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  1. I just came across this photo from www.cornwallrailwaysociety.org.uk. Seems to be a great example of what you told. So I can't find an excuse for myself not to buy a set
  2. I received the same message about 7 times from UPS I would be nice if UPS processed my payment. It's been a month since I paid. Sent them several emails and I have called them, but nothing helped so far. They've even sent me a letter with a price increase of €40.. But they're never going to win and showing my bank statement was luckily good enough for the delivery guy to hand over my package.
  3. well I had to pay €41,77 of which €26,04 tax and the rest are handling costs. Shipping took about 2,5 weeks. Over 2 weeks longer than pre-Brexit. And shipping time isn't the worst part of this order. It's the billing department of UPS that seem to have died But that's a whole different story. I've got my loco and it's a stunning model. Really worth the wait and money!
  4. Received an email today with a Track & Trace code from UPS. It's expected to arrive on Thursday. It's also my first item from the UK since Brexit. So I'm really wondering if I'll have to pay extra for customs charges and how much.
  5. And I saw this on Facebook yesterday. Expected next month!
  6. I just received a notification from Hattons that the Class 25/3's are now due in March & April 2021.
  7. @47406 All I know is that the 45's are expected after the Class 25's. And the 25's are expected after the 86's.
  8. Ah sorry, meant Bachmann instead of Hornby. Just got an email from Hattons telling me that my order for the 2 TSO's has been processed. So that'll be 4 TSO's then..
  9. Minus 2 now, just ordered 2 from Gaugemaster. I ordered them from Hattons back in January, but I can't find the item on their website anymore. I've sent them an e-mail and asked them if they have more info on the DRS TSO. Worst case scenario is that I have to make space for 4 TSO's I hope Hornby will come with a DBSO in DRS livery one day..
  10. I've just received the 66789 with sound. Apart from the wobbling and one lose axlebox that doesn't want to stay in place it's a stunning model to see! I haven't got much experience with DCC sound, but when this loco is put on powered track there comes a light buzzing noise from the loco that gets slightly louder when headlights are turned on. It seems to be coming from underneath the exhaust. Does anyone have an idea if this could be the speaker or the PCB and if it can do any harm? The loco doesn't seem to be getting warm after 30 mins of running in.
  11. Great news guy's! Already 2 on order, 37423 added to the wishlist together with 2 other 37's If it isn't the Corona crisis that's going to kill my wallet, it might be the upcoming 37 crisis
  12. And another order has been put into the book!
  13. I did ask Hattons about it a week or so ago and they didn't had a specific date yet. Just some point in January. But 'early January' is ending soon. Somehow I'm glad though that it hasn't arrived yet, a new month on my card starts today. December was expensive enough for me
  14. That's great news! Is there any information about how many there will be produced of this and any future exclusive/limited models?
  15. I have just received my new loco after the first one arrived with quite some damage. Jamie directly sent me a new one even before I sent the broken one back. Many compliments to their wonderful loco and excellent service!
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