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  1. Same issue with me Andy, and I’m on EE and currently using Virgin WiFi.
  2. The M5 seems to have a high concentration of awful motorway services, although Sedgemoor and Michaelwood do the job. The only exception to that is Gloucester which is fitted out wonderfully but try eating there and you’re looking at a fiver for a small fancy sausage roll. Can’t comment on their pasty situation though @Captain Kernow.
  3. You’d need a holiday after visiting Gordano services - once stopped there on my way back from Devon and found it awful!
  4. Yes, have just had a closer look on my phone and the date listed underneath the washing out programme appears to be 24/4/1958. Nonetheless, it’s a fascinating way to discover what motive power was around on the Brum-Stourbridge-Kidderminster-Worcs route among others, and also what workings Stourbridge provided traction for.
  5. I too had a shed-related blast from the past yesterday Phil, as I visited the Engine House at Highley for the first time in two years. It’s looking a lot better now having changed some of the exhibits and in my opinion improved the presentation. Anyway they’ve now made a display of the running board from Stourbridge Junction shed, which includes a working to Norton Jn that if you put the layout back a few years you could try and replicate, but frustratingly it doesn’t reveal the allocated loco!
  6. Visited the show yesterday with @Phil Bullock. It was an easy journey for me, 350 direct to MKC then hopped on the free shuttle bus to the Marshall Arena. I had pre-booked my ticket and sailed straight in having had my wristband given to me at the entrance door. The layouts on display were superb, and my favourites were Chilcompton Tunnel, Old Elm Park and Melton Mowbray North. Here are a few photos of them: Being a student, I knew that I shouldn’t be spending lots of money, but I did manage to come away with a Hattons mug (will come in handy!) and a Hornby 21T mineral wagon. Perhaps the most significant part of the exhibition was when I got to hold the EP of Accurascale’s GWR Manor. Looks a very worthy replacement of the old Bachmann ones.
  7. I’ve just got in from GETS and personally I wasn’t very put off by the practices people chose to follow (or not follow). I’m 19 and double jabbed, I used hand sanitiser plenty of times and tried to ensure that with the exception of the people I was visiting the show with that I wasn’t rubbing shoulders with anyone else for more than a few moments, but with masks, if the people around you aren’t wearing one then you are no better off wearing one yourself. I’ve got some lateral flow tests with me and I’ll do a couple in the week to be certain that I haven’t picked the virus up at the show. As for the organisation of the show, the aisles seemed quite wide but inevitably there was the odd case of someone blocking them and causing congestion. At 15:00 the main hall began to empty out and you could certainly feel that it had become cooler and more spacious; not that I found the hall stuffy but one of the balconies definitely was at around 12:30/13:00.
  8. Thank you to Andy and everyone else involved with the engineer’s possession yesterday and keeping us updated. :)

    1. halsey


      I totally agree - its concerning how much I missed it even for such a short time - well done all.

  9. My bad - not on tonight after all, instead there’s a programme about unearthing German submarines from the North Sea.
  10. Which is back on tonight - by the looks of things there won’t be many RMwebbers watching!
  11. Much as though I find canals interesting (we did a narrow boat holiday in Cheshire back in April this year), we have drifted quite a way from the original topic of Ian Hislop’s Trains That Changed the World.
  12. In my OP I said how I liked the show but that was with my average TV viewer hat on, which we must remember is the hat which the majority of people watching it last night would have been wearing. As members of this forum we have pretty good railway knowledge, but the wider public are probably wouldn’t have such knowledge, and I guess that this was who Hislop aimed the programme towards. A previous episode covered the Flying Scotsman, and whether you’re a fan of the loco or not (personally I am) its history has been covered by other programmes hundreds of times before.
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