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  1. One made it up the Swinden quarry line from Skipton (the old Grassington branch) with a railtour in 1991 and I'm pretty sure that they ran on the Skipton - Kings Cross services even after the Aire Valley line was electrified before the 91s and MK4s covered the service.
  2. No idea where, no idea when, but I'm sure someone will be able to tell me.
  3. 66780 at rest in Skipton 22/06/2021 - shame about the badly positioned post and bush!
  4. Not railway ennthusiasts but operator related (although they might disagree with me) but every time I've been on a Northern service that stops in Shipley on the way to Leeds the nice man cheerfully announces "The next station is Leeds. This train terminates here." No no no! This train terminates THERE or we'd never arrive! Here is where we are at that moment in time.
  5. Huddersfield Town on tour in the Western Highlands! It seems to have been running around on the sleeper for the last several days - here it is (in a not very good photo) at Fort William on May 27th. Wonder what the locals made of it? Also, Wolverhampton Wanderers was active there that week with the tanks from Blyth.
  6. If only one loco can fit in the release track, what's the 26 doing?
  7. There's a little booklet whch is probably now out of print about the Rosedale iron railways which shows that there were plans to build a railway to Rosedale Abbey which got as far as a sod-cutting ceremony. (Sorry about the alignment!)
  8. Well there were abortive (and hare-brained?) schemes to do just that to link East Lancs with the North East via Hellifield, Wharfedale and Wensleydale.
  9. I have found a reference in Peter E Baughan's book "The Midland Railway North of Leeds" which might be pertinent here. I quote: On August 14, 1890, a new and potentially dangerous company — the North West Central Railway—had appeared with an Act empowering it to make a series of thirteen railways connecting Preston, Whalley, Colne, and Keighley. In effect the latter portion was to leave the G.N.R. south of Keighley by a triangular junction and run north-west towards Colne where spurs made junctions with the L.Y.R. East Lancashire line, and the Midland's Skipton—CoIne branch, the main N.VV.C. line continuing on to Whalley. It was another of those schemes which had appeared from time to time with a novel route and which hoped to gain a backer later. It would appear from the Act that the company had close associations with the Manchester Sheffield & Lincolnshire and West Lancashire Railways, for working and maintenance powers were permitted to the two companies; running powers were also granted over the West Lancashire line into Preston station. (End of quote). Perhaps it was in reaction to this that the Midland proposed the line from the Worth valley to Colne. https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/fdd87f5d-023a-4f09-8d96-5ab449d62093 https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C993123 Regards David
  10. Somebody seems to have thought it a good idea: Manchester, Hebden Bridge & Keighley Junction Railway. Referenced in David Joy's Regional History of the Railways of Great Britain vol 8 (South and West Yorkshire). Proposed use of the atmospheric system as a possible form of traction and numbering among its promoters the Rrev. Patrick Bronte. https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/c/F178587
  11. I recall reading in one of the railway magazines many years ago an article discussing the Midland Railway's plans for the Worth Valley line. These included continuing up the Worth Valley from near Mytholmes tunnel over "t'herders" to Laneshawbridge to connect with the L&Y at Colne. Obviously this never materialised but I suspect would have meant a triangular junction in Keighley. It may well have been in the same article that I read of their plans to continue the line from Oxenhope through a tunnel to Hebden Bridge.
  12. I can recall travelling from Peterborough to Leeds on such a set which was routed from Doncaster to Leeds via Knottingley. At least I think I can - I've reached the stage where the memory does what it likes!
  13. 73968 & 73970 arriving at Fort William with the Caledonian Sleeper 21 Oct 2020:
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