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  1. Love it! That would be some exhibition with 300,34,974,000 layouts!
  2. Good luck with the project Rob. My favourite East Anglian layout is probably Bawdsey, which appeared in a World of Railways video the other day. You might have to purchase some blood and custard Gresley stock to go with the green diesels though!
  3. Thanks Phil! Though I think I’ll go for a mineral wagon, either 21T or 24.5T, for my next kit - those straight sides should make construction a bit easier...
  4. Starting to take shape - have been rather busy recently but hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze some time in over the lockdown. The hopper body isn’t attached to the chassis and was only put on loosely for this photo. I’ve still got the last part to add to the hopper body but gradually the chassis will become more detailed.
  5. Made a start on the 21T hopper last night and almost completed the body.
  6. This has just arrived from Abbotswood Works - thank you very much Phil! Also in the package was a Toad which will hopefully be used on a future micro layout. I should be starting on the 21T hopper tonight upon completion of the buffer stop.
  7. I’m working at it! But our new layout is still a few years away from its first exhibition, and that’s before you consider the inevitable issues surrounding coronavirus. Nonetheless I’m very grateful for your package which will be the next item to enter the works.
  8. Made a bit more progress last night. All that’s left to do now is add ballast to the top of the buffer stop and paint the ends of the front red.
  9. Thanks Phil, I’ll probably paint it with Phoenix Precision sleeper grime first then paint over the end sections with red to try and get the look of the paint peeling away. Hopefully another member with better weathering skills than me can then give it the right treatment!
  10. If you do what you did for one of the Hornby Magazine photos then all you need to do is stable the Baby Deltic in the headshunt on the Gloucester side and rev up the engine sounds to distract people’s attention from the incorrect lamp...
  11. I’d like to ask for some buffer stop advice if I may (appreciate I’m reopening an old thread). I’m building a Peco sleeper built one for my club’s new exhibition layout set in the 1970s. I’ve built this one before for my cakebox entry two years ago, and this is what I finished it as but I get the feeling the buffer beam colours wouldn’t be realistic. Please can someone advise on the appropriate colours?
  12. So last night at the club I made a start on building the sleeper buffer stop. I glued the main parts together but rather frustratingly I hadn’t finished the filing and so it didn’t sit properly, but this was soon addressed. On Thursday I’ll finish the gluing, paint it in sleeper grime and add ballast to the top.
  13. Hi all, thought I’d start a thread where I’ll post my kit builds. With only fairly basic modelling skills I won’t be building any vastly complicated kits but most of what I build will be for club projects. The first two items I shall be working on are a sleeper buffer stop which when finished will look something like this one on my cakebox, and a 21T coal hopper wagon kindly donated to me by @Phil Bullock. Any comments or feedback are most welcome. Cheers, Liam.
  14. I’ve been watching some of it on catch up. Very good as always, however I can’t help but feel that Channel 5 do what they often do in trying to make stuff more dramatic than they really are. For example, during the intro of one episode the voiceover said “a passenger loses his children” but all that happened was that due to an incident on the line his children ended up arriving at Paddington on a different service to the one originally planned, as they needed to change trains at Reading.
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