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  1. Hello fellow modellers. Its been a while since our last engagement on this forum so I hope its still ok to post in small suppliers. The rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated, but the rumors seen on our Facebook page are true! Chivers Finelines is BACK! Trading under the name Five79. My father Roger Chivers is still retired and my brother Simon (slimrails) is spending his free time with his wife and children, hopefully he will join me in the future, but for now its just me. I'm pleased to announced the first kit from the 4mm Range is back available for purcase: RC416 - LNER dia 120 4w BY Pigeon Brake Van kit. *Post & Packaging £3.80 per order. Coming Soon from the range..... 4mm RC463 BR (LMS) Long low wagon Dia 2069 RC464 LMS Bolster wagon Dia 1674 RC465 LMS Tube wagon Dia 1675 RC473 BR Dia 1/120 21t MDV Mineral wagon N-gauge RC1072 ZCA Seahorse open wagon RC1053 Rebodied SSA scrap wagon designed to fit onto a Peco 15” Chassis (not included) RC1073 OTA Timber wagon RC1068 OCA open wagon I am aiming to get near all the range back into production, which is well over 100 products, below is the list of kits I'm currently working on, this is not a complete list, As you can see, its a pretty big list i'm working through, Prices will be released as the kits are, and we won't be doing pre-order. We are aiming to send products out within 3 working days of payment, obviously this is subject to change. Thank you for all who have supported the Chivers brand for the last 40 years, All the best, Matt Chivers Five79
  2. RETFORD HAS BEEN SAVED! The best news of all in these most-difficult times, Roy Jackson's magnificent creation has been saved intact and is to 'stay at home'. The intention is to complete it, if nothing else but in memory of the great man. I shall be definitely offering my assistance................ I'll post progress reports as and when............................
  3. Well, you asked for non GoG member’s views... My father was a member of the GoG for many years, and used to read the magazine from front to back, but in particular the articles describing how to do things. He also pored over adverts, highlighting anything he particularly wanted (and keeping said lists out of sight of my mum!) He used to attend a regular GoG meeting in order to talk to like minded enthusiasts and give his locos a run on the test track. My father was always a quiet man, quick to listen but slower to contribute. I took him to several meetings when he had stopped driving. I immediately noticed that there were some more ‘forceful’ characters among the membership. Usually the ones with the big 4-6-2 express engines, I should add. Explaining to all and sundry the “ins and outs of a cat’s arse“ (as my father in law would put it) and extolling the virtues of their models. There was a “waiting” system for track time. My father placed his 4F 0-6-0 tender loco in the queue ... eventually he got to hook it up to some dozen wagons, and ran it two or three times around the track ... before it was lifted off and replaced by one of those aforementioned 4-6-2 monsters, which had vacated the loops only a few minutes before. I remember commenting about that to him on the way home. He said that there were those that hogged the time and that was the way it was. On another occasion, I took along his Ivatt 2-6-0 tender loco to run - it had turned up in its box at the back of the sideboard in the dining room! (As my dad was living with Dementia, I think he had forgotten it was there!). This was a brass Bachmann offering so I was interested to see what this new (to me!) loco could do. Eventually it got put on the loops with eight or so heavy etched brass and white-metal coaches behind it. It set off smoothly but came to a halt on the (quite sharp) curves, suffering wheel spin. A couple of the self appointed “experts” hoisted it off the track to check underneath, returned it to the tracks and ran it again where it performed well on the straight but simply could not manage to drag the coaches around the curves. (I didn’t get to check them, but I suspect they were not as free running as they might have been.) Again his loco was removed and he was told to his face not to waste his money on cheap Chinese rubbish! Rude?! I’ll say!! (I have had it looked over by another modeller who has suggested it simply needs weight to aid traction but otherwise thought it an excellent model) On that occasion I noticed that a lot of time was being given to a 4-6-2 chassis (no body) running around the tracks. As soon as any other loco had done a couple of circuits, off it came and back on went the chassis, with much loud extolling of the virtues of its gearbox and motor combination. I realise this is anecdotal, but perhaps paints the picture I was seeing as an outsider? I was, at 48 years old, most definitely the youngest adult present! And the female of the species were in the kitchen brewing up and chatting over cake, no sign of them as modellers! I am a more confident person than my father, used to speaking to strangers, and I tried striking up conversations with various members present. Anybody with a “finescale” model seemed to mumble into their chest, whereas the chattiest person present was the chap with the coarse scale tinplate set up! And he mostly wanted to say how rare something was, how much he had bought it for, how much it was worth, and how you really had to know what you were doing to “get into this game” (by which I think he meant