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  1. The Booth Car was a 1968 conversion from a former Mk1 kitchen car, as was the Lounge-Buffet Car. Both are featured here: http://www.britishpathe.com/video/london-new-catering-coaches-aka-new-british-rail/query/railway+restaurant+car
  2. From 1962 only one of the two sets had a Gresley buffet car. By Sept 1964 the two formations were as follows: 1) BSO, TSO, TSO, RB(Gresley), FK, TSO, BSO 2) BSO, TSO, TSO, RMB, FK, TSO, BSO By 1968 the sets only had one brake vehicle: 1) TSO, TSO, BSK(or BSO), RB(Gresley), FK, TSO, TSO 2) TSO, TSO, BSK(or BSO), RMB, FK, TSO, TSO In 1972 the Gresley car was replaced by the prototype Booth Car E1106: 1) TSO, CK, BSO, TSO, Booth Car, CK, TSO 2) TSO, TSO, BSO, RMB, FK, TSO, TSO, TSO* In 1973 both sets were expanded to 8 coaches: 1) TSO, FK, BSO, TSO, Booth Car, TSO, TSO, TSO 2) TSO, TSO, BSO, RMB, FK, TSO, TSO, TSO, TSO*, TSO* * 15:30 Camb-KX & 17:14 KX-Camb only The sets basically stayed the same (although the order of the vehicles did change slightly) until withdrawal of through services to Cambridge on electrification in Feb 1978. Substitutions were some sometimes made for the non-availability of the Booth Car including at least once a Gresley car. Prior to 1973 Saturday services would often have an extra TSO added to make up to 8 coaches.
  3. As far as I am aware, none of the 4 Hawksworth first class sleeping cars received blue/grey livery. However at least 3 Thompson second class sleepers in blue/grey were allocated to the WR. Mark
  4. Definitely an RUO. Distinguishing features are the laminate side walls, wood framed loose chairs and aluminiuum luggage racks. The FK is Mk2a with old style first class window labels. You beat me to it Robert!
  5. The Nov 1991 Motive Power magazine has an article called "Edge Hill's Club Trains". As well as InterCity sets, as of Sept 1991 26 AB Mk2 vehicles were allocated to the depot for RR services, sets listed: LL21 - 9458, 5353, 5386, 5401, 17128 LL22 - 9435, 5385, 5266, 5304, 5366 LL24 - 5267, 5396, 9421, 5393, 17123 LL25 - 9419, 5505, 5491, 5316, 5432, 9424 Spares - 5271, 5282, 5354, 9417, 17118 The article text explains the services they were used on.
  6. There is evidence that the Brake Seconds had both both battery boxes opposite each other at the brake end (the photo in Parkin certainly shows this). Unfortunately clear side-on photos of underframes are hard to come by, so I couldn't say whether this applies to all of them. The other types appear to have them diagonally on the right, when viewing from the side. As Bachmann use a standard underframe, their Brake Second looks to be wrong in this respect. Mark
  7. It looks remarkably similar to a pair of SR Weltrols which I saw plans of in Southern Wagons Vol.4. The ends look basically correct but the well section should have 8 (rather than 5) vertical sections along the sides. It is possible to splice a section in the middle of the Tri-ang model and the length comes out at approx 55 feet which is roughly right (I don't have the book).
  8. D5835 had a Mirrlees JVS12T engine as did all Brush Type 2's originally.
  9. According to The Chronicles of Napier website it went to G Cohen on 14/01/1970 and was cut-up on 17/01/1970. Mark
  10. The only drawings I know are the Graham Fenn one in British Rail Main Line Diesel Locomotoves and the R S Carter one in Brish Rail Main Line Diesels which are almost identical with all the same errors, although not the roof fan. Both seem to be a more detailed version of the BR diagram drawing. I seem to remember the Lima Class 40 had an offset roof fan/side grills as well. Mark
  11. The problem appears to be that the tops of the single and double grill and also bodyside door should all be slightly lower than the top of the radiator grill. On the model they all appear to align. I'm looking at the photos on Hattons as I'm still waiting delivery of mine. Mark
  12. I agree with you ackers. On the model you could fit another headcode box in the yellow panel because it is too small. Additionally there is too large a gap between the yellow panel and the Sherwood Green. Doesn't mean that I don't like the model, I have one on order. I'm just pointing out a flaw. Mark
  13. Yes, the sides of this and the SP Cravens SO E4638 are etched with a fold line along the bottom of the side, where the side continues over and covers the solebar. In truth the sides should have not have an angle (like the XP64 coaches do), but should be curved continuously. Brian has modelled his SP version correctly in this respect.
  14. Middleton Press - Branch Lines around Hertford and Hatfield
  15. There is some further information here: http://www.rmweb.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=32283 There are also some original condition photos in the book Railway Design since 1830 vol. 2 by Brian Haresnape. The coach was quite advanced in many respects (besides the construction) featuring double glazing, fluorescent lighting and pressure ventilation. Mark
  16. I think you will find that all early B4s didn't have the dampers including XP64 and early Mk2s. Mark
  17. It is interesting to note that in the Parkin Supplement - Carriage Standards Committee minute 2515 from 29/06/1960 - there was a suggestion that old worn LMS 3' 7.5" wheelsets could be re-used for BR 3' 6" ones, although only for non-corridor stock. There was no follow-up minute, so it is not known whether this ever occurred. Mark
  18. Brian, The RB really looks the part (I like the "unpainted" aluminium frames) and matches in well with the rest of your Bachmann Bristolian set. For a cut-and-shut the RFO would be better than a FK as it has the vestibule windows opposite the toilets. Each bay would need to be reduced by about a 1.5mm (scale 6'10" against 7'2") and a door inserted between the 3rd & 4th windows. As you say, quite a bit of work! Mark
  19. Brian, in any case the kitchen side door between the buffet bar and the saloon wouldn't have had a "Kitchen" label when it was an RB. This had plain glass and led to a small lobby next to the buffet bar and then another internal door through to the public side. This is not modelled in the Mainline RB interior and I presume their bar counter is too long for that reason. As part of the conversion to RBR in the mid-1970s, the internal door was panelled over and the lobby became part of the buffet section and consequently the door glass was painted body colour and labelled Kitchen. Mark
  20. There were also Gresley and Thompson Restaurant Pantry Thirds (RTP) that ran with Restaurant Firsts. Mark
  21. The Ian Allan Bookshop at Waterloo had the maroon SK in stock when I went there Friday evening. My first impression was the very prominent compartment curtains. Mark
  22. mark54

