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  1. And in a corner by the shed at furtwangen Ost a dead pigsnose railcar awaits its fate..... Les
  2. Gardens in N. I wonder how Mr 34 Belgrave Terrace, Croft Spa broke his leg? Mrs 32 Belgrave Terrace has a goat for a lawn mower. I must get round to making a tether for it so it doesn't escape. Les
  3. Sod's law says that you never have the right size box to hand. When you do find one it is so full of plastic peanuts you have to go out to the dustbin to dispose of them, and the parcels tape will split repeatedly and then stick to anything but the right place on the box. As for parcels tape dispensers the last one I dropped cut my foot on the way down and the sand inside it took a long time to vacuum up.... On a good day about 3 minutes, on a bad day in excess of 15, and that is with over 9000 eBay sales under my belt.... Les
  4. At the house above the railway the occupier gets on with his gardening. NO PLACE. Les
  5. Train spotting cat at NO PLACE yard Les
  6. Done- put two forms in with these suggestions- Kitson long-tank 0-6-0 as built for the Cardiff railway, the Manchester Ship Canal and the Beamish Railway. NER 20-ton hopper wagon. Les
  7. Another arrival this morning is the skip lorry to hide the road exit at the top - or at least disguise the fact it doesn't go anywhere. last time I used this trick was with a bus on Furtwangen Ost which was appearing from behind the bank. Ordered on eBay it was only when it arrived I discovered it is by Osborn's Models, one of their Archlaser series. A really beautiful thing it is to UK N-scale and is a little on the big side. The bright yellow skip isn't really suitable to be carried off, so I've swapped it for one of the loaded DM Toys ones and dirtied the back of the lorry a bit. Now planted in the roadway all I need is a little more vegetation to interrupt the one sight line past it. Just off the picture to the right the mobile phone mast is also now planted. The yellow skip is being weathered and will then be planted in the widget yard. Progress is slow (partly because I'm also doing sound and couplings on NO PLACE at the moment) but steady. It looks like the first outing will be July 31st to Potters Bar. All for now Les
  8. TRADERS CONFIRMED Book Law Sherwood Models, Nottingham A2B Models, Matlock Bath J&C Models, East Goscote, Starlight Models, Wellingborough Malc's Models, Ilkeston A shorter list than we would normally have but we're still working on gangways and space. There might be room for a seventh but that gives us three model shops selling ranges of mainly new and a good understanding of what each other do (helps to avoid too much duplication), one second hand specialist, one selling entirely kits and bits and one book seller. I'm retiring as show manager (after 6 years) at the club's next AGM and Mark Shipman is taking over. This year's show will be a joint effort- Mark and I sing off the same hymn sheet in most respects regarding shows. We are going to have a garden meeting in the next couple of weeks to get the final plan together and we should then have a workable floor plan. This year there will be more demonstration stands than in previous years. And we STILL haven't laid out any money yet..... All for now Les
  9. Les1952


    I threatened a video of No.36 with sound and here it is. I have no idea whether the NCB ones had the exhaust sound on every fourth beat that the sound file has, but as they were scrapped in 1953 I doubt if anyone alive remembers them well enough to tell me it is wrong. They probably clanked more if anything... The clip was taken with the phone, which left to its own devices kept deciding it was focused on the wrong point and adjusting. I propped the phone in place, pressed record and concentrated on playing with the controller. The clip does, however, show the uncoupler for the coaches works.... New acquisition RENOWN (a Hornby HARRY chipped and renamed by me) in the background. That makes two more locos to weather... Les
  10. As well as all the OO ones I bought this N-gauge one off eBay for Hawthorn Dene and had it DCC fitted then improved the cab windows with an RT Models etch. The layout has gone but the loco remains. I'll find a use for it in a future project no doubt. Going back to the OO ones- one newby to report- another Hornby Yet another Hornby HARRY, renamed with the last set of Walkden system plates I have for a loco with original chimney. I can see me buying a Geisl ejector or two in case I get hold of another red one- I still have four unused sets of plates.... RENOWN has now been DCC fitted with a new LAISDCC chip. I might add a stay alive as it stalls on the points in the foreground. A deal of weathering to do yet. Meanwhile Hornby No.49 and DJM 71515 have gone off to Digitrains for sound and stay-alive. Les
  11. You are lucky. Our village post office (quite a busy one) disappeared when the postmaster retired and couldn't sell the business- no village shop, no post office.... Les
  12. One model railway dealer I knew quite well (now deceased) used to buy at one third of list to sell at two thirds of list. That was for an "average" used item that was not a "red hot collectable". I tend to assume that that is the starting price and with a bit of luck that can be negotiated down. Sometimes I buy, sometimes I walk. Les
  13. Possibly, though I've no evidence of two flags flying from one flagpole in Germany. The flagpole on Croft Spa is used to lift the drop-in section out at the end of a show/session in the same way and has survived so far. I'm not sure if having two flags on the pole might be vulnerable to damage when used for the purpose I put the flagpole there for. I'll give it some more thought. No hurry- the first outing is either July 31st or September 4th. All the very best Les
  14. Les1952


