some.
  16. Looking very good. Keep up the good work. The Exactoscale 4mm track is great. We using it in my model railway club on a new British outline 80s/90s era layout. I will definitely be using it for my layout. Anyway looking forward to seeing more progress, you have some nice stock.
  17. BR Blue

    Dapol 'Western'

    That is a great resource. Thank you very much,
  18. Given that Bachmann's record on 1st generation DMUs has been very good, I too am with Jim on this one. That said, early versions of the tooling Heljan had for the 128 looked good on a quick inspection and the new railcars look to have been well executed. So undoubtedly Heljan have done many good models but on DMUs things like the side profile which can be quite different on similar looking classes are very important. I have seen the Heljan 0 guage Mk1s and I am not impressed. Additionally, unlike say, Dapol, they do not seem to respond to feedback on CAD images when errors are pointed out but press ahead regardless. Hopefully the Heljan 128 will be correct and will be the first in a series but for something new like the 120 or the 116, if I had to choose a manufacture to make them, it would be Bachmann.
  19. Glad to see a 101 to modern standards. No doubt the 3 car version will follow in time, as well as detail variations. I will definitely be getting a few of these as the recent Bachmann 1st generation DMUs have raised the bar.
  20. Here is the link: http://www.railexclusive.com/index.php?category=113
  21. BR Blue

    Dapol 'Western'

    Great news. Thanks Dave. One ordered and more to follow.
  22. Belated reply. I am working on some 56s at the moment that I will post up soon and just started on some 37/9s but that will take ages at the rate I am going. Really liking the weathering. I must admit I have a few Thornaby 37s too but they were regular visitors. I have seen a picture of 37501 and 502 in South Wales so that was my excuse
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