collecting!) Downstairs were the live steam crowd, sullen, often-bearded fellows, many of whom had pipes steaming away sticking out of their faces like the chimneys of their miniature engines. Surrounding them as they stoked their marvels of miniature engineering were silent witnesses, leaning in to peer at them and marvelling at the technical prowess displayed... this was REAL, this was actual STEAM... nothing was being said, odd mumblings between the operators. On one occasion - one, mind - I asked a question about a loco. I didn’t get an answer ... I got a sense from the onlookers that I had broken some unwritten rule about not speaking unless I had a live steam engine to run, and simply got disdainful silence from the person I asked the question of! Back upstairs I went, quick as you like!! I know where I’m not wanted!! So - generally unwelcoming, a clique, out of touch (not a single non-steam loco in sight), disdainful of anything other than what they perceived as being good, rude, and last but not least, old. The overriding impression was of a room full of old men. Maybe that was just the branch I happened to visit, but going on several occasions it was always the same. One time, I took my dad along and nobody spoke to him and he didn’t get to run his loco. And he was a GoG member who had been going for years! He had to go into a care home at Easter 2019, but had stopped attending meetings before that - I’d say to him about going and he’d say he couldn’t be bothered. A telling comment by my mum has been that not one of the GoG group have ever telephoned to see how he is since he stopped attending, or to find out why; as she says, as far as they know he could be dead, but perhaps that is how the Guild at a local level view drop off in numbers - natural “wastage” due to death among the membership? I took him to Guildex at Telford a few years ago, and there was much more of a “buzz” with so many modellers in attendance. But many of the exhibitors seemed very, very serious. I felt like the odd man out because I had questions to ask about everything I saw - so many simply seemed to stand in awe, an attitude that seemed to be encouraged by the exhibitors! (Or were they just concentrating?!) A few did happily chat, but that seemed to be the exception. Traders, however, were happy to talk! I wish I could remember the name of the coach kit company who gave me a CD-ROM of pdfs of all their kits, after I explained that I had found that my father had over a half dozen of their kits but I couldn’t find instructions ... and also that he had sorted out all the different components into boxes ... all the bogies, wheels etc in one box, all the sides in another, underframe details in yet another, roofs together, white metal castings etc etc you get the idea! (Dementia can manifest in so many ways) Build them? I can’t even identify half the parts as he had removed them from their sprues! Also had a long chat with plaster/resin casting and laser cutting traders - they all seemed enthusiastic about the future possibilities of the scale. What I didn’t see were any stalls with manufacturers like Heljan or Dapol - or perhaps I just missed them? So overall, not a great impression made upon an outsider who has an interest in modelling!! One point already raised is the use of the word “Guild” - that does have connotations of “closed shop” and also that only “master craftsmen” (and the genderisation I’ve used is deliberate) can be members. It is an old fashioned and somewhat outdated word - the only “guild” most teenagers will associate with is the Guild of Assassins from Assassins Creed. (If in reading that you don’t understand the reference, I’d suggest a Google search! My impression of Guild membership is that for many members such a suggestion might take them down to the local (closed) library to look up the reference!) It is, however, also the case that the phrase “Gauge O Guild” has a ring to it due to alliteration ... likewise in the name “Seven Mil Society” ... Similar language techniques are used elsewhere - the use of a silent “G” in the name of the “Gnatterbox” forum ties in with the scale Gn15 to which it is dedicated, and members repeatedly use the same pun/trick - “That’s a Gnice loco” “It might be prototypical, but it’s Gnot for me” etc. (I don’t get the impression that there much in the way of humour amongst Guild members, unless it is laughing at (perceived) lesser efforts ...) So maybe the name stays? Or not? A name change? A rebrand? A vibrant website with lots of freely available information would be a “way in” for non-members ... nothing infuriates more than “goodies” locked behind a paywall! I don’t know if it already exists, but a downloadable and searchable archive of past magazines/articles including scale drawings would be the kind of thing that adds value to a membership. Arranging some kind of membership discounts for when purchasing amongst all affiliated traders might be another way forward to encourage membership. I applaud any attempts to drag the Guild into the present day! In my local model shop, I hear mention of “the old boys” passing and of relatives of the deceased bringing in O gauge locos and stock to sell, rather than them being passed down to younger generations. Why is O gauge associated with “the old boys”? What is the general impression being given out? Sorry to go on at length - I had time to fill before the next lot of eye drops for the dog! Steve S Modelling in OO (But holding onto all his dad’s O gauge models for sentimental reasons...)
