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  1. Funny you should say........
  2. Some progress has been made. Indeed all was ready to prime when the shell decided to dismount from the painting cradle and self destruct on the garage floor....a new body has been purchased and slightly more care taken...fortunately all handrails etc were recovered and re-used...the old body has been used for paint trials! This was a test of a finishing primer over the initial Halfords coat.
  3. Although I build mainly single fiddle yard efforts I have added a second FY to the other end of my current effort for run through traffic such as DMU and will be using one again. I will configure the next layout so the new FY2 for layout 1 can act as FY1 for layout 2......modular mini anyone? It has the additional benefit of allowing a meaningful run round in the design if desired...
  4. For those of us who don't pay attention (sorry) what are the dimensions, criteria etc?
  5. Sorry to hear - from the photos and words I don't think you did anything wrong. I did get mine out and try the wrong cable etc but the handset still worked - unlike yours. Chris
  6. The part in the photo has power input (at top) the UTP does not. RRR is correct. Chris
  7. I believe they've changed the sockets on the back of the PCP panel so that is probably not the problem. Chris
  8. I'm sure he's only looking after it for a friend.....
  9. Can't comment on the stone products but I've certainly used their brickwork. I think I prefer it to the Slaters equivalent.
  10. What a fantastic set of S&DJR photos - thanks Chris
  11. Opposite here....I'll be severely admonished if I stray into the kitchen...so I've moved the "late morning refreshments" already......
  12. Thanks Jonathan I did buy one of your structures - it was nicely done but I decided it was too big for my small shunting layout. Rather than cut it about I'll keep it for a future project. Chris
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