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  1. I think that licensing issues are influential in what gets made, and some companies are better set up for it. But even the Ford licensing appears to introduce delays, plus requiring every package to bear the Ford license sticker. The JLR, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce etc comprehensive deals seem to work smoothly, but the recent Nissan release required a lot of time consuming back and forths. Oxford mentioned these issues at the trade presentation, as reported in the first part of the excellent Model Auto Review resumés.
  2. The second part of Maz Woolley’s report is now online:- http://www.maronline.org.uk/oxford-diecast-preview-part-two/ This part covers 1/76 scale.
  3. Maz Woolley at Model Auto Review has published a report on last week’s Oxford trade presentation including photos of pre-production models in N and 0 gauges. Included in these are the new shapes for the Land Rover Discovery and Bristol MW coach in N. http://www.maronline.org.uk/oxford-diecast-preview-part-one/ There is also comment on Oxford’s efforts to catch up on the backlog of releases.
  4. Thanks to a link from David Calderwood on another site, he has advised that there are now right hand drive 1/148 scale Scania 141R cabs available from Benny Soehave:- https://www.shapeways.com/product/76ERBV6JY/2-spare-cabs-for-rhd-scania-140-in-uk-n-scale On 10 July 2018 Grahame showed an almost finished Ford D series cab obtained from the same designer. Page 10 on this topic:-
  5. I do not really want to prolong this, but I would like people to be well informed. I do accept that your impression is genuine but based on incomplete information. The 1/148 scale items based on announced but not yet released shapes are:- NDIS001 Land Rover Discovery 4 - Ipanema Sand NDIS002 Land Rover Discovery 4 - Santorini Black NGG001 Green Goddess - AFS NGG003 Green Goddess - RAF NMW6001 Bristol MW6G - Royal Blue NMW6002 Bristol MW6G - Hants & Dorset NSDF001 Shelvoke & Drewry Freightlifter - British Rail (Western) NSDF002 Shelvoke & Drewry Freightlifter - British Rail (Crimson) These shapes were announced in January and June 2018, and engineering prototypes were displayed at the London Toy Fair in January 2019. In 2018 Oxford released 35 new items in 1/148, and announced 32 additions. So far in 2019 Oxford have released 9 items in 1/148 scale:- January 2019 - 3 items February 2019 - 2 items April 2019 - 2 items May 2019 - 2 items I do not really understand your reference to the recent events with DJModels. Are you implying that any manufacturer with a list of announcements for future release should be considered not to be releasing those items? Does that include Farish, Dapol, as well as Oxford as examples? As mentioned in the post above, and elsewhere on some retailers sites, last week Oxford were at pains to explain that they are trying to speed up deliveries of new items and reduced new announcements accordingly. As far as I am aware Oxford have never cancelled an announced model in 1/148 scale, although I accept that Dapol and Farish have. Just for the sake of completeness Oxford 1/148 scale models are also planned in the Arnold range - 4 different food trailers, and two different Land Rovers included in flat wagon sets. These were announced in January 2019.
  6. Grahame The 4 shapes I described are already in the published list of OD models. Your comment implied OD were not producing anything new, and qualified that with “and especially for the 1970 to 1999” market. You are in a better position to judge whether the models suit your period, I was merely clarifying the false impression created by your saying “ODC seem to have pulled out of developing new vehicles for N gauge 1/148 scale”. List available here:- https://www.oxforddiecast.co.uk/collections/by-scale?constraint=1-148 The ones marked FUTURE are not yet released.
  7. Just for clarification - Oxford Diecast have 4 new shapes announced, tooled and due for production. As noted by retailers announcing additions to the forward OD plans revealed last week, OD held back announcement of some new shapes pending catching up on the production and delivery of the 37 1/148 scale items on the to do list. That aside the RailNscale new prints fill gaps in the range of available shapes, and I am up for the 205 and the Saab 900.
  8. I think it was a compliment on mistaking the wagon for a 00 gauge one, rather than a piece of N jewellery. ;-)
  9. But a train of X types for the earlier period and Evoques for the later period would work.
  10. The train takes a route through Crewe which means that what was the front before Crewe is at the back after Crewe. A loco change or run round would be necessary. This is normal practice with car trains so that the vehicles can be loaded forwards at the originating point, and driven off forwards at destination. It depends which way round the terminal connections are in relation to the running direction of the train.
  11. The first 62 items on this link were newly announced last evening:- https://www.oxforddiecast.co.uk/collections/by-brand?constraint=oxford-diecast Oxford said they have held back some new announcements because of the need to catch up with announced but not yet delivered items. Normally the June announcement would contain about 90 items.
  12. With regard to the JLR cars built at Halewood, there is a Wikipedia page detailing the models. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halewood_Body_%26_Assembly The Jaguar X-type was made by Yatming Road Signatures in 1/72 scale, and all the others are in the Oxford 1/76 range.
  13. The BMW Minis are in the Arbel WIA covered double deckers.
  14. Not yet released. Listed on many retailers sites if you wish to pre-order.
  15. Seeing as this is a crowdfunding topic I thought I would recount my one negative experience which suddenly became more positive yesterday. Four year ago I backed a travel product through a Kickstarter. Nothing arrived, and Kickstarter would not refund my money as they had given it to the Taiwanese manufacturer. Anyway, yesterday, the postie knocked at the door and handed me a large box which contained exactly what I ordered in that pledge 4 years back, with an apology in eight languages explaining all the bad luck which had befallen the producers. From what I could understand their problems stemmed from:- 1) over-promising what they could achieve; 2) running out of money; 3) criminals stealing their stuff; 4) internet criticism of their poor communication; 5) the factory stopping them using their tooling. Reading it was like hearing the DJModels story all over again. The product does what was intended.
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