  4. Many thanks - I will pass on those comments - and apologies for not acknowledging before now. Below a few pictures of Aberdeen. Overwhelmingly, it represents Aberdeen rather than replicates Aberdeen, my Dad's usual style. But, as I say, still run to a 24 hour timetable, as per the second picture. The clock is stopped and started using a simple switch which connects to one of the battery terminals. The passenger trains are as per the 1955 timetable. The piece de resistance is the 36 lever, fully interlocked Modratec lever frame. It is 100% mechanical, not only the frame but also the physical connection to all the points and signals. You can see an element of the latter is the last picture which is a gantry in the Aberdeen style what I knocked together, together with the installation of the signalling as my contribution to the project. Tony is always very gracious about folks posting on his thread but much more on this and I'm at risk of thread hijack, particularly as the conversation has - inevitably - moved on.
  5. Well I am touched Simon thanks again! I might have a pint of Colron Dye in honour of Mr Downes The first loaded Cargowaggens are rolling out of the workshop. Given the amount of plastic rod & ‘I Beam’ bar I need to fill 25, I acquired it in 3m sections from The Plastic Shop (online). After cutting to fit and priming they are sprayed with a variety of steel shades and secured with fine chain from Cambrian models. The wooden stakes to separate the beams are thin plastic rod painted with Lifecolor wood colours. I’m amazed just how impressive these Cargowaggens look once loaded. Rear working brake lamp is Dapol. 15 of these should look fantastic growling up the bank with two 37’s at the front
  6. The engine shed is now as done as its going to be but still waiting for guttering on one side. It is going to be set in a mini diorama as I have no real use for it on the layout, but it was a relaxing diversion. It is almost as it came dimensionally - took about an inch and a quarter off the length as I thought it looked better to the eye that way, but that might just be me, seeing as how I have already built a similar edifice and settled on more or less that dimension for mine. Iain had included the wing type vents as at Tain and Wick latterly but I plumped for the earlier type as I didn't think the 3mm ply gave a good representation of this feature. Smoke vents were an addition and the sheet louvres were replaced with Evergreen strip. After carving away at Longmorn's windows I chickened out at the work involved with the shed's ones and got York Modelmaking to do push in replacements. for speed I was going to use Scalescenes stone work sheets but came across an embossed wallpaper type on ebay that give a better impression of a stone finish. Here are a couple of shots of it, still on the bench. Trials in length - the cut out section can be seen at the rear teetering in place - the walls were beefed up with foamboard and Slaters stone sheet to get a prototypical thickness. Assembled and waiting for cladding and fenestration - the smoke stacks were left till last to avoid damage. And a couple of the finished article...
