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  1. Totally agree with this recommendation. This is now my model shop of choice. Do pop in if you are in the area. Jon
  2. Ditto. Just started volume 2. I have to sit at a table to read them though!
  3. Good evening all What would be an appropriate brake van to run behind a set of these wagons and a 4F in the 1950's? Thanks in advance. J
  4. Dear Deirdre Could you help me please as I am unsure if I have a problem. I own 2 duchesses in LMS red, 1 in black, 1 in blue, 1 in green with sloping smoke box, 1 in green without sloping smoke box, 1 in br maroon and a couple of Wrenn ones. I have also had delivered yesterday Sir William, which has now replaced my wedding photo at the side of my bed! I now crave "Hamilton ". Do I need help. Thanks Confused of Leicester
  5. No, I am too. What would they have run with? None of my books seem to have any pictures of them in. Thanks.
  6. I have used Hattons for over 20 years and have always found them to be brilliant. So when my wife started to raise the subject of Christmas presents I hopefully sent her my wish list from the Hattons website. Brilliant 2 locos to unwrap this year (must have been good!). Anyway, when I get home from work today i find a card through the door saying that they had left the package behind a dustbin! To say I was not impressed that a package worth over £200 was left behind a bin in a cardboard box in the rain is an understatement. As I have an account with Hattons a text message has come to my phone asking me to rate the delivery by Yodel. I am sure you can guess my response. Never had this issue with the Royal Mail!
  7. Hi Can I just echo the comments of the other members who have issued their thanks. I look forward to some industrial fun.
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