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  1. Good morning everyone, Well, it seems our teaser in the video has caused something of a stir and some interesting reactions to say the least! As many of you who follow us will know, we took the decision a while back to only announce a new rolling stock project when tooling was complete and we have a sample to show for it. This can bee seen with our recent HYA and IIA wagons, and previous announcements like the PFA, PCA etc. To get to that stage, a large amount of work and time has gone into the project already. This has been adopted to cut down on waiting times for mod
  2. One morning long ago, an 1854 class shunted the Old Yard at Farthing. The crew were slightly bored. Nothing much ever happened in the Old Yard. Just a handful of sidings. A carman (sic) watched them roll by, perched on his trolley (Birmingham pattern). The carmen at Farthing were famous for not using reins. William Simmons was particularly skilled. Known as The Horse Whisperer, he worked without reins for 46 years and never had an accident. People did wonder why his rounds took so long.
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  3. Some bits of my work, in the quest to make things look as real as possible. first photo, Tony Wright, next two Mike Edge, last two Gilbert Barnett.
  4. Thanks again for the positive comments Well this week has seen the completion of the triangular section before I start the static grass on it next week. All this section is completely removable, or built on the trolleys to allow access to the double track underneath. I’ve had to go with a tunnel mouth for the scenic break here. The bridge was too complicated as it was built over a removable section. And the backscene here should make a big difference. The other work has seen all the middle curves of these Huddersfield line (the line with the MGR’s on) wired wit
  5. Where did that six months go? I thought it might be useful for members using web, mail order and personal shoppers to give an insight into running a model shop and how things have changed since early March. l speak to shops up and down the country as well as being a compulsive reader of this forum. I am reading about the lack of customer service being provided by some shops. It has been a really challenging time for everyone. Enforced closure or so we thought. Then only able to post using postal services, or so we thought. We ended up like many shops working 12 h
  6. Summer evening on the Levels: (Photo by Chris Nevard, courtesy Hornby Magazine)
  7. Anyone else just seeing links not pics above (tick agree if so, save cluttering up the thread)
  8. Hi folks, Well, it's been a while since my last confession. Life has been getting in the way of modelling over the past few months, but I have been working away on a major project - fitting lights to my coaches. I've been using the ESU lighting units (50708) fitted with the largest capacitor that I could squeeze into the toilet compartments of the coaches. So far, I have managed to fit my original InterCity-liveried HST, the 4-coach Fife rake, the Mk 3 ScotRail push-pull rake and a couple of Mk 1 coaches to complete the Mk 2 rake, which already has light-fitted Bachmann Mk 2f's.
  9. On Saturday 26 September, my father passed away peacefully in his nursing home, after finally succumbing to Dementia and Altzheimer's after several years living with the condition. It is possible that a few O gauge modellers may recognise his name, as he was a member of the Gauge O Guild for many years. However, he was very much an "average" modeller, not a superstar, and his quiet and gentle disposition meant that he could very easily stay quietly in the background whilst other, more forceful personalities held sway. I hope it's okay to leave a little tribute to him here... His fi
  10. Good evening everyone, I hope everyone is well. With the evenings drawing in and the weather turning we thought it would be nice to have some good news. Well here it is: Rapido are back in the UK! I would like to introduce myself as the new UK Operations Manager. Rather than trying to waffle on myself I have copied our announcement from our latest Rapido Trains Inc newsletter: We have a new guy here at Rapido HQ! Well actually, we don’t; he’s in England! But that means... We're back, lads! Go let it out, a nice long yell of excitement out the window. Maybe e
  11. A few days/weeks ago we were discussing our Covid-19 activity. Today I have completed a project that has been progressed entirely within Lockdown, from initial research and design, through two test builds, to a fully assembled model. The J1 is the 4th loco developed specifically for Shipley MRS's Clayton project and for which no kit is currently available. The initial test build, whilst highly informative, was ultimately frustrating because it did not deliver a completed model. I did end up with a usable chassis but the build of the superstructure hit problems early on when I realised tha
  12. Hi all, We’re pleased to share the engineering samples of our Genesis 4 & 6 wheel coaches. These initial undecorated samples showcase the exquisite levels of detail we're striving for with our new coaches, the different coach type variations as well as some of the more subtle detail differences such as alternative roof furniture and wheel types. As with all engineering samples, there are some changes to be made and they are subject to review. Videos of the samples running as well as detailed photos can be viewed via the following link: Hattons Origin
  13. So I have a bit of news too.. Since the Covid crisis doesn’t seem to be going away soon, the plan is to begin live streaming footage from HLJ towards the end of the year. This live streaming will initially replace the layout going out to the public until things return to some semblance of normality. All streaming will be high quality, with multiple cameras at various locations. This will include a ‘Come trainspotting at Heaton Lodge Junction’ series with the fixed camera locations at multiple points and will live stream for 4/5hrs on particular dates.