  7. I have been working on new wagons for the layout. Pictured above is my recently completed model of a BR built (LMS design) unfitted Tube wagon. This is effectively a stratchbuild as the body is entirely plasticard and the chassis consists of various pieces of 2mm Association etches soldered to a strip of brass. For some time I had wondered how to tackle the corrugated ends but then I remembered how I used 0.3mm microstrip while building the pagoda and lamp huts for the layout. The brakegear is extended 12ft wheelbase etch. The real wagons are 17.5 ft wheelbase. The picture below shows the finished wagon before painting. I am still working on my 6V53 'clayliner train' and another eight wagons have been finished. These are 10ft wheelbase as opposed to 'clayhoods' which are 9ft wb. Many of these wagons had roller bearings. Below are two such wagons, from N gauge Society body kits with chassis from 2mm Association. I now have 20 wagons completed and am aiming for 30. They are a mixture of corrugated ends and wooden ends. Below are a few wagons during contruction. This Vanwide is also from an N gauge Society Kit and runs on a chassis from the 2mm Association. It is intended to run as part of a clay train. Perhaps I may have overdone the weathering on this wagon. Many thanks, Andrew
  8. Well folks, Cwm Prysor took the biggest steps towards completion. September 2014, saw me pondering a location to model, my thoughts very much on somewhere Welsh, when a good friend suggested the Bala Branch, and kindly lent me a number of books. There have been several ups and downs....but we are at this stage, something I honestly didn't think I'd manage to do justice to. The final leg is here.... some individual sprucing of tufts, and the section of heather along the cutting edge. The drystone walls near the station is probably the next big addition, followed by the painting, weathering and fitting of the crossing gates (kindly designed and printed by @Quarryscapes). I've also to add the station fencing, signal rodding and GWR line side fencing. The back scene will be in the capable hands of John (of P4 Leeman Road fame) before finally......fitting the Scot's Pines and Telegraph poles. So, to show how things currently look....picture the scene. It's a cold November afternoon.... the nights are drawing in, and first 5774 approaches Cwm Prysor with the 2:20pm off Blaenau Ffestiniog. An hour or so later, 9793 prepares for the Guard to pin down the brakes on the decent to Trawsfynydd. The wind is howling and the sky is darkening..... was that a snowflake I felt on my neck?
  9. 47 407 ‘Aycliffe’ storms out of Catesby tunnel towards Charwelton with the 1O09 Newcastle - Poole service.
  10. The Blyth and Tyne this afternoon, between Freeman's Crossing and North Blyth. Freemans crossing 56115 down coal April 85 J8271.jpg Freemans crossing Class 101 charter The Chevy Chase Newcastle to Blyth and Tyne etc April 86 J8554.jpg Cambois Class 56s 29th June 89 C12089.jpg Cambois west staithes sidings April 82 J7642.jpg North Blyth 56133 Alcan train to Lynemouth 28th March 89 C11795.jpg David
  11. Tony, It was lovely to see you and Mo yesterday when you came to see Retford. Thank you for kindly lending me some stock and converting it to EM. As I said to you, now I am the owner of Retford, my aim is to complete it. A large amount to work has been done on the layout but a lot still needs to be done, particularly in completing the buildings many of which are just mockups. I admired the layout from the moment I first read about it in MRJ. I was lucky enough to talk to Roy Jackson at an Expo EM exhibition and to my surprise he invited me to visit Retford. On entering the railway shed I was completely captivated by the “train-set” as he called it. It took enormous imagination to visualise a project such as this. He started it not even having anywhere to erect it in full. It even went out on exhibition two or three times which must have been an enormous undertaking. In the marvellous photographs taken by Tony two of the locomotives are mine. The V2 is from a Nucast kit I built and painted during lockdown. It still needs weathering as well as crew and lamps. The A1 “Madge Wildfire” is actually a Hornby “Tornado” converted to EM gauge by changing the bogie and tender wheels but moving the Hornby driving wheels out on their axles to the EM back to back. Other changes have been made including extensive alterations to the tender and new smoke deflectors. Although Roy Jackson was the driving force behind Retford many other people made enormous contributions to the project. I would love them to continue to work on the railway if they feel they can . I appreciate that without Roy it will not be the same but I would like the railway to be finished as a tribute to Roy. Sandra
  12. A small amount of progress to report on Valour. Lots of little bits made and fitted to the smokebox and footplate. Not much more to do now but as I get nearer to finishing it, I seem to go slower! I haven't forgotten the top lamp iron. I have left it until last along with the very fine lubricator pipes on the footplate. After hat, plus a good clean up, we are nearly there.