    Breaking news- a show invite COALVILLE on 18th and 19th September. Les
  15. The last small section of the layout to have its ground done has now been started. A little fuzzy but the sub-structure for the small rise under the phone mast is started- one more smaller piece of balsa then I think I might use some spare static grass sheet. The tree just visible at the left will be on another small grassy bit to give the impression of a road going off at an angle behind the brewery, probably with a wagon to hide the fact it ends abruptly at the backscene. The VW van will be kept in the box of plant-on bits with the sub-board containing the goods shed and the three detachable catenary lengths. It can then be strategically placed over the gap in the roadway at the board join. First animal to be planted is the rabbit. One for the punters to locate on the inevitable "Can you find" sheet. Now to look for somewhere suitable for the deer- there isn't really a lot of space for them. All for now. Les
  16. They still needed an 08 or similar to help them up the slope out of the yard at Tyne Dock but a Class 40 was rostered to bank the train from South Pelaw to Consett. Plenty of photos of this exist. The Class 40 was deemed to be "more easily spared" than a Class 37 for the job..... Les
  17. and a Class 40 to push.... When the Tyne Dock to Consett ore trains were dieselised they needed eleven diesels to replace ten steam.
  18. Les1952


    The pics I have of some of these show that MOST had vertical boarding/walling separating the access road to the top of the yard from the screens, but I also remember a couple where this road had no walling. Obviously there were no drops. One reason for having locos facing uphill is that it is easier to slide downwards into the screen than upwards- witness the damage to the cab of No.47 at Whittle where the loco slid down the slope with wheels locked and bashed the screening house with its cab. East Stanley Colliery (the prototype location for NO PLACE) had only one road up into the yard and through the screens. Empty wagons were raised by rope and fulls lowered back down to exchange sidings at Beamish station. However locos did on occasion work right up to the top of the yard if the hauling engine was out of use, despite not being allowed through the screens. The wagons were then let back down on their brakes and filled as they passed through. However it is quite possible that the single road screens were nothing more than a hole in the floor for tubs to be tipped into wagons below. The pit closed in 1938. My practice is for locos to push wagons towards the screens along the road nearest the wall but stop two wagon lengths short. Wagons coming back come through the screens on the other road and are picked up by the loco a couple of lengths down. Offstage one can presume a capstan to get individual wagons to the very top. Les
  19. Les1952


    An awful lot of screens were too low to get a loco under in any case- Whittle being a case in point, hence the shape of No.47's cab.. How did collieries that had a through road in the screening house get on? There were a few of those around where locos had to take that route to get wagons up to the top end of the yard... Les NO PLACE has the uncouplers about 2 wagon lengths clear of the screens.
  20. Les1952


    In reply to a post from Barry about which way round locos were at screens I've got this lot of pics. Derwenthaugh- loco coming uphill past the screens- nose in to the end they were collecting full wagons from. Fenwick Colliery- No.9 drawing fulls out of the screens. Eccles Colliery- 49 and 6 shunting the screen bottoms. South Hetton, taking loaded wagons out of the screens. Whittle. No.47 taking coal away from the screens. 47 had a damaged cab where it had slid down the slope at the top end of the screens and given it a hefty clout on the framework. I think I'll go back to having locos pointing left, ie towards the screens. That way they are pointing uphill and the water in the boiler is deepest at the firebox end. Generally that seems to have been the way things were done. Les
  21. Les1952