  14. Today's photos feature some of the remains of the lines built by the North British railway in Northumberland. Some of you will know the locations, others may need to use a map or Goole earth to work out where the photos were taken - most of them are not really near villages, let alone towns. The first three are on the branch from Scotsgap to Rothbury. The last two are taken near the Scotish Border on the line past Reedsmouth to Riccarton. Longwitton April 81 C5350.jpg The station is actually at Rothley, near Rothley lake.
  15. We are delighted to announce the latest addition to our growing team; industry legend Graham Hubbard as Business Development Consultant. Mr. Hubbard was the long serving Managing Director of Bachmann Europe Ltd., with the company formed in 1989 and becoming one of the biggest names in the model railway scene under his stewardship throughout the 1990s and 2000s. During that time the Graham Farish and Lilliput brands came under Graham's brief too, forging ahead in the British N gauge and continental markets as well as OO gauge with the branchline range. Befo
  16. I feel what this page needs is more cowbell pictures. This is one that appeared in the BRM article, but I'm unashamedly posting it again as it's one of my absolute favourites. Al.
  17. So many amazing layouts featured here. The general modelling standard is just brilliant! A few humble additions 'under the wires' on the WCML for a bit of variety. All the best, Dave
  18. The ECML in Northumberland for today, at Buston Barns, just south of Alnmouth. All Class 37s today. Buston Barns 37051 down dolofines 24th Oct 87 C9170.jpg Buston Barns 37003 up l e 16th June 90 C14545.jpg Buston Barns 37080 down oil 11th April 91 C15794.jpg Buston Barns 37109 down empties 21st Sept 91 C16584.jpg Buston Barns 37088 Alcan empties Fort William to North Blyth 10th Sept 94 C19825.jpg David
  19. The polystyrene sheet was coated in textured sealing paint, which I'd pigmented with some brown acrylic paint. Once dry this formed a hard, flexible surface that I could use as a base for scenic treatment. Point rodding stools from MSE https://www.wizardmodels.ltd/shop/signals/ls05/ were fitted to lengths of wooden sleepers and then glued in position alongside the trackwork. Ballasting was done using Woodland Scenics ballast using exactly the same method that I used on the main layout. The backscene was then painted using white emulsion as a base coat for the "Sky" The
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  20. A few more photos taken at Newcastle Quayside and at Newcastle Central for this afternoon. I think the ones from the Quayside were taken on the weekends of the Newcastle Model Railway Exhibiton which was then held in the Guildhall on the Quayside. They were both taken by Dad, I'd have been operating our group's layout in the exhibition at the time. Newcastle Class 143 Sunderland to Newcastle Nov 86 J8733.jpg Newcastle Class 143 on High Level Bridge Nov 87 J9397.jpg Newcastle Class 47 Newcastle to Liverpool
  21. Some photos of 2 Class 31s on the Grassington branch on their way towards Skipton with a train from Swinden Quarry. Also a photo with a train hiding in the sidings at Skipton. Rylstone 2 Class 31s limestone from Cracoe April 90 J10787.jpg Rylstone 2 Class 31s up limestone 11th April 90 C14301.jpg Rylstone 2 Class 31s up limestone 11th April 90 C14303.jpg Rylstone 2 Class 31s up limestone 11th April 90 C14304.jpg Skipton view west Class 308 in distance 2nd Aug 96 C21202.
