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  1. There's another on ebay at the moment - only £21 with 2 days to go.
  2. This week the body has been almost completed. Sandboxes have a small washer and a short handrail knob to make a lid; handrail knobs have been fitted; spectacle grills are Mainly Trains by Wizard; and a spare backplate casting has been attached inside the cab. The cab floor with crew and handbrake casting will have to be glued in from underneath when all else is finished. The Dremel has come into its own again, drilling out the buffer holes for Gibson industrial buffers (on their way) and also to make a hole for the couplings to gain some purchase on the casting. I found these couplings o
  3. I bought one on ebay earlier this year. They fetch decent money, sadly!
  4. In MRJ 109 was an article called 'The Electronic Flywheel' - He worked in 7mm, used 2 x 470 microfarad capacitors, (36 volt, non-polarised) and with RG7 motors achieved a run-on of 1/3 of a loco length. This would be plenty to prevent stalling on a grain of dust etc. and not enough to require any kind of control circuitry to prevent running away. I assume the new capacitors are much less bulky.
  5. I always prefer old stuff - I'd be tempted to check out some antique barns or ebay for something old and interesting. Mine came from a house clearance about 25 years ago, and is perfect for my needs, although I have never been able to establish the make. I also have a large Record in the garage with similar origins but this little one is just the thing for small-scale model making.
  6. I would second the Halfords rattle cans - the primers are excellent and the satin black gives a lovely finish. The spray cans of railway colours aren't always so reliable but with a bit of practice will work fine.
  7. Don't knock yourself - it's looking great. Don't forget it was a lump of plywood barely 2 months ago. One end of my layout, smaller than this, has taken 15 years to look less complete than that.
  8. Fascinating - thank you, although anyone waiting for the 15:00 to Liverpool St. must have found it less so....
  9. Sorry for the dodgy photo but I have just experienced the most interesting train-watching moment in 20 years of living in this house, which has a close but slightly obscured view of the Braintree branch line. In all that time, and especially sitting here working from home for the last 8 months I have seen nothing but the unrelieved boredom of an hourly class 321 unit. Occasionally, on Sundays, you might see a 317 (!) Once, about 10-15 years ago when they were renewing the track with CWR they did park a class 66 on a nearby bridge over a weekend, and about once a year, late at night I som
  10. The Minebea motor is very slow revving so I decided to stick with a simple old-fashioned transmission - Romford 40:1 gears in a Branchlines motor mount. It went together very easily, with a dab of solder to hold the motor in at top and bottom. A short running in session with Brasso, clean and lubricate, and it is running like a dream, and no longer running hot, which is great news, as I hope to use them in plastic bodied diesel shunters in the future. The body, of course, is intended to be a main line 0-6-0T loco, albeit generic in outline. However it is actually quite
  11. My experience of their Robinson '04' 2-8-0 was that it is an eminently buildable kit with 'issues' - I would recommend getting the appropriate Isinglass drawing before you start.
  12. It's always nice to get the destruction out of the way asap, and prove to yourself you haven't ruined the thing. The GP35 is a Tenshodo model, a Pacific Fast Mail import from the mid-60's. I bought it very cheaply from a US dealer, but it was in a proper state! There's a thread describing its re-construction, although it has been a while since I updated it.....
  13. A somewhat distressing session with the Dremel has removed the smokebox extension and the splashers/sandboxes. There is a hole in the running plate of course that needs to be filled. I also intend to make a brass overlay for the smokebox to tidy things up together with a light skim of filler to the front, but for now it looks like this: Underneath the casting is of lovely quality, except where I have been making modifications. This shows a chunk of filler to make the boiler completely round, which I haven't smoothed down yet, and also the areas where the chassis will r
  14. China Basin is my inspiration, or at least a good enough excuse...
  15. Can I suggest a perusal of RRPictureArchives.Net Sorry that's not a proper link. This site contains zillions of locomotive photo's that you can search by Railroad and then by locomotive class. Really useful for finding examples to model from. I'm planning a micro Santa Fe layout set on the San Francisco waterfront around 1975 so I will follow your progress with interest.
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