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  1. I'm booked at Ally Pally with Rossiter Rise. My right hand man Tony is classed as vulnerable health wise and may decide he is unable to take the risk. I'm still intending to exhibit but may be short of bodies to operate. The scenario I foresee and fear is that some exhibitors and traders decide not to attend, whether due to the risk or actual illness or isolation. The organisers are then in a really unenviable situation. If the show goes ahead with a number of layouts and traders missing will visitor numbers be hit so hard that it is a financial disaster anyway? The organisers have an almost impossible dilemma, unless government directives change in the next 7 days. Me..... I'm getting married on April 4th. So now panicking about that. Two years of arranging at the mercy of some virus!!!! Terry Tew
  2. Does anyone know if Bachmann are planning to release a class 24/1 with the Scottish style tablet catcher?
  3. 12.00 and doesn't appear to be available at pocketmags yet
  4. No. Tony put it in the nce powercab holder. I saw it after I took the photo and we then put it somewhere more suitable!!!
  5. Thanks to Colin and all the team for making our weekend with Rossiter Rise so enjoyable. We certainly had a good response!
  6. Bobo's could often be seen 'parked' in the siding at Rickmansworth awaiting attaching to London bound trains.
  7. Looking forward to being there with Rossiter Rise
  8. Some models from my Rossiter Rise layout. 2 car motor/control trailer as referred to above. 2 car Q Stock. This replicates a photo in a book by Brian Hardy showing exactly this formation being used on the Acton Shuttle as replacement because neither of the single cars normally used were available. Terry
  9. Also on the layout.....other properties.... Randall and Hopkirk. Bartholomew, Wiseman and Previn. Grimsdale. Tony Angelino. Joan Denver. Mick Leach.
  10. Many thanks Phil. Hopefully you'll get the opportunity to have a go at Rossiter Rise. Terry
  11. I had received some interest in Earl's Court and I have agreed a deal. Less than the target figure I had set but nevertheless I am happy with the sum agreed. Many thanks to all those who expressed such complimentary comments over the last few days. Terry
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