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  1. Would love to preorder but won’t without a price, any update on that?
  2. Very pleased with my Tamworth Castle which arrived yesterday. Always impressed by Heljan's models.
  3. Just had my Lady Diana Spencer preorder (which was ordered early on launch day) cancelled by Hattons. It's the Duchess of Atholl all over again! :(
  4. Has anyone had trouble adding a payment card to this site. I got an email today telling me my Brighton Works terrier was available but that my card wasn’t allowing payment to be made. There is money on the card so I didn’t understand however I decided to add another card and it didn’t go through either so tried another and paypal and these Also don’t work. At a loss as to why!
  5. Thanks to Chris Woods and a headsup on possible availability at a stockist I managed to snag their last one. Very happy and as it's being dispatched today, even happier. My earlier despair over my Rails order is ended! Lol! Good luck on the hunt everyone else who has been dissapointed!
  6. Received mine today and got to say for a basic model it is rather good. Detail isn't that bad, livery is nicely applied and she ran sweet as a nut straight out the box. Also impressed that etched nameplates, 10% discount off a sale from the Hornby website plus a free entry to the visitor centre were also included. Nicely done Hornby.
  7. Don’t suppose you got a spare one to help a Rails victim out? Lol! Seriously though, did you receive your full allocation? Apologies just remembered you did say you didn’t!
  8. Well DPD (worst courier company in my experience) have just delivered my 66 but wait no they haven’t because by the time I got downstairs and opened my front door, the delivery guy drove off with my parcel in his van leaving me with a note saying back tomorrow. I was only upstairs not like the Eiffel Tower! Obviously being Saturday night and the pubs are back open, he wasn’t for waiting a reasonable time!
  9. Have tried every stockist with a working website on Hornby’s page and there are none to be had. I am so annoyed that the centenary edition I wanted above all others and thought I had secured by ordering within an hour or so of announcement Has been denied me! Hornby have really let me down and I spend a fortune on their products.
  10. I got the email too, gutted considering I ordered when the announcements were made and it was the highlight of the centenary models for me! I too have asked Hornby why they cannot fulfill retailers allocations. I wonder if Hattons, Kernow etc have also had to cancel orders!
  11. Had to preorder this particularly as the prototype has a connection to my home town which I had no idea of until I read the article in Engine Shed. Looking forward to adding it to the collection whatever the colour! Lol!
  12. Managed to order mine this morning, not a great fan of the overall livery tbh but it was a purchase I felt had to be made. Well done Hornby on the quick decision to get this produced and for the donation that will be made.
  13. Having ordered the baseboard kit for Casket Yard on 14th of April it still has not arrived. Does anyone know who to contact to chase this up. I did not get an email confirming the order. All I have is the bank transaction to Warners.
  14. I have ordered the baseboard for this layout however BRM issue Feb 2020 does not list the track needed. Can anyone help?
  15. A good start to the series last night of the station I work out of. It’s on the new BBC Scotland channel although I think nationally it’s going to be on BBC2. Currently on i-player though and worth a watch https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m00032nr
  16. Not long to go now and really looking forward to it!
  17. To me in Coachman's picture the lining just looks like sunlight reflected off of the beading! It does not go round the entire panel which it would do if it was painted lining!
  18. I'll second that for little Bluebell, pack away people, pack away!!
  19. After checking these out in person at the Hatton's stand at Model Rail Scotland I have to say we are in for a treat. The look and level of detail is astounding. My current order for Bluebell had me looking at her in detail and I even detected painted lining inside the cab. Hattons have raised the bar and I will definately be ordering at least another!
  20. Was going to go for the pre grouping look of the Hattons ones but wondered if the paints had codes or something like humbrol paints have the number on the lid
  21. Have ordered a set to go with Bluebell but wondered what colours to get to paint these. I'm normally lazy and get prepainted figures!
  22. Some Colas Growler action down Ayr way a couple of weeks ago.
  23. It was for an episode of the show Trainspotting which indeed featured an interview with Bruce on his love of railways!
  24. I have only recently returned to the forums and even then intermittently and have only just read the very sad news of Jocks passing. He was a lovely man who always had nice things to say in response to some of my posts. I am quite frankly gutted! RIP Jock, you will be missed!
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