  13. The fireman glances back to check all is in order with the train as 5774 passes with the 5.15pm Trawsfynydd-Bala Class K
  14. Northumberland again today, once again on the ECML at Buston Barns. Buston Barns is south of Alnmouth and is very convenient for photography as a quiet road runs along the east side of the line, there is space to park easily on the verge. The photos are from the 80s and 90s. Buston Barns Class 37 down ICI HCN tanks Aug 86 J8652.jpg Buston Barns 47297 up freightliner Oct 87 J9324.jpg Buston Barns 43109 down 23rd June 89 C12145.jpg Buston Barns 43060 up 4th May 91 C15796.jpg Buston Barns 47833 down Manchester Executive charter 26th Nov 94 C19875.jpg David
  15. Caution: This post does not contain any wheels or locomotive valve gear, and only a small amount of (quite tricky) soldering. A long time ago (on this fast moving thread) on June 13th I did post some progress on one of my lockdown projects. .....here.... Left to do are:- Access steps (awaiting supplies) Guttering and downpipes. LEDs for interior lighting. I hope you will forgive the several required small corrections which this mornings pictures have shown up. I'm sorry for the quality of the interior shot - but I quite like the effect!
  16. Good morning Mike, apologies for the protracted reply, the thread moves fast but I have finished the roof. Unfortunately, I seem to have accidentally deleted the original roof folder, however I did find two images that illustrate the basic idea. You can see there is a base plate, cut out to access the interior, A set of transverse formers, that conform to the end profile and a set of longitudinal strengtheners, some out of site, The roof frame is laid on it's back and tack glued to a sheet of 20 thou plasticard and left to dry. The sheet is wrapped around the transverse sections, glueing as you go and attached to the base plate. You need excess sheet to get a good grip and hold it in place while the glue drys. The excess is then cut of and the process of filing of the remainder is in progress in the first image. You can see that I was able to salvage the original transverse pieces from the original roof. The end profile buts up to the brass end of the carriage. A couple of coats of undercoat are applied and rubbed down to get a smooth finish and the roof is attached to the carriage. The finished roof, painted, gubbins attached and cornice and ends retouched in.
  17. Northumberland today, on the ECML at Longhirst and Ulgham Lane once again. Longhirst 37007 Alcan Fort Willimam to North Blyth alumina empties 12th Dec 87 C9291.jpg Longhirst 43095 down 22nd May 93 C18546.jpg Ulgham Lane 43041 up 28th Nov 87 C9281.jpg Ulgham Lane 56121 up coal from Butterwell 12th Oct 91 C16590.jpg Ulgham Lane crossing 37051 down dolofines 28th Nov 87 C9287.jpg David
  18. The driver begins to apply the brakes, as 5774 approaches the lonely halt at Cwm Prysor with the 7.12am off Blaenau Ffestiniog.
  19. This afternoon features the Newcastle to Carlisle line in the 80s and 90s. Stocksfield 43103 Kings X to Edinburgh diverted via Carlisle April 89 J09882.jpg Corbridge 156451 Middlesbrough to Hexham 5th Aug 95 C20360.jpg Dilston crossing 143023 Hexham to Middlesbrough August 87 J9104.jpg Fourstones A4 4468 Mallard York Newcastle Carlisle York 27th Aug 88 C11499.jpg Haydon Bridge 156443 Carlisle to Newcastle 3rd Dec 94 C19890.jpg David
  20. Today is my 71st birthday, so I thought we would go back in time to when I was a young man for this afternoon's photos of the ECML in the 1970s at Swayfield. Swayfield was one of my favourite locations at the time. Since I moved to Northumberland some 40 years ago I have't been back very often, I'm not sure what it is like now, though I have seen it with the OHLE in place. It's worth studying the photos to see the changes that occured during the 1970s. Swayfield Class 55 9006 up Oct 71 J2781.jpg 08.00 Edinburgh to Kings X Swayfield Class 47 up ex pass Sept 72 C1142.jpg 11.32 Bradford to Kings X (Saturday) Swayfield Class 55 9021 down Feb 73 J3142.jpg 11.00 Kings X to Newcastle Swayfield Class 55 up 1st April 78 C3765.jpg 55004 1A11 08.25 Newcastle to Kings Cross Swayfield Class 47 up 1st April 78 C3766.jpg probably 47419 David
  21. A few Settle and Carlsile photos today, from a range of dates. Kirkby Stephen damaged Class 156 15th April 99 C24396.jpg Culgaith 4th April 97 C21739 Langwathby 80080 Carlisle to Kirkby Stephen 22nd Feb 93 C18282.jpg Langwathby A2 60532 Blue Peter special The Waverley Newcastle Leeds Carlisle and back 6th March 93 C18338.jpg Low House Crossing Class 158 Carlisle to Leeds 30th April 08 NDSC_4296.jpg David
