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  1. I'm about to embark on the construction of my first double slip and my first point and crossing work using plastic components. I am very pleased to be able to view such an excellent photograph. Thanks for posting. Adrian
  2. Can you supply a link for Country Park Models please? Adrian
  3. I think the worst thing about the Hornby/Wrenn R1 is the plastic underneath the boiler. That aside, the sandboxes on the model are 2mm too long so the splasher is too far back. If fitting the Branchlines chassis, which is to scale, it needs to be fitted a bit to the rear. Alternatively, you can replace the splashers. Replacement splashers are available from Branchlines with or without the sandbox. Personally I've decided to stick with the retro look and not carve up the body mainly for reasons of nostalgia. I may well scratch or kit build a more accurate body at some future date. Brian at Branchlines is very helpful and provides an excellent service. Adrian
  4. It looks similar to an LSWR No. 1 goods shed to me. There are drawings of both No. 1 and No. 2 goods sheds in 'An Illustrated History of the North Cornwall Railway' from Irwell Press p. 272. Ha! I've just found the plans on Google. just Google LSWR good sheds if the link doesn't work. Adrian
  5. Well done. Glad you enjoyed it. I assume you are aware of the Lightmoor Press books on the line? I've not seen them myself but the publisher has an excellent reputation. Their book on the Minehead branch has been invaluable in making my own layout based on Watchet in its terminus days. Adrian
  6. I was surprised to find a replica of an Ocean private owner wagon at the National Waterfront Museum in Swansea. It is mounted at an angle of 45 degrees with the end door open affording good views of door details and the underframe. Admission is free and there are no restrictions on photography. Worth a visit if you're in the area.
  7. If there was a gradient on a branch, a tank engine might be turned for the return journey to stop the water draining from the boiler. Adrian
  8. Dave at Megapoints uses aluminium channel. Have a look at the video on the Megapoints site. Adrian
  9. Yes but just think what BRM is getting out of it - excellent market research on rival magazines. People freely express buying intentions (wrt magazines) and comment on articles that appeal to them or that they dislike. They can identify popular authors and layouts as potential future content for BRM. I reckon this forum is an extremely smart move on their part.
  10. Try Glendale Packaging who sell it in 1, 4, 20, 200 and 1000 litre quantities. I bought a 1 litre bottle for $7 from my local hardware store not that long ago. Bunnings charge $26 for half that quantity of Diggers IPA. Adrian
  11. Scrolling conks out at random in Edge too using either the scroll-wheel or the scroll bars. It doesn't happen on any other sites. Refresh unfreezes it but it soon happens again. Script problem? Adrian
  12. There are several drawings and photographs of 6 ton cranes listed in the GW Railway Journal Index. Adrian
  13. Thanks for the details John. Much appreciated. Adrian
  14. Thanks Jol. I've an Olfa cutter that has a similar 'scrawker' so I'll give that a go. I also remembered I have a plastic handle that will hold a broken hacksaw blade securely which I think will do the job. Cheers, Adrian
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