  22. Today's photos are from Bottesford and Radcliffe on Trent on the Grantham to Nottingham line. Bottesford Class 47 Parkeston Quay to Manchester Feb 81 C5278.jpg Bottesford Class 114 Nottingham to Grantham May 82 J7648.jpg Bottesford Class 37 and 31191 Nov 83 J8105.jpg Radcliffe on Trent Class 114 Nottingham to Grantham Aug 78 C4099.jpg Radcliffe on Trent Class 114 Nottingham to Skegness Dec 79 J6748.jpg David
  23. A few more photos taken at Newcastle Central for this afternoon. Newcastle Class 143022 Newcastle to Morpeth 31 March 86 C7347a.jpg Newcastle Class 143 Metro Centre to Sunderland July 88 J9629.jpg Newcastle HST up 26th June 90 C15467.jpg Newcastle NSE coaches 25th Aug 90 C15351.jpg Newcastle DVT up 3rd Sept 94 C19798.jpg David
  24. A summer's evening at Ham Lane level crossing on the Somerset Levels: Photo by Chris Nevard, courtesy of Hornby Magazine.
  25. The ECML in Northumberland today, this time at Southside which is south of Alnmouth. Southside 47311 up empty coal 20.15hrs 17th June 87 C8559.jpg Southside 37031 down oil tanks Aug 89 J10083.jpg Southside 43056 down 11th April 91 C15785.jpg Southside 43055 up 11th April 91 C15786.jpg Southside 56040 down steel 16th July 94 C19521.jpg David
  26. Back to Stoke Bank today with photos taken at Swayfield between 1968 and 1977. Swayfield Class 55 down ex pass Nov 68 J1493.jpg 55010. Swayfield Class 47 up May 70 J2117.jpg just to the north of the other photos, near to Corby Glen Swayfield Class 47 up Yorkshire PullmanMay 70 J2122.jpg Swayfield Class 47 down ex pass June 72 C0994.jpg Swayfield Class 47 47457 Kings X to Newcastle Sept 77 J5819.jpg David
  27. Some more photos taken at Morpeth for today. Morpeth 47371 down coal 3rd July 87 C8594.jpg Morpeth 43070 up 22nd July 89 C12161.jpg Morpeth 56119 down coal 31st May 90 C14539.jpg The train is on the new curve which gives direct access to the north from the Blyth and Tyne. Morpeth 43043 up 3rd Jan 91 C15542.jpg Morpeth 37512 down pipes 28th May 91 C15844.jpg David
  28. This morning's photos are some more from the Tanfield Railway, which as you all know by now is just south of Gateshead. Marley Hill Siemens Harton electric 9 28th May 89 C11907.jpg Marley Hill Smith Rodley steam crane 28th May 89 C11906.jpg Marley Hill RSH Progress 28th May 90 C14478.jpg Marley Hill RSH Progress 28th May 90 C14481.jpg Sunniside RSH 21 and Hudswell Clarkw Irwell 28th May 89 C11901.jpg Sunniside RSH Cochrane 2nd Aug 87 C8728.jpg
  29. It feels really autumnal this afternoon with a strong north easterly wind and rain showers. An ideal day to visit the Blyth and Tyne. Winning 56076 coal to Blyth Power station May 85 J8283.jpg Winning 37076 empty coal Oct 85 J8441.jpg Cambois Class 101 charter The Chevy Chase Newcastle to Blyth and Tyne etc April 86 J8547.jpg Cambois 37410 empties 26th Oct 92 C18083.jpg Cambois A4 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley with support coach Gateshead to Cambois 10th April 95 C
  30. Radcliffe on Trent and Rectory Junction for today. Radcliffe on Trent Class 114 Bingham to Nottingham July 77 J5732.jpg Radcliffe on Trent Class 114 Nottingham to Bingham April 80 J6865.jpg Radcliffe on Trent Class 114 Nottingham to Boston April 80 J6840.jpg Rectory Junction 56070 empties to Cotgrave April 80 J6835.jpg Rectory Junction Class 25 25122 shunting at Rectory Junction Feb 78 J5924.jpg David
  31. Cramlington for today, on the ECML between Newcastle and Morpeth. The photos are in order from south to north. Cramlington 27017 down le 5th July 85 C6983.jpg going away Cramlington 43162 down 13th April 88 C9439.jpg Cramlington 47585 royal train 18th July 86 J8638.jpg Cramlington 153351 Newcastle to Morpeth24th Feb 93 C18314.jpg Cramlington 143008 Morpeth to Newcastle 5th Nov 88 C11607.jpg David
