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  1. I've got the train pack and was slooking to add the divisible centre coach pack but it seems really hard to find! As earlier in the thread there is that pretty glaring typo in Only a Northen Song - so maybe there will be a new revised run? For the price (£80+) it seems quite sloppy, and I'm hoping the range is not limited edition.
  2. I'm still waiting for 90024 in the GNER livery before jumping in. I'm a bit surprised that it hasn't yet emerged with Hornby bringing the retooled class 91 in GNER livery and Rails producing the class 89 in two GNER variants.
  3. What a spectacular, joyous celebration of Hornby, the hobby and our railways. Very happy to see the Rocket, APT and class 91 there!
  4. The fact is, for many of us, that we'll either get the model we want from our usual trusted retailer be it local or online, or if they are restricted in stock and we miss out then Hornby miss out on the sale altogether. The head-start sales just to have it on "day 1" won't sway me, but if in two weeks' time everyone but Modelzone is sold out then I'll join those who feel disappointed.
  5. Well the 2-Bils seem to be on time, hope the P2 and Duke of Gloucester can be too. Design Clever models might have a shorter development time?
  6. From: http://www.southernelectric.org.uk/histfeat/semifastunit.html "The approximate completion dates were June 1937 (2049-2057), August 1937 (2058-2065). September 1937 (2066-2071), October 1931 (2072-2100). November 1937 (2101-2103) and December 1937 (2104-2116)" So seems correct.
  7. wrex

    Hornby Class 67

    I've had the silver-livery Wrexham & Shropshire coaches and DVT since they came out, and was saving up for the re-tooled 67 but I've been on the fence since the first reports of damaged/repainted locos came out. It's an expensive model, so I'm now waiting to see one on a trader's stall for a sensible price and be able to inspect it for any flaws. And then they announced the Diamond Jubilee 67 and that caught my eye...and if that's a limited run it's all the more crucial that they iron out these problems! So if the 67 had wowed from the start and I was sure of getting a good quali
  8. I initially put one on pre-order with a coach pack but backtracked..even with a shiny new livery it's a lot of money for a model that lacks basic things like directional lights. That said when I see one on a stall...
  9. wrex

    New B17

    Thanks Coldgunner and Rob, I'll take your advice and go for a replacement.
  10. wrex

    New B17

    Sandringham arrived for me yesterday, looks fantastic but has a strange issue on one side with the return crank, eccentric rod and link. Instead of being a circular, back and forth, it juts out to the side and judders. I'm afraid to run it any more in this state for fear of damaging it further - should I return it to the shop for a replacement? I don't trust my self to be able to fix it! It's tricky to explain so I have uploaded a video to show what is happening:
  11. That could well be the intent, if it comes down to finer lining on the paintwork and a few extra details as with the Tornado. If its a unified 'shell' then you can go for the cheaper one and model the variations on top.
  12. The PDF has even more delights, but now need to track down where to find the concessions specials. R3174 (Silver Jubilee pack) and R4588 (Red and gold LMS coaches) caught my eye.
  13. Fantastic list, 2-bil and P2 for sure, maybe railroad on the latter as the Tornado was impressive.
  14. Both my Dad and I had our credit cards fraudulently used online within a week of each other in late May/early June. The one retailer we both used was thesignalbox.co.uk. In my instance the bank refunded my money straight away, but my Dad had to write a series of letters to Barclays for a few months to clear all the disputed amounts. It's a shame that the signalbox haven't given a period in which this data was stolen - was this ongoing or a one-off raid on their servers? - and also that it has taken so long for a half-hearted apology. I have one pre-order left with them (with my new c
  15. wrex

    Class 85

    I've got the Electric Blue AL5 on pre-order..the model because of the high praise here and the AL5 because of how striking I find the livery. A quick question - would it have run mainly (or indeed exclusively) with maroon mk1 coaches or would there have been variety in livery and stock?
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