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  1. Of serious concern is the fizzing firebox. That engine should not be in use. I read that many years prior to this photo they were using a loco with a bulged firebox at this colliery
  2. I think members of this group may be interested in an event this coming weekend at the Embsay & Bolton Abbey Steam Railway. The event is for four days 25th June to 28th June and is being called a Railway Rally and will include Knowle the Terrier from the Kent & East Sussex Railway, Lucie the Belgium steam tram engine from the NYMR, Hunslet 16" Beatrice, 100 year old Hawthorn Leslie No.2 from Tanfield and the NER Autocar 3170 doing shuttles on the line to Bow-Bridge . Please see the railways website for more details. the main days being the Saturday and Sunday. I understand that tickets are available giving travel on the various different train formations. Please note that as I write this the railways website mentions Caley 419 being there, this is incorrect as it has failed, and Knowle is taking its place and Lucie is an additional visitor.
  3. I just don't see the need for this magazine and the first issue didn't interest me much. I agree with others on here that Steam Railway has obviously struggled for content this year. I don't know why. How about interviews with David Blair, Mick Roberts or some of the other mainline steam drivers for a start.
  4. The wasp striped austerity is at Coed Ely Coke works not Onllwyn.
  5. The practice of propping was used at Ladysmith Washery at Whitehaven by the NCB. This was used to propel wagons on an adjacent siding if the loco couldn't get behind the wagons to do so. A wire rope was tried but this of course broke and whipped round so wasn't tried again. A search for Ladysmith Washery will produce images of locos carrying a large pole on the front running board or across the rear buffers. The term at Ladysmith was 'poleing off'
  6. I too am sorry to see Track Shack close but fully understand why. I have used them a lot this last year or so as I built the biggest layout I have done so far. Service was outstanding.
  7. The sliding hatch was a feature on some of the NCB austerities in Lancashire. Repulse HE3698 definitely had the feature and still does.
  8. "Nora" seemed to be somewhat "incontinent", dropping red hot coals from the ashpan wherever she went - this is noticeable in the film as well!" It didn't have an ashpan that's why!
  9. Just ask your village shop to get the latest copy of Model Rail. My local Spar got me Steam Railway last week as a one off no problem
  10. 7754 never worked at Hafodyrnys or Maerdy, It was at Elliott Colliery that it worked, prior to going to Aberyschan. Hafodyrnys had the older pannier tanks 2XXX series, including one or two on hire. The Maerdy Panner tank was 96XX class although they had others on hire from Radyr, one of the NCB drivers who had worked at Radyr told me this.
  11. I visited yesterday and thought the show was excellent. A great trade presence with some firms I hadn't heard of before. A very good variety of layouts with Calderwood worth the trip alone, as it always is, and several with an industrial theme to them. The 3 hrs plus that I spent at the exhibition flew by, wonderful.
  12. I would agree with this to some extent and apply it to the locos also. Something seemed to happen to the NCBs maintenance from around 1968, photographs of locos at collieries before this date often show clean locos or at least wheels and motion that had been wiped over from there on the locos were neglected, the locos at Hafodyrynys being one example.
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