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  1. August 2011, Hornby Magazine issue 50. £112.50 for the 31-128 at Rails.
  2. I'd go for sound as soon as the option is available. And it might need a strong diesel smell and smoke generator too
  3. Placed an pre-order for the preserved model!
  4. I haven't noticed that before. They've done a pretty good job on the side I pictured. The other side is worse. However it's much less noticeable than Jamespetts' H2.
  5. Finally, there she is! I'm normally more a GWR man, but I couldn't resist buying South Foreland. I even bought 6 olive green Maunsell coaches! No details have been added yet. I will have to find myself a suiting sound decoder first.
  6. https://www.sixbellsjunction.co.uk/80s/850921lt.htm Is the correct link
  7. South Foreland has just been dispatched by Rails!
  8. Just received the newsletter from Rails. South Foreland will be in stock this friday!
  9. I can't afford myself another purchase this months. So I bought myself an olive green Maunsell and a 2nd hand Bournemouth Belle 12-wheel Pullman cars extension pack.
  10. I have more space left on my credit card since I left her. I've also placed an order. Will be the 2nd one for me
  11. I'm using Firefox 62.0 (64-bit) on a Windows 10 (64-bit) Desktop PC.
  12. The new website feels a lot quicker to me! But prices in the 'New Stock' sections seems a bit high to me. Normal prices appear for just a split second after loading the 'new stock' page and on the product page itself.
  13. Sounds good to me, Dave. Especially because I couldn't join the laser scanning party.
  14. Received your e-mail. The website looks great and I'll be re-ordering the APT-P in a few days. I just have to wait until the credit card has been cashed for this month
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