    Heljan Class 15

    I have it on good authority that Bachmann are going to take advantage of this serious ommission by Heljan and are going to include flattened mark54 pennies from near The White Bridge in their forthcoming GSYP Cravens DMU detail parts.
  23. There are also photos of 9115 and 9129 in blue/grey. As all others were withdrawn before April 1969 it is likely these were the only 10 to receive blue/grey. Robert, I'm not sure that is E9195E as this car had a half window on the corridor side nect to the kitchen door. http://www.cs.vintagecarriagestrust.org/se/CarriageInfo.asp?Ref=1007
  24. The January 1995 issue of Backtrack magazine had an article on LNER Buffet Cars and contained the following weekend survey from October 1970: 9115 Kings Cross-Cleethorpes 9122 Liverpool St-Newmarket excursion 9123 Sheffield-St Pancras relief 9124 Kings Cross-Cambridge 9128 Stratford empty 9129 Grimsby-Blackpool excursion 9131 Stratford empty 9132 Harwich-Manchester 9135 York-Blackpool excursion 9195 ??“ 1705 Finsbury Park-Newcastle ???Highwayman??? 1706 Newcastle-Finsbury Park ???Highwayman??? There is also a photo of 9195 from July 1972 at Manchester Piccadilly in blue/grey. Although as Ian stated - originally to a different design - in re-built form, from the kitchen side it looks remarkably similar to a standard Gresley Buffet Car.
  25. mark54

    Heljan Kestrel is here

    I was thinking this too. Consequently the headcode characters look to be too small and spaced out too much. Is the ledge under the windscreen missing as well? The washer jets should be on this. Difficult to tell from the photos.
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