    I've abandoned the Kadees. They are proving more troublesome than the tension locks. I'm not going back to the full magnetic but will fit magnets to the droppers of the old coach and the four-wheeler of the new pair. One uncoupling magnet in the station should be enough. The latest is tension locks with hooks on both ends for the wagons and without hooks at all on the locos. Two ramps in the screens area. The back one is mainly for uncoupling incoming wagons from the propelling loco while the front one is for splitting rakes that are pulled out of the screens. Gravity (ie a shove from offstage) will feed the fulls beyond the ramp. By the time the layout goes out in September there will be enough sound plus stay-alive locos to shunt the screens. Hoppers now with tension locks. I've also rechassised a pair of those that were giving the most trouble and invested in another pair of Dapol hoppers. Using all one make of chassis (Dapol) for the hoppers should mean fewer incompatability problems. Man in yellow high vis will be replanted later, as will his mate who is currently having a lie down on the screens roof.... Once we can get back into the clubroom I'll be able to clear out a lot of the club stuff in the workshop and that will give me space to swap over NO PLACE and Bregenbach to really work on NO PLACE for a couple of weeks or so. Nothing has a show before July 31st (BB) then it is Sept 3/4 (BB), two weeks later for NP and then CS twice before the end of the year. Another incomer is a Lambton Tank body which is intended for a 56xx chassis. Having got the body off the 56xx I'm not up to the carving involved so I'm going to cheat and use a 57xx chassis. Most of the mods are carving plastic, apart from grinding a little off the boiler bottom to bring it down to the width of the 0-6-2T body. The carrying wheel at the back will be a radial running in a fixed plastic mount modelled on the way Bachmann did the 56xx. I've got a chip with the chassis and I'm trying to work out how to get a speaker fitted inside without putting pressure on the body. It is a long term project so developments will be sporadic. All for now. Les
  22. That's GWR standardisation.....
  23. looking good- although it is a long long time since I last caught a train there nothing about the station platform area jars.... Les
  24. OK, a few of mine (all DCC fitted). All see service on my shunting plank NO PLACE. First a DJM and EFE pair, two of the J94s that lasted at Darlington shed (51A) until the end of steam shunting there in 1965. 68043 waiting for me to re-crest it and both waiting to be weathered. 68023 is sound fitted. 48, pictured at NO PLACE's last outing before lockdown, Doncaster 2020 show, is a very early Dapol WD that has been through the wars more than a little. Originally a 68034 it now represents a ficticious one of those ex-BR locos that had had its high bunker burned off to allow coaling with a mechanical shovel. It surprised a lot of people at Doncaster when they discovered it was about 35 years old. It shunted the screens for more of the two days of the show than the rest of the stud put together- it was running well so nobody bothered to change it over. A pair of Hornby HARRYs now running as WITCH and RESPITE. WITCH is a more recent purchase, one of an assorted batch of four I picked up on eBay and DCC fitted. two were sold on and paid off much of the cost of the other two. RESPITE was fitted with the Geigl a long time ago and weathered. I added DCC when I built NO PLACE and it has just been away to Digitrains for sound and a stay-alive. Twin to RESPITE is REVENGE. This one has a satisfying wheel clunk just like many of the prototypes I remember- apart from that it runs like a dream. It may go off for sound fitting ahead of other Hornbys. I've got the tank top pushed closer together since the pic was taken- under exhibition conditions the gap isn't really all that noticeable. No.51 has an RT Models Lambton cab on a DJM model, sound-fitted by me, though the chip and speaker came out of an earlier loco sound-fitted by Digitrains which I managed to break by dropping it.... I still haven't got the tank lettered- I can't find a picture of the real 51 that shows it clean enough to read the lettering. In any case it is confined to the preservation side of the layout. It may yet go to Digitrains for a stay-alive to be fitted. There are two more sound-fitted DJM locos (a Yellow Peril and Mech Navvies 71515- a must have loco after spending a lot of time hanging my nose over the prototype) and a clean Backworth No4 and a dirty green Lancashire loco which aren't sound-fitted. Hornbys not mentioned include Backworth No.49 which is in the queue for sound, Cadley Hill No.1 and another high bunker J94. Lastly there is another Dapol one that I've just acquired and DCC fitted today with the chip that came out of RESPITE. More to come? Probably. All I need to do next now that Bregenbach is nearly complete is to design and build a bigger OO layout to run them on... Les
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