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  1. Good spot there Nearholmer. Your radar for incoming missiles working well sir. Its an Exocet and its been on the screen for a little while this one. The Queens speech includes fundamental reform to the planning system which since 1947, hasn't served this country badly, notwithstanding increased and endless political interference for the last 40 years, the last 10 particularly. When it started out there was political honesty about policies of restraint being balanced by growth ie New Towns (the mark 1 crop plus MK) and expanded towns,of which Aylesbury was one - my folks went the
  2. Those 800s had superb names, and made a much much better noise too Phil, especially double headed to the west. When men were men and inhaled blue smoke on the road west...not just from their Woodbines and Players, also from MAN and Maybach ! (With a single pair of Paxmans) !
  3. Original Blue Pullman, Brighton Belle maybe ? The 125s and all other locos basically on squadron service providing seats for second class, and for the locos, pulling passenger, parcels, goods, whatever else needed moving around. Not solely utilised on premium services. I'd always rate western hydraulics of all varieties higher than other diesels, (a strange genetic disorder and obviously never had to maintain them). * Now being a resident of the Eastern Region, be remiss not to mention Deltics. Duffs (47s/Brush 4s) were two a penny when I were a lad, except the be
  4. My Dad, Ray Wood, was foreman at Neasden Steam shed. Loads of pictures of him in the book, Red Panniers. He started there on demob in about 1946. Got a picture of him leaning out the cab of L52, taken by CRL Coles in the 50s. He loved the Panniers. Said they were brilliant, would pull anything. Would never slip if being handled by a competent driver. He laughed at the very gentle handling of the engines at the steam on the Met events. He said when he started away with L44 there'd have been sparks, and cinders flying- and "always be ready to knock her back if she s
  5. What a picture that aerial image is. Dawlish looking stunning. The amusement arcade right in the centre opposite Dawlish Water has always jarred with me. If I was able to selectively prune buildings that'd be gone, and the Beach Hotel would be back on Marine Parade. Best regards Matt W That's a beautiful image.
  6. Tongue in cheek, - if they reopened Barnstaple to Ilfracombe then the curve from Barnstaple Junction over the Bridge to Victoria Road would be next. Demolish McDonalds, reclaim the site of Vic Rd. Then sod the cars and watch the grockles gasp as they are overhauled on the link road by a 93xx or D6300 reclaiming their iron road through Filleigh, South Molton and Molland on to Bampton, Wiveliscombe and Dulverton Norton Fitzwarren. God they're places I'd loved to have travelled to by train back in the day ! 1 in 36 from Ilfracombe up the Slade Valley. I bet those loc
  7. Not that I remember, though that's the 70s. Sometimes had a parcel van or Siphon G or two on (dont know what was in the Siphons).- There's a picture of one, 50 010 Monarch in 1978 in John Vaughans Power of the 50s, published in 79. Refers to a parcel van or 2. Best regards Matt W
  8. With regard to splitting the order for the 1000s JK Lewis "The Western's Hydraulics" says ; 1) Swindon was still building D800s and distribution of work minimised delivery delay and preserved employment. 2) Crewe had a solid record of delivery on time to budget. The high cost of the D800s is cited as being a special concern for the British Transport Commission. Cheers. Matt W
  9. It is said Swindon produced much tidier stressed body finishes - having had more practice with the principle on the D800s. Some colour shots of Crewe built 1000s you can see a ripple to the finish. There's one particular shot of a green D1000 somewhere near Brum where that is particularly evident. But then as XTC, the most under rated band in history said, Swindon "built the horses of the gods".* Best Regards Matt W
  10. Talking of Kings, I came across this. Haven't watched it all yet, but thought provoking. Best regards Matt W
  11. Love that place so much. Of all the places I wish I had a time machine to visit that is one. To see a 64xx or 14xx simmering quietly, or a cheerful toot on a Desilux horn as a railcar came along Monmouth or Chepstow bound. Heck, a D9500 running round a ballast from the quarry would have been good enough. My own rough attempts at recreating in N, now sadly consigned to history, are here. About 5years ago spent quite a while crashing through the undergrowth at Brockweir hoping to find an insulator with GWR on it. To match one with LNER on I found bear Ayot St Peter P
  12. Nothing to do with the front bogie but any more seditious talk about the Kings and you'll be having the spirit of my late father come pay you a visit in the small hours ! As far as he was concerned they were 'the engine'. If you look at the loads and speeds they were doing on the Inter City, (see a lovely little book called "Watching the Trains at Brill"), they must've been impressive in full flight with bloody great loads rattling through Saunderton, Risborough and Haddenham. The book has timings of King hauled trains with 14/ 15 coaches and more on.
  13. Ok - very helpful that link 2750 Papyrus, so it's a Development Consent Order process. So precise route will be necessary for the Environmental Statement, and, by the time this gets off the ground, Biodiversity Net Gain, etc, etc, ad nauseam, ad nauseam. Matt W
  14. Appreciate that Mike, but would describe that as a broad corridor, not a specific route capable of forming a Transport and Works Act order, any other legislative approach to project delivery or upon which to base impacts and mitigation. Be very interested in the alignment when it becomes clearer, and want to see it delivered in my lifetime! Best regards Matt W
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