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  1. I think I would if I lost that much weight in a morning...
  2. I know this is ridiculous but in my head everyone on here lives somewhere vaguely near where their model is. That's thrown me completely!
  3. A couple of shots of my green one. A few jobs to do one day - reinstall the blue star equipment, remove the tanks under the batteries and backdate the nose-side grills.
  4. Academic which brand really as Lionheart is now part of Dapol? I know Richard felt keeping price low was key. I did read yesterday the tanks of the original were actually cast as well which I didn't realise, so will wait to see how it turns out. I had this thread moved from Dapol but in the meantime this topic is also being duplicated under the Lion Heart Trains RTR thread including the latest leaflet.
  5. I've just realised they are branding this Lionheart still - see under small suppliers.
  6. Some details on Tower now about the proposed prairie "rerun". Although stated "same spec" as the Lionheart version, this reminds me somewhat of Trigger's broom, given it has a new die cast body and new die cast chassis, compared to brass previously! I suspect the photo is from the original run. http://www.tower-models.com/
  7. Tower have got test sample photos up now. http://www.tower-models.com/
  8. A few examples on rail-online.co.uk eg 134 in 1968, D114 1969, D118 c1967. Haven't seen anything later than 1969 so far.
  9. On the two production blue models shown, one has the steps and other bits plated over and one doesn't. Also it looks like one has the inner sand boxes and one doesn't. Are these options you can chose irrespective of the version bought or is the factory weathered version different to the un-weathered? I'm still hanging on to see the early blue or green production models before I buy but so far I've only seen blue anywhere.
  10. Where did you get yours? As mentioned earlier it's all very quiet everywhere...
  11. Reminded me (fondly) of my Mainline Manchester Regiment for which I saved weeks and weeks of pocket money!
  12. Yeah frustrating knowing a part exists but you can't get hold of them! Let us know how you get on as I fancy doing a conversion as well.
  13. Have a look at Brian Daniels' one in kitbuilding and scratchbuilding (Brian's 7mm diesel workbench)...
  14. Steve, I'm sure you've been over this before somewhere but looks like you paint a base colour, flood the mortar then dry paint brick variants? Do you mix the original red and blue, or use stock colours? Cheers
  15. Looks great. At the time I was hugely disappointed when they removed the headcodes but I quite like them in that form now.
  16. Photo on Dapol's home page banner now as well http://www.Dapol.co.uk/
  17. Gents, thanks for the replies. I was actually joking about the class 25! Both locos look great but would be hard to justify if you'd had to buy two full locos to get one. Wouldn't mind trying something similar with the Heljan 47.
  18. What is a grandfather ban - I've never heard that...
  19. That 25 cab a few posts back, looks too curved to me. Weren't they quite flat?! All very impressive stuff. How did you end up with half of two 37s? Good luck with the knee. I'm hobbling about waiting for a scan.
  20. Worth a look at the Tonfanau Camp thread (in 7mm as well) - yesterday there was some chat and a few links to previous postings about compensating Parksides using a bit of bent wire. I use paper clips personally!
  21. I think I'd be temped to route one of those brass wires directly under the axle to act as a pivot and create 3 point compensation with the normal Parkside arrangement. Just a thought!
  22. I don't know but just to point out you'd need a photo as built and not as retro fitted later which is more likely to be the case with anything surviving into later years.
  23. Just a word of support for this approach as it can't be pleasant reading at times.
  24. Ha! He's copied that idea from himself! I'd missed this and the bare plank painting method which is another useful tip. It is amazing just how much knowledge there is stashed away on the forum.
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