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  1. Supplement duly ordered and delivered. Worth it for the picture of a train at Brockweir heading towards Tintern alone. Some other wonderful images in there too. Not spotted any of the occaisionaly 'optimistic' DMU ids present in the original first volume. The volumes on the Devon and Somerset look rather tempting. Have to say , with their 'Red Panniers' featuring lots of colour images of my dear departed father, Lightmoor press is my favourite railway publisher. Come to think of it their Ruabon to Barmouth book is a peach too. Keep it up chaps - tboroughly excellent railway publishing. Kind regards Matt Wood
  2. Superb work. Love the Met F class. Have a picture of my dad driving L52 near Rickmansworth hanging on the wall in my living room. Great work, and I love the brake van too. Best regards Matt Wood
  3. Thanks for the tip off about the supplement. One of my favourite railway books and an absorbing insight into a different time when life was less hurried. Thanks Fenway. Matt W
  4. Flipping ‘eck - really don’t like the airline type seating in that shot - and you’d be hard pressed to enjoy the views on your journey in that pair of seats on the right. The idea that travelling by train is an alternative to the car with comfort and the ability to enjoy the journey has been eroded to the point it almost counts for nothing. Cram em in, lowest common denominator ergonomics don’t do anything to encourage rail travel. I know, I know, it’s the DfT..but really ? Best regards Matt W
  5. Well clearly those DVTs were thought a reasonable design response back in the day when BR was speccing new rolling stock. I'd just advocate flexible adaptable design and capacity - designing something so it can fulfil only 1 function is fine if your just interested in squeezing in the last punter- commuter services then, but you'd like to think longer distance travel and cross country would aspire to greater comfort. Best regards Matt W
  6. Not if you don’t want an integrated transport policy - that be witchcraft ! Still if there aren’t enough seats and luggage capacity for travellers then cycle carrying capacity will be way down the list. Ok - maybe not on peak hour commuter trains but cross country and other long distance services should make provision absolutely. Coming back from Scotland a couple of years ago on the sleeper our bikes came down in a Ford Transit from Inverness which we met beside Euston Station. Struck me as nuts and still does. Of course, time was a BG would be in most cross country formations. TTFN Matt Wood
  7. Ps - BR designed Driving Van Trailer has the best capacity for carrying push bikes - me and some mates go bike touring and the capacity of Voyagers and Pendolino’s to Carry bikes is laughable in the 21st Century. BR design considerations win again! Matt Wood
  8. Totally agree with Mark above in post 102. Best coach ever was a Mk 2 - memorable journey from Cheltenham Spa to Exeter St David’s circa 89 behind a 47 on a scratch set when services were disrupted by flooding. Opened the ventilator window and enjoyed the run batting through the Somerset levels, roaring through cogload, growling up to Whiteball then racing the traffic on the M5 through Tivvy. I love travelling by train but even my appetite was sorely tested by a recent journey on ECML to Newcastle. Service missed a connection on the way up with consequent overcrowding on the cross country service we caught at Donny (with patently insufficient capacity). Return ride ‘a joyous’one with a reserved seat next to a window pillar Newcastle to Stevenage - and a stream of poor souls drifting through the coach after every stop in a fruitless search for a seat. . (And seat needed reserving about 3 weeks in advance to get a reasonable price). The attitude is driven by getting as many bums on seats as possible - not by passenger experience. Used to be much better under GNER and the service and integration with other services was immeasurably superior under BR. Just my opinion. Matt Wood
  9. Having cycled round the Family Trail from the cycle centre at Cannop this morning (imagining Panniers and D9500s in my minds eye), it would have been rude not to have acquired one. I'm sure they'd have turned up at Tintern occaisionally. Thoroughly recommended. Matt W
  10. Epic - ‘like’ for Jupiter is not good enough. Can see traces of most of her liveries! I think she was repainted at Laira not long after to see out her days with the coming and going arrow under the nameplate. Cheers. Matt W
  11. Superb post Joseph. Thank you. I have a super little book called ‘watching the trains at Brill’ by Robert Avery which talks about Kings thundering through from ‘ Risborough to Bicester passing through at about 90 mph. Robotham and Stratford book on ‘the Great Central from the Footplate’ also has an amusing tale of a Black 5 hammering north at night to Ashendon Junction and realising the signals were showing the Banbury route rather than its intended route from the joint line to the GC mainline - too late. Best regards Matt Wood
  12. Indeed — between Great Missenden and Amersham and then again through to Chesham and Ricky. I saw my first autumn leaf fall timetable on the Chiltern line. That picture bring back memories of British Rail ‘total route modernisation’ of the Chiltern line. Around the same time in 1992 they ran King Edward 1st and Nunney Castle top and tailed to Quainton to celebrate 100 years of the Met. Later that evening you could hear the distant crow of their whistles across Aylesbury as they observed the W board for the pedestrian foot crossing on Southcourt. Thanks for posting. Matt Wood
  13. I have winter tyres too admiles, after 3 years of mild winters proving to be a very worthwhile investment. Drew puzzled looks from those driving other rear wheel drive vehicles the other week as they got less traction than a bullied pacific up from Exeter central....
  14. Andy Superb images, simply superb - thanks for posting. Not far from here , I used to have my eyes turned to look out the back of my Dads MG1300 as we passed Merehead heading west on holiday to Dawlish. Used to be a hotbed for hydraulics. Cheers Matt W
  15. There you go Bob, The photos just illustrate how much work remains to be done but I think the crane catches the essence of a Tintern. As I say, I expect the 00 gauge one would be an easier assembly - but I rather enjoyed putting the n gauge one together. Best regards Matt Wood
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