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  1. Hello, The sensor won’t give you the detail nor accuracy you are looking for to reproduce an item at 7 or 4mm. For use as a low poly count photo-mapped 3D file for use in a game engine it is fine. Or a very rough model you refine a lot using CAD. It all comes down to software as well as the sensor. How you stitch multiple scans together is important and you can waste a lot of time on this. At work we use £15k Artec EVA scanners, and the software is brilliant, I have also used the high end too, but it all comes down to your software too. cheers, Andy
  2. Free miners may be able to profit from this, though unsure of the quality?
  3. Thanks very much again. A trip over the border to South Devon in order, and a book to order. Shows how great this forum is!
  4. Thanks for the info. I am not quite sure as they appear to be quite heavily modified in appearance. Next time I am in York I will look at the register you mentioned. Cheers, andy
  5. Hello all, Does anyone know if there is a record of all the GWR breakdown vehicles and their locations please? They are a diverse bunch of vehicles and as I try to identify details of the two at Truro, from the array of photos I’ve collected, I realise making an accurate model is a challenge! Cheers, Andy
  6. At work we use herculite plaster, as it is tougher than normal and actually expands a little (which can match casting shrinkage). I have used it to make things I know may be damaged. Problem is it is generally in 25kg bags.
  7. I am sure St Blazey had one rostered. I will check when I return from working away, though others more knowledgable than I will respond first. Cheers, andy
  8. Yes, you can produce 2D work. The sheet metal tools are really useful if considering etched parts. The more I use Fusion the more useful I find it, particularly expressions, where if used you can change the thickness of material in one setting and all tabs and cut-outs will be amended.
  9. Excellent book, with detailed drawings and comprehensive information from the family history to the engines and rolling stock. Wholeheartedly recommended! andy
  10. Mark Smither’s book on 18” minimum gauge steam railways is excellent and well worth a read. Plus the book on Crewe Works Narrow Gauge System by Edward Talbot and Clive Taylor. andy
  11. Sad all round really: Steve and family, those who haven’t managed to recoup funds, the confidence of the market. I will never crowdfund another project. Cannot afford to.
  12. A lot of traffic at Penryn was broccoli (also used for cauliflower in Cornwall) and other seasonal products, even daffs. There was a broccoli train from Penzance to London in peak season, but I am sure others here know much more detail than I.
  13. Looks great, really good resolution. What technique did you use please Twiggy? Cheers, andy
  14. End of the line for 43138... *gets coat
  15. Hello, I caught the sleeper last night, and it was great to see 604 in resplendent full GWR livery. The Old Oak Common RIP badge was so well done, but the whole loco showed the pride and effort of those who maintain these. 605 looked good in new GWR livery and the LONGROCK TMD badge was brilliant. Kernow bys vyken! Sorry, not great photos need to rotate the TMD logos later Andy
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