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A roof for "The depot"



I’ve been working on the alternative side of the goods depot recently. The sides and roof are now more or less done and I'm preparing to lay the ground and track in front of it. The roof has caused much muttering and swearing. Some time ago I dropped the whole thing on the floor, and had to rebuild much of it. Because of the accident, the roof is now slightly out of true in some places. That's not really visible, but it meant I had to give up on flush-glazing it. Certainly a compromise, but I was getting close to abandoning the whole thing, so decided that I had better just accept it and move on.P1056587k.jpg














I like looking down through the glazing to the scene below. Not really what the layout was designed for, but a nice extra bonus.





The roof structure gives a nice play of light and shadow inside the depot, which varies greatly with the lighting and time of day.





I prefer it when the shadows appear naturally...





...but they can of course be further enhanced by "staged" articifical lighting as above.





My struggles with the roof have been a mental barrier, so it's nice to be past that point. I can now get down to things I enjoy more, such as weathering these walls further, and getting the details in place.

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Lovely, Mikkel!


The building is full of life even without people, goods and wagons etc.





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Words fail me, Mikkel. That is just stunning, especially the fourth photo (the first inside one).



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Agreed. Some more excellent work, Mikkel.

How are the windows glazed as it looks very effective? Is it a layer of glazing between two layers of frames?



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Fantastic Mikkel


What a marvellous atmosphere you have created within the building despite being empty, I could almost hear my footsteps on the stone floor.



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Flush glazed or not, I think the roof looks great! I'm sure the full size building would have sagged here and there, so it's probably perfectly prototypical. I love the way the shadows are created by the beams on the walls, very atmospheric



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I second breathtaking! The internal shots are stunning and really capture the atmosphere of these glass roofed places of work. It looks as lofty and airy as the real thing. The fine tolerances this has been built to are pushing model building to the highest standards possible.


I have to ask Mikkel - what exactly do you do for a living? I'll wager its something very exacting and demanding.



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Sorry I've arrived late to view this masterpiece, Mikkel, however better late than never. Magnificent!


I can only echo the well deserved praise of my fellow webbers who've described their wonder and admiration more eloquently than me.


I know you've been working on this project for quite some time now, Mikkel, and the attention to detail shows. I can't single anything out for particular praise as it's all been completed to such a high standard. Excellent camera work too.


Sorry to hear of your little mishap with the roof: it certainly doesn't show and I'm not just being kind. However, IMHO you've adopted the right approach when you say, "so decided that I had better just accept it and move on". I've found that compromise never makes for an easy bed fellow, but if we are ever to achieve our goals, we must learn to embrace it and move on - including a dearth of skills in my case - otherwise, nothing will ever be finished and that dustbin will just keep getting fuller.


Will await your next update with eager anticipation.


Best wishes,



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I always leave this blog as the last thing I read in this case "saving the best till last"... pure understatement. Well done

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I'll just add my own admiration to the list of those before me.

Other than that I can't really say much more than what has already been said. ( I Know, another "me too" post) but sometimes you just have to say something and If that means a "me Too" then so be it!


Lovely jubbly!




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It is indeed splendid work!


I'm sure that playing with the lighting will lend itself to your 'storytelling' approach - a nice subtle way of showing the passage of time.

Will you be fitting interior lighting as well?



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Running out of superlatives Mikkel.Outstanding craftmanship.As Halfwit has said the lighting will come into play at a later date.

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(that was me just being speechless!! - Absolutely fantastic as usual, the internal shots are full of atmosphere because of those lovely shadows, can't wait to see what atmosphere it exudes when finished to your normal exacting standards with items for carriage and personnel)

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Thanks all for the kind comments :-)


Interior lamps will be fitted but at this point I don't think they will be lit. Electrics is not my strong side, and although ready-made solutions like the DCC Concepts lamps are attractive, they are also rather costly (and money are not my strong side either!).


Jonte you are right about compromises, we have to make them sometimes. But they still hurt! :-)

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I am captivated with your windows. They look fantastic because they actually capture the feel of a glass pane as it actually is in a window. What did you do your roof beams with?



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