  22. Today was spent in the most-enjoyable of circumstances, visiting Retford. The first time since it's been 'saved'. I have to say what a marvellous job the new owner has done. It's so spick and span, having been diligently cleaned and any minor repairs (the odd broken point blade fixed) carried out with absolute diligence. The running, despite a year of almost complete inactivity, was, as usual, impeccable. One B1 was a bit jerky, so, on invitation, I examined it and merely adjusted the pick-ups. Afterwards, silky-smooth performance. I'd like to think that the late, great man approved. I took along some spare LB stock, re-gauged to suit and was delighted when a Mk.1 BSO completed the Talisman. The new owner has already made some new locos for Retford................ Both these ran splendidly. On occasions, I've read the word 'masterpiece' on RMweb, used to describe layouts. I wonder whether the users know exactly what it means............. Retford is a masterpiece, and it's going to be completed. I can think of no finer tribute to Roy than to have his masterpiece finished (lamps on locos will be my job!). When that takes place, will anyone be able to show me a greater model railway? Jerry, if you're reading this, might the MRJ be interested in a 'progress report'?
  23. Photos around Croxdale today, both to the north and souith of the site of the long closed station. Croxdale is on the ECML between Darlington and Durham. The area is also known as Sunderland Bridge. Croxdale Class 43 Aberdeen to Kings X 30th May 95 C20205.jpg Croxdale Class 43 up 30th May 95 C20208.jpg Croxdale Class 142 Saltburn to Newcastle 30th May 95 C20210.jpg Croxdale 47738 up parcels 30th May 95 C20213.jpg Croxdale 37095 up p w 16th Oct 93 C19143.jpg David
  24. Some from today, shrewsbury to Donnington terminal to landor st summerhouse crossing waiting to head along the branch the Wrekin behind the train Running round then running round again In wellington to head back toward Wolverhampton direction Got chatting to this guy while in wellington, former railwayman, why the photo with the loco? This is ‘David Gordon Harris’ himself!!
  25. Mainly HSTs in 1989 and 1990 on the Midland Main Line today. Nottingham 43069 Nottingham to St Pancras 8th Jan 89 C11774.jpg Trent Lane crossing 150112 up 9th April 90 C14267.jpg Trent Lane crossing 43103 St Pancras to Nottingham 22nd Dec 89 C14123.jpg Ratcliffe on Soar 43117 down 10th June 89 C12022.jpg Loughborough 43105 up 10th June 89 C12005.jpg David
  26. Some photos taken at Newcastle for this afternoon. Nothing special, just ordinary everyday trains. Newcastle Class 101 Sunderland to Hexham Feb 89 J9785.jpg Newcastle Class 108 ecs 17th Feb 89 C11669.jpg Newcastle Class 31 up mail 8th May 90 C15466.jpg now known to be 31252 Newcastle Central 47705 22nd Feb 94 C19299.jpg Newcastle Central 60087 up coal 22nd Feb 94 C19301.jpg David
  27. Some more photos taken at Carlisle for this afternoon. The first photo shows 87003 just after it arrived with a Euston to Stranraer train. There were two Motorrail vans behind the loco, so these were uncoupled from the train and 87003 shunted them onto one of the middle roads (the goods lines) as seen in the second photo and left them there for an 08 shunter to collect and move to the unloading platform. The 87 then left light engine and a 47 would back onto the train to take it to Stranraer. Carlisle 87003 Euston to Stranraer April 87 J8882.jpg Carlisle 87003 shunting Motorail stock April 87 J8884.jpg Carlisle 37203 Alcan North Blyth to Fort William alumina May 90 J10934.jpg Carlisle 47404 Carlisle to Middlesbrough April 87 J8864.jpg Carlisle 86251 Euston to Inverness 30th May 90 C14512.jpg Carlisle 43062 Glasgow C to Poole 14th March 92 C16734.jpg David
  28. Some photos of the Midland Railway Trust line to look at while you are drinking your morning coffee. They were taken on a number of visits over the years. Hammersmith 48151 running round 11th June 89 C12039.jpg Butterley 16440 Aug 82 C5850.jpg Butterley Barclay Stanton No24 May 78 J6081.jpg Butterley breakdown crane Aug 83 J8054.jpg Butterley 16440 Aug 82 C5842.jpg Taken from the footpath at the top of the cutting. Swanwick Junction D4 11th June 89 C12026.jpg David
  29. Some more photos from the Keighley and Worth Valley for this morning. Keighley BR Class 4MT 75078 Aug 83 C6241.jpg Mytholmes Ivatt 2MTT 41241 April 71 C537.jpg Haworth W&M railbus Oct 81 C5569.jpg Haworth USA 72 Feb 73 C1216.jpg Oxenhope Austerity Fred Dec 75 C2566.jpg Oxenhope English Electric D0226 ecs Sept 74 J4049.jpg David