  32. Large Prairie from Worseter shed crosses the viaduct over the canal with a short rake of empty mineral wagons.
  33. Further pictures from a visit to Heaton depot in January 1990 today. Heaton Depot Royal Mail vans Jan 1990 J10606.jpg Heaton Depot Class 254 arriving ecs Jan 1990 J10607.jpg Heaton Depot Class 143 Berwick to Newcastle Jan 1990 J10621.jpg Heaton Depot 43093 up 20th Jan 90 C13939.jpg Heaton Depot 43038 up Jan 1990 J10623.jpg David
  34. Glasgow Central in 1991 and 1995 for today. Glasgow Central 156439 2nd March 91 C15625.jpg Glasgow Central 156509 Glasgow to Edimburgh 24th Feb 95 C19965.jpg Glasgow Central 303019 Glasgow to Motherwell 24th Feb 95 C19968.jpg Glasgow Central 303009 24th Feb 95 C19971.jpg Glasgow Central Class 91 Glasgow C to Kings X and 87030 Glasgow C to Euston 24th Feb 95 C19980.jpg David
  35. I started out on my Ben replacement with great gusto about a year ago, and four bodies were assembled and made ready for chassis fettling - adapted Radials - and one has got as far as being a complete unit, but there things have stalled, - I have a limited enthusiasm for white metal loco building plus a well developed habit of distraction, and various projects and jobs have occupied me this year. TBH, I can't see me getting back to this anytime soon, and I miss the 4-4-0's scuttling about, so some lateral thinking has been applied to give me a temporary fix. One of the T9 chassis was grafted t
  36. Possession train from Leominster to crewe with 66751 Waiting to leave the possession at wooferton learned today to check whether the hot plate is turned on in the loco before I put my hard hat on it!
  37. A few shots from my layouts over the last year or so Liberty Steels Aldwarke: Frost's Mill: Handsworth Goods:
  38. Lovely little fella... The review will be in BRM December at the end of this month.
  39. The Blyth and Tyne again today, on the section between Winning and North Blyth. The last photo shows the Alcan terminal at North Blyth taken from the other side of the harbour at Blyth. At one time there was a ferry, now it is about an eight mile drive. Winning 56106 coal June 86 J8599.jpg Winning 56117 up l e Feb 88 J9427 Freemans crossing 56130 15th May 85 C6908.jpg Freemans crossing 37077 l e July 87 J9098 North Blyth Class 37 at Alcan terminal April 86 J
  40. Back to Glasgow this afternoon, visiting Central low level and Exhibition stations. Glasgow Central Low Level 17th Feb 90 C13985.jpg Glasgow Central low level 303073 to Dalmuir 29th Feb 92 C16713.jpg Glasgow Exhibition Centre 303056 westbound 17th Feb 90 C13988.jpg Glasgow Exhibition Centre 303056 westbound 17th Feb 90 C13989.jpg Glasgow Exhibition 303073 to Dalmuir 29th Feb 92 C16714.jpg Glasgow Exhibition 314204 to Dalmuir 26th Feb 94 C19313.jp
  41. Hi folks, Just thought I'd post a few nights shots, hopefully showing why I've been working away fitting lights to my coaches. To be prototypical, I need to reduce the brightness of the lights really, although I actually quite like them as they are,. The fitting of lights in the 7-coach early Mk 2 rake (used on Inverness/Aberdeen services) is now complete and work has now started on the sleeper rake. Stay safe folks, Dave
  42. So here we go again. The glazing bars for the U Beam section of canopy that I constructed some time ago, weeding in progress. The canopy on the bench having the glazing fitted. And finally the U Beam section fitted in place on platform 5, again in need of weathering.
  43. These last 3 months have flown by, with not a great deal of output from the workshops at Hornsey Broadway. Things are starting to pick up again from a modelling point of view now that the dark evenings are starting to draw in. As well as a couple of new Brush 4s for the layout (which hopefully will be finished this month) several small projects have been coming together - full details on the latest emgauge70s update page. A batch of 3 one-ended flat containers have been constructed and loaded with Accurascale kegs, painted slightly different colours to show a mix of ol
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