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  1. Hi Kevin. You said earlier in the week you were going to publish a list of your own forthcoming titles. Is this still goingvto happen?
  2. Hi Robert. Are the images in this book colour or black & white or rough mix? Also, does it cover the full working lives of DMUs or just to a certain point please. Steve
  3. I can remember in the late eighties being taken to Scotland on the train. We were somewhere north of Berwick and all of a sudden there was a class 26 on its side covered up with a tarpaulin in the middle of nowhere. It was on the upside so I have no idea how far south it was intending to go. It was at the the time the ECML was being electrified so it could have been engineers train. It was my first ever class 26 for sight.
  4. Hi chaps. Could you confirm if the NSE liveried coaches are the earlier light blue or later dark blue please. The artwork seems to be the earlier blue which would be good - particularly the models 5455 & 5462, also on 5455 it appears to have a depot sticker? on the red stripe beneath the number - what depot is it please. Steve
  5. I noted a van body on the back of a low loader in Andover this morning heading in a westerly direction. Didn't look in bad nick really. No number visible, but it had no venting on the ends. A303 shut at the time which is why it may have been in Andover.
  6. Well, actually I'm pushing the boat out and hoping for a Mk2a BFK - I think it's the same bodyshell.
  7. I'm hoping that Farish will be sensible and add blue/grey Mk2a TSO when the Regional Railways liveried versions come along, it can't be that hard can it?
  8. Only read the Turbot construction article so far and flicked through the rest, but looks like a very good magazine. Worth the money. Thanks
  9. steve1023

    Farish Class 319

    Yep, definately darker blue.
  10. steve1023

    Farish Class 319

    I don't agree that the blue on the image of 004 is the later dark blue, the image is also dated 87 when the unit was brand new, hence the comment about 006 in lighter blue dated 88. No way did NSE go light blue (images of 002 when new appear to be lighter blue) dark blue and back to light blue. Interestingly the image you've posted of 025 at STP does appear to be darker blue with angled upsweeps. Your image of 004 at WFJ is a much later image (appears to have a Connex logo halfway down the first vehicle - hence no NSE logo on the front) so probably between 6 to 8 years later than the first image. Cleary has had a repaint because it does have the later curved upsweeps. On the subject of NSE logo on the front, the grey on the model is too dark, should be lighter, but thats no biggie. Sorry if you disagree.
  11. steve1023

    Farish Class 319

    I have just been digging and I'm not convinced Bachmann have got this right. Darker blue with curved upsweeps certainly but with the angled upsweeps I think it was original lighter blue. One of the books I have shows 319006 in July 88 (so when practically new) (photo linked on the previous page taken '87) and the author even mentions the variation in shades of blue and earlier shade on 319006 in the book (with angled upsweeps).
  12. steve1023

    Farish Class 319

    Hopefully the link below will take you to images now available on the Bachmann site for livery samples of the 319 - I think it looks good, but.....I'm not sure of the livery on the NSE 319. It was always advertised as revised NSE so darker blue but the upsweeps on the cab sides look like they are the original style. Is this right? https://www.Bachmann.co.uk/product/category/189/class-319-4-car-emu-319004-br-network-southeast-(revised)/372-875 Edit:NSE is tempting me.
  13. Hi Ben & Mike. Just checking the status of the 2nd run. The website says out of stock, but I don't recall this run ever having been on sale. Have I missed them or are they still to be made available for sale please. Many thanks Steve
  14. I'd rather they did the 2HAP first. Still only one Mk1 SR EMU.
  15. On the blue/grey Potholes- how many made it into blue/grey if anyone knows please.
  16. Upon seeing the Mk1 my heart excitedly skipped a beat when the RBR was shown, then I realised it was a repeat of the RU. Oh well. Always May.
  17. My wife would 100% agree with this and she should know as she has managed to get my Christmas present wrong on more than 1 occasion!!
  18. August 2012 my pre-order dated. My son was approaching his 1st birthday. This year he will of course turn 10, and people complain about Bachmann.
  19. My personnal interest is primarily N gauge but I still maintain a small OO presence and Bachmann mainly cover my D & E interests, however I still look forward to Hornby's annual announcements every year but never really expect to see much that I expect to see me part with my cash. The one really relevent Hornby model to my interests is the VEP which I'm not convinced we'll ever see again. I do have a bit of a soft spot for the new Hornby Mk1s but the announcement of the BCK was a surprise - I'm not convinced it will bring a huge amount to the range seeing as Hornby already have the BSO and BSK, why not try a different tact with the Mk1s - suburban types with 10 compartments and related vehicles. My personal wishlist I think would be a 3D/207, a re-release of the class 50 in NSE or a return of the named train train packs that where around about 20 years ago. The one Hornby purchase I will be making this year will be the blue 08 with sound, although it was really one of last years announcements.
  20. steve1023

    Farish Class 40

    Hi all. Help please. I have Farish class 40 D369 model which appears not be taking any power - no lights - nothing. Any ideas to what this could be be - I'm not the most gifted in technicalities. It has always been impressively slow even at full speed but this time it has just died. Thanks Steve
  21. The magazines are now due every 3 months - February,May, August and November. I would imagine a catalogue will come with February edition as will the next quarterly announcements. Up to now the announcements have been within the first week of the month. Steve
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