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  1. Busy on other things this week but some progress with firebox/boiler - now joined together. I should add that interface btween them still requires more work. Kind regards, Richard B
  2. Thanks. I am building an LSWR (BR -SR) themed layout based on 70D shed so probably not although the odd ex GCR loco did visit - 04 2-8-0 from the WR and the odd D11 on Farnborough Air Show and other specials. So why not a B9? Well lots of reasons really. Nonetheless I will be running the B9 and the B7 on my layout providing they get route clearance. Kind regards, Richard B
  3. Today's update. Fitting motor and gearbox resulted in a few changes - firstly the rear set screw doubling for tender coupling and body security changed to a nut to facilitate lifting the body off as did the filing away part of the running plate crossmembers. Started to solder boiler bands to boiler - cab front and sides soldered to running plate. All very straitforward, I still have to clean up the joints. Drivers side. Firemans side Kind regards, Richard B
  4. Mr Thompson much abused, I'll go for the A2/3's . Big, ugly and just great! Kind regards, Richard B
  5. Absolutely amazing work, well done. One of the finest stations in the world. Kind regards, Richard B
  6. Hi Ray, When I built my DJH A2/3 I also bought the appropriate Isinglass Drawing (4/389) which shows a sandpipe to the leading wheells and then one on each side of the centre wheels so yes three. You probably knew this anyway (plenty of photo's out their) but I thought I would confirm. Dissapointing that Hornby is not more responsive but then some UK companies are very good at the talk but not the walk... Kind regards, Richard B
  7. Thanks all for the help on this. I have made a correct firebox and will save the first one constructed for the Q4 when available. Given that I have a B7 to build, I should be fairly skilled at GCR locomotives when the Q4 is ready Michael. We had a fair bit of snow in Buxton yesterday so I thought I would show you a corner of our back garden first thing this morning whilst I was cooking our Sunday morning fry-up! The new firebox and "The Wrong Firebox" - sounds like a new Wallace and Gromet adventure... Kind regar
  8. Yes, I checked out a few more ex GCR classes and yes I would have been spot on with a Q4. I am an SR modeller really and know my way around the various classes very well, clearely not the case with GCR locomotives! Thanks again. Richard
  9. Damnation! Thanks so much for pointing out my stupidity! The only positive thing to say is that I have had some practice at brass bending! I have done just as you have said. That simplifies things I can easily make the correct piece and re-shape the firebox cladding. Blast and blast again! Thanks again Simon. Good luck with the 2mm version, very brave. Kind regards, Richard B
  10. Agree John, lovely work on Michael's part. Brief update - working on body and firebox today since too cold to do anything outside - snow laying nicely at the moment!! Fitted the frame supports for the smokebox and securing nut (front) and screw (rear, doubles as tender coupling). Also started work on the large and wide typical GCR splashers. My approach is to measure the centre point of the splasher and of the splasher curved covering. I then fix the splasher with blu tack to a flat surface and line up the centre lines of splasher and splasher curved covering and then s
  11. They are back already! Thanks for the photo's inspirational and they will help me a great deal. I will be modelling the same prototype but much more heavily weathered. Kind regards, Richard B
  12. Today I mainly worked on the running plate which, rather like a Urie H15, has a "bridge" over the cylinders making construction a little more complex but in all honesty it goes together very easily except for my error! The section of the running plate running over the cylinders extends back towards the leading splasher to create a sandbox mounted on the running plate. Michael Edge very helpfully advised me not to do that but I had already done so! It is easily recoverable but a silly mistake on my part! Sorry, a poor picture. DO NOT REMOVE the section marked in red!
  13. Many thanks. Ah, that makes sense, in which case its a really good etch and I can't recall how much it cost but not very much. Irrespective of that, I am enjoying the mix of "kit" and scratch build. The templates make life much easier and at the end of it, hopefully, a model of one of Mr Robinson's many 4-6-0 types. He was one of the great CM&EE's, he was offered the LNER job first I think but turned it down. I wonder what a Robinson pacific would look like? Wide firebox? Kind regards, Richard B
  14. Tony, Have read the Thompson book and a very good read it is too. Interestingly it's focus is much wider than the usual book about a CM&EE exploring Thompson's private life and the impact of his WW1 service in France on his character. Given the general low esteem in which Thompson is held by many it makes a refreshing change. It would have been difficult for anyone to follow Sir NG except perhaps Bulleid? Only kidding! Kind regards, Richard
  15. Moving on with the boiler assembly. Surprised that the kit does not contain a firebox former but then it was very reasonably priced. It does though have a template. Using the same sheet from which the boiler was cut I marked out the firebox former taking care to get the various radii correct. The former is almousr complete, I will have to cut out clearance for motor and gearbox that mostly resides in the firebox. Note that the former is slightly smaller than the outside dimention to allow for the thickness of the sheet that will cover it.
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