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    Caught in the turnups of the trousers of time!
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    East Anglian railways from the beginning until c1960, and especially in East Suffolk - both the prototype and modelling them in both 4mm and 7mm scales, LNER Coaching Rolling Stock and GE Carriage Workings.

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  1. As I recall, one of the problems with MRC was that issue details (month and year) and/or page numbers were not always printed on individual pages. When I 'filleted' my collection some years ago I made sure to retain both the covers and contents pages so that I could index/cross reference the material.
  2. It may not apply here but there was for a time at least a convention that a locomotive on reboilering received a new cast numberplate recording its 'rebuild', as described here on the GERS website: [penultimate paragraph] Boilers (gersociety.org.uk)
  3. Yes - you simply need to check on the Ellis Clark Trains website - doh! Ellis Clark Trains Sharks
  4. Thank you both. I'm going for one of Ellis Clark's in 0 gauge and ideally then to be finished as a black liveried one based at Ipswich.
  5. Curiously David Larkin's Civil Engineers Wagons Volume 1 BR: 1948-1967 omits the build, numbering and allocation information for these although that information is provided for all of the preceding wagon types. An oversight perhaps? Is anyone either able to provide these or to point me in the direction of finding them? TIA...
  6. There were four sets, not just one (set 101 was the Silver Jubilee), sets 102 and 103 were the two Coronation sets, 104 the West Riding set, and 105 the spare, which did not have any name on the lower body sides. I'm not sure where Sam's four iterations of each came from but could be: as built; crimson and cream with fairings and the stainless steel lettering removed; maroon; and maroon with additional inner doors for those twins that did receive them (it's not confirmed that they all did). So far Hornby has only used renders of the Observation Car numbered 1729, which is the second one. No information has been released yet as to the numbering of the first production, but the numbers need to be consistent within the sets, such that set 102 would be 1711-9, set 103 1721-9, both including the Observation cars, set 105 (spare) 1731-8, whilst the West Riding set 104 was numbered in the GN series rather than as East Coast stock, so 45801/2, 45811/2, 45821/2, 45831/2. Post-war, the West Riding used six of the eight carriages and that was probably the longest formation. Spare set BTO/TO Twin 1737/8 was involved in a fire (stray coal thrown up and trapped underneath) at Huntingdon on 14 July 1951. Difficulty in escaping led to the requirement to insert the additional inner doors.
  7. You could submit an enquiry to Crecy. I've had polite and informative responses over the non-appearance of Steve Banks LNER Carriage Workings volume 2. Crecy contact form
  8. Hugh Longworth is a member of RMWeb but last posted (in response to you) in January 2022. Late publication of his books has been mentioned several times.
  9. As far as placement goes, here's the underside of a Bachmann Thompson (current generation) - more than sufficient on 4mm scale. There are LNER parts on Shapeways too, but pricey.
  10. Karlgarin Models took over the former Impetus kits quite some time ago and they have not been available for some time. However, you could always contact Richard by one of the means listed here: Contact/Order (karlgarin.com) just on the off chance. It was originally a complete kit but, in your case, the body and side frame etches might be sufficient. I should point out that the wheelbase of the Y1/Y3 is 7' 0" with wheels 2' 6" dia. whereas that of the Y10 is 6' 0" with wheels 3' 2" dia. and the vertical boiler fitted to the latter is different, but these differences would be noticeable only to the purist.
  11. Crecy states May 2024, so curb your eagerness for a couple of months.
  12. Dapol 4F-PIGRED-24 Uncle Alberts Porkshire Pig Pork Scratchings Red Vent Van – Rails of Sheffield also available in Blue. Pork Pie vans, mushy pea hoppers and mint sauce tankers to follow?
  13. The filling was most definitely by a smallish diameter probe pipe inserted through an aperture in the top of the tank and reaching almost to the bottom. The initial discharge from that pipe will have foamed but the outlet was quickly submerged by the rising level of milk. The 'glass lining' was developed in the US by a chap named Pfaudler: History & Milestones - GMM Pfaudler but glass lining was superseded following the adoption of Staybrite stainless steel Firth Brown Steels - Wikipedia , which was lighter, did not require lining, and was also coupled with the use of Alfol, another US invention, as insulation. Pfaudler was represented in England by Enamelled Metal Products Corporation, Ltd.: Enamelled Metal Products Corporation - Graces Guide
  14. Using that as a replacement for the piers will also make the underfloor void a haven for rats, reduce through ventilation thus increasing dampness of the floor timbers, and so would be unlikely to be used for a number of practical reasons.
  15. Not sure if among the many possible variations listed in Andy Y's OP whether or not the 'skinhead' 30s (in green) will be catered for. It appears that these rarely modelled originals sell-out first when they do appear. And that may be a differentiator over Accurascale, in that theirs are already sold-out save for a few variations so Bachmann may well pick up the custom of those disappointed by missing out... I'm still holding on to my Lima ones - with a job lot of Hornby's sold-off cheap Dutch-liveried for the better underpinnings and mechanisms and Hornby's madly low-priced TTS issue of a few years back.
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