  30. Don't think I’ve ever done tidy!
  31. Four Class 56s feature in todays photos, in numerical order. One of them appears twice in different liveries. They were all taken at Winning, on the line to Cambois and North Blyth. Winning 56115 coal to Blyth west staithes Feb 88 J9430.jpg Winning 56115 up empty coal from Blyth power station July 89 J10058.jpg Winning 56116 coal empties 28th March 89 C11755.jpg Winning 56117 to Blyth Power station July 89 J10059.jpg Winning 56118 empties heading south 21st August 89 C13718.jpg David
  32. Back in Northumberland to look at the ECML again this afternoon. This time all the places begin with "S". The photos should be in order from north to south. Scremerston Class 254 down Aug 81 C5480.jpg I was standing just behind the barriers to take this shot. Stamford Northumberland Class 91 up 6th May 95 C20123.jpg Shilbottle Junction Class 43 down 20th March 93 C18383.jpg Southside 37080 down oil tanks June 88 J9567.jpg Stobswood Class 55 Newcastle to Edinburgh Aug 80 J7129.jpg by the brickworks. David
  33. Cramlington today, so we are still in Northumberland but back on the ECML between Newcastle and Morpeth. The area has changed over the years, photos 1 and 2 would now have more trees while photo 3 now has undergrowth and a much bigger fence. The staion building in photos 4 and 5 was demolished and replaced by a bus shelter. The goods shed has also been removed. You will notice that the footbridge was replaced during the time between the fourth and fifth photos. Cramlington Class 46 up Dec 80 J7310.jpg Cramlington 43150 down 13th April 88 C9438.jpg Cramlington 43179 up 29th Oct 87 C9233.jpg Cramlington Class 101 S802 Morpeth to Newcastle Aug 88 J9659.jpg Cramlington 143004 Morpeth to Newcastle May 89 J09903.jpg David
  34. Had our first major issue with Face Coverings today. Man walks into the shop ( l won’t refer to him as a customer). From behind his mask asks, “Do you sell vaccines? “. With a what was probably an annoyed look l replied “Vaccines???”. With an even stranger look from him came the reply... “No, Peco or Gaugemaster back-scenes”. He left as a customer, chuckling the same as us. What has our world turned into?
  35. And so to the canopy glazing! Must admit that this has been a bit of a headache. As Geoff Taylor reminded me, anything to do with glazing needs painting first before the glass is fitted. So my first thoughts were to construct a frame of glazing bars to which the clear sheet could be added later, but it would have to be too thick as can be seen in the first pic. I then tried cutting the glazing from 20th Perspex intending to fit the bars over it but again this was unsatisfactory. I have now decided to use the Portrait cutter to produce a self adhesive vinyl overlay for the bars stuck to slaters 10th clear sheet. The vinyl is Dark Grey matt so no painting required. The clear sheet is cut after the vinyl is stuck on. I think it works Ok!
