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  1. Not yet made it’s way to WHS Camborne. In my excitement bought a second copy of 281... errr
  2. Debatable whether Carn Brea should actually be called a castle, even though the GWR thought so! Originally, I believe you could see St Mawes castle from the very end of Falmouth station. Pendennis too high up.
  3. Cornish double roundabouts and widening of the A30 between Carland Cross and Chivvy will see them unlikely to get there! It is still a trap, low paid seasonal work and no real long term prospects, that means that despite three rounds of EU funding the GVA in Cornwall still remains behind the rest of the UK, and every year more a playground of the second/third homeowners. Steps off soapbox and rants down an adit. All congrats to Kernow and their continued growth. Long may it continue. Kernow bys vyken
  4. Hi Carl, That’s a great start, thanks for doing this I am sure lots of people will find it useful and really help them, with a good range of examples and tools used. I’ve used Fusion360 for a few years now, and delivered training, and it is interesting to see how people deliver it. You are doing great. I use camtasia at work, but I would recommend any software that captures mouse clicks to really clarify menu choices. I have mixed feedback to captioning, very marmite. Look forward to viewing more! Cheers, Andy
  5. Always friendly and helpful. What more could you ask. Andy
  6. Proper Job‽ Resists taking over the thread with Cornish beer puns, because that would be a Big Job... Out of interest Jon, what is that like please? Tried their Star, Market Porter, and Westway and all were very pleasant! Cheers, andy
  7. As others Hobart’s are good, trotec too, kitronix and timberite both supply laser ply. All depends upon size of sheet and thickness you want, plus volume of order. Depending upon the power of your laser I wouldn’t use standard cardboard, very likely to go up in smoke on higher powered machines if you don’t adjust settings and even then use carefully esp with comp air feed. Use mountboard as a safer option. A local picture framer may have off-cuts. As @Crosland writes the adhesives are important, so double check any MSDS where you can. @bmthtrains - DavidMost mat
  8. As previous replies, every cutting tool has a kerf, even a laser cutter. Sometimes there is also a question of tolerance when marking out. Sharp pencil or knife? Even down to the question of a left handed or right handed marking knife. The old adage ‘measure twice, cut once’ (or maybe that is me) comes in to play too. Accept wastage if you want accuracy by not trying to fit too much on a sheet too. edit, also buy a good tape or rule and a good square too. We have a £26k saw at work with digital read out, and the installer said ‘you have just bought a precision tool, then you use yo
  9. Very sad. Having chatted a few times as a teenager he really inspired me with his attention to detail, consideration of design, and precision. He will leave a big gap in the publishing world. The way his drawings considered shade and weight using different thicknesses of line always lifted them above others. Let alone his models. He will be missed.
  10. Wera all the way for me at work. Tried Proxxon, nice but not as robust. I must caveat that as a work tool I rely upon them and so the price premium is worthwhile. There are offers around too. Having said that I still have the draper ‘watchmaker’s set’ at home my mother bought me for my 11th birthday all those years ago. Cheers, andy
  11. AndyH

    MRJ 280

    Thanks, Will be down PZ tomorrow! Andy
  12. Sorry David, yes, checked and they are working. Not sure why wasn’t but nothing was appearing. Thanks, andy
  13. Thanks David, great video, really useful. Atb andy edited as codes working
  14. Still miss Horse & Jockey from Helston and Porthleven. Their flaky pastry...
  15. Thanks very much Dave, that is a great help and really useful. I will PM you. I’m looking to produce 7mm etchings, if I ever find time, so one day hope to measure these. Andy
  16. Hello, The sensor won’t give you the detail nor accuracy you are looking for to reproduce an item at 7 or 4mm. For use as a low poly count photo-mapped 3D file for use in a game engine it is fine. Or a very rough model you refine a lot using CAD. It all comes down to software as well as the sensor. How you stitch multiple scans together is important and you can waste a lot of time on this. At work we use £15k Artec EVA scanners, and the software is brilliant, I have also used the high end too, but it all comes down to your software too. cheers, Andy
  17. Free miners may be able to profit from this, though unsure of the quality?
  18. Thanks very much again. A trip over the border to South Devon in order, and a book to order. Shows how great this forum is!
  19. Thanks for the info. I am not quite sure as they appear to be quite heavily modified in appearance. Next time I am in York I will look at the register you mentioned. Cheers, andy
  20. Hello all, Does anyone know if there is a record of all the GWR breakdown vehicles and their locations please? They are a diverse bunch of vehicles and as I try to identify details of the two at Truro, from the array of photos I’ve collected, I realise making an accurate model is a challenge! Cheers, Andy
  21. At work we use herculite plaster, as it is tougher than normal and actually expands a little (which can match casting shrinkage). I have used it to make things I know may be damaged. Problem is it is generally in 25kg bags.
  22. I am sure St Blazey had one rostered. I will check when I return from working away, though others more knowledgable than I will respond first. Cheers, andy
  23. Yes, you can produce 2D work. The sheet metal tools are really useful if considering etched parts. The more I use Fusion the more useful I find it, particularly expressions, where if used you can change the thickness of material in one setting and all tabs and cut-outs will be amended.
  24. Excellent book, with detailed drawings and comprehensive information from the family history to the engines and rolling stock. Wholeheartedly recommended! andy
  25. Mark Smither’s book on 18” minimum gauge steam railways is excellent and well worth a read. Plus the book on Crewe Works Narrow Gauge System by Edward Talbot and Clive Taylor. andy
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