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  1. Locomotives - My first EM gauge loco. was built some years before I had a layout to run it on. It started when I happened on an old Kitmaster '08', already built up static, in my old local model shop, Karlgarin Models in Chelmsford. I modified the loco. to resemble the LMS version by replacement of a large part of the sides, with new battery boxes and no vacuum exhauster boxes. A chassis was built in brass (with a junior hacksaw!) and it received Gibson '08' wheels, a DS10 and Romford 40:1 gears. It did run, albeit not brilliantly, and was my only loco. when the layout was in its early stages
  2. I've not done any more actual work to this loco but at some stage this summer, having sorted the last few issues (steps, handrails, etc) I would like to paint it, so I'm looking for a good match for Santa Fe blue and yellow, that I can obtain in the UK. On another thread Long Island Jack has shared a Microscale document that gives equivalent colours to the old Floquil range from other manufacturers and Model Master Blue Angels yellow and Insignia Blue are recommended. Just interested to see what others are using?
  3. Yes it would be easy for EM modellers such as me to say that EM is more achievable, because it is, and for P4 modellers to say it has fewer compromises and therefore looks better, because it does, but it's really just a case of what works for you personally.
  4. With careful drilling, could it be 're-engineered' to replace the drive arm with a locomotive axle? Fitted with hornblocks, it could be dropped out for maintenance rather than having to build the entire chassis around it.
  5. On the basis that imitation is the sincerest form..... I want to thank you for the super-simple bogie design that you shared a couple of pages ago. I've now built my own pair in just a few hours over the weekend, and am very pleased with them. For gears I used the new 'small' Romfords - 40:1 but with a gearwheel that's little enough to work with small wheels. (Bought from Branchlines).
  6. I've now completed this loco. and had the chance to run it for a while, and it is very smooth and quiet indeed. The only unexpected thing is that it only really performs at it's best when run with a very old AGW 'solid state controller'. On the Gaugemaster feedback and the Pentroller, which all my other loco's prefer, it is slightly hesitant, or twitchy. Does this mean these motors aren't happy with feedback? I wonder if anyone else has noticed this issue? Further testing, with an H&M Powermaster, will follow in due course. As a matter of interest, I note that one has been used to re-motor
  7. Inspired by 92912's Random Filth post I have acquired some of the AK interactive washes and been experimenting on the Hawthorn. I think I have a way to go to obtain that level of realism but it's something to aim for and I am very impressed by these products. I find myself torn regarding the livery - it looks well enough to the naked eye but most photo's show up the decal backing sheet still, despite many coats of softener. This is a rare shot that seems to get away with it and shows the loco as you actually see it. The alternative is that the Saltport Harbour Authority absorbs the SEL's fleet
  8. If there's a few mm gap then there might be room to stick in some sheet lead on the underside of the roof. A small roll of builders' lead flashing isn't exactly cheap but will last many years !
  9. Like this you mean? With apologies for thread-drift. Glad you didn't lose your stock though. That would do me in !
  10. The loco looks superb, and it makes me want to get on with mine, though I only have the old Cotswold kit, livened up with some bits from London Road Models. For primer I always use Halfords' grey or red oxide, depending on final colour. I even use their satin black spray can if I'm building a black loco - the quality of the spray is so good, and I've never noticed paint come off a brass loco because I haven't used an etch primer.
  11. In fact, what's the recipe for that lovely oily gunk on the wheels and motion? because I've just looked at my own stuff and thought something that my teachers often said, which is "must try harder"....
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