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  1. The noise is feature rather than a fault listen to this review about 11 min in.
  2. Phil, I think you may vaguely remember this from when you came over. 0.6 or 0.7mm piano wire and a 1mm hole in the slide switch.
  3. Most enamelled copper wire is self fluxing, no need to scrape, just tin it as if there were no enamel.
  4. dhjgreen

    The Engine Shed

  5. Use normal solder to join A and B then use a lower melting point solder to join C to them.
  6. Wire in tube. Using 0.6/0.7 mm piano wire and styrene tube. This layout is EM gauge so the shorter throw means the omega loops are needed, may not be necessary in 00. Drill a 1 mm hole through the slide switch pass the wire through and bend over the end to retain it. These are double pole switches so one pole set the frog polarity and the other is used to show turnout direction on a mimic diagram. The switch with two wires is controlling the two halves of a double slip (makes life so much easier in EM to separate the two halves)
  7. https://www.shapeways.com/product/DM6GMG2TE/mobile-phone-towers Any good?
  8. Andy, is there a way to view the current summary without completing the survey again?
  9. No problem at all, it gives a good thermal link. Just checking you knew.
  10. Are you aware the heatsink is connected to the collector?
  11. Working for me too http://www.alangibsonworkshop.com/
  12. The customisable option lets you choose: just topics you have started, those you have posted to or those you follow and lots more too. Time period, read or unread, the combinations are almost endless, how would anyone choose which one to offer as standard?
  13. This is a DIY job. Click on Activity, My activity streams, Create new activity stream.
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