  36. We stay at Newcastle today for some more photos taken at the station. The final photo shows some of the colour patches painted in 1990 to help with deciding the final colours for the station. Newcastle Dec 81 J7621 Newcastle Classes 45 47 56 Feb 87 J8774.jpg Newcastle dynamic track stabiliser Aug 89 J10093.jpg Newcastle HSTNewcastle to Cardiff waiting to leave from the east bays and then head over the High Level Bridge to go south and Class 108 Middlesbrough to Newcastle Aug 89 J10109.jpg Newcastle Classes 156 and 142 8th May 90 C15462.jpg David
  37. Newcastle today, this time on the station. Newcastle 45113 Newcastle to Liverpool June 88 J9556.jpg Newcastle 31281 parcels July 88 J9631.jpg Newcastle 20902 weedkilling train 29th June 89 C12097.jpg Newcastle 31xxx up pass 3rd Jan 90 C13902.jpg Newcastle 37354 up cement empties 11th June 91 C15915.jpg David
  38. The sky is dark and the clouds heavy. For miles there is only the lonely windswept welsh moor and mountain. The sound of the wind gives way..... to the snorting, and clanking of 4645. The summit is reached, the fireman can rest.
  39. From now on until the end of this project I’ll be updating on a Friday. Apart from anything else it gives me motivation to crack on. This week I’ve been working on 3 areas. Mostly one handed I might add as the circular saw kicked back last week and badly gashed my hand. Oops. A load of stitches and cursing later I’m back on it. However the Doctor in A&E follows this thread (as it turns out) so if he’s reading this cheers for patching me up. First up is the Dive Under. Situated on the final frame I’m working on this is the best part of 3 metres long and consists of two separate single tunnels (the construction of the portals of which I’ve covered earlier). Given the tunnels length I needed to construct a removable roof and make these tunnels completely ‘light proof’ - as I want to see the trains appearing out of the gloom. All this and the lining of the tunnels, ballasting for the first meter, and laying & super elevating the track even tho it’s out of sight has been a ton of work - especially since I’ve had to work from underneath the two tracks running above. One handed Plugging the gaps which let light in with foam board, clay and card is now complete and the roof now fits like a glove. Here’s some pics..Aluminium bar cut & hot glued in to support the floor.Heck of a lot of foam board, ply and card goes in before the tunnel lining is installed Foam board sides supported by ply. The only ply I had to hand was too thick to bend so this worked wellRoof cut from foam board to form a template. I’ll carry this over to the friendly circular saw which will cut the ply to the same shape.Out with the foam board and on with the ply. The edges have slices of card here and there to plug the light gaps.A gloomy interior beckons.. just what I’m after
  40. A few photos around Harrogate today. Harrogate 144017 York to Leeds 11th April 90 C14308.jpg Harrogate Class 141 Harrogate to Leeds Sept 87 J9273.jpg Harrogate Class 141 Leeds to York going away May 87 J8928.jpg Crimple viaduct Aug 65 J1469 Crimple viaduct trackbed of Y&NMR Leeds to Starbeck line Aug 65 J1471.jpg Taken looking along the trackbed from under Crimple viaduct. David
  41. Many thanks for all the good wishes for my birthday yesterday. I had an enjoyable day. Today's photos are from Glasgow Central between 1990 and 1995. All the visits were on journeys to and from Glasgow Exhibition. I usually travelled there by train, often from Newcastle via Carlisle and the Glasgow and South Western route just to go a different way. At one time I drove there from Northumberland but gave that up after getting stuck for several hours in a traffic jam when the A69 was closed by snow. Another year I only just managed to get home as the A74 was badly affected by snow. After that I used the train. Glasgow Central 303047 17th Feb 90 C13976.jpg Glasgow Central 90021 down arriving 2nd March 91 C15630.jpg Glasgow Central 43068 29th Feb 92 C16705.jpg Glasgow Central 2 Class 156 and 2 Class 303 24th Feb 95 C19960.jpg Glasgow Central 101688 24th Feb 95 C19976.jpg David
  42. As a change of subject. Just got back from A&E. I have a Deep Vein Thrombosis.
  43. I shall leave the counting of the poll till tomorrow, though I suspect the result is not in doubt. The same applies to what was in the other box that arrived today. Tonight we shall look at another of Tim's finest. Seagull came off the Down Glasgow earlier, but now has to get to Grantham to take up its next duty, so it is entirely logical to get it there by taking the 8.10 stopping service. Here it is in Platform 6, in close up, and illuminated by the setting sun.
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