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  1. You can generally order/pre-order new stuff direct from Tiny's website. Tiny Online store
  2. Reading the later comments on Hattons page, it appears that the Class 800 is not fitted with lighting, but can be retrofitted. https://www.hattons.co.uk/newsdetail.aspx?id=949 This is the comment:- − Hattons Tom Nick12 days ago edited Hi Nick, thanks for your question. I've just this morning spoken to Gaugemaster who have confirmed the situation regarding the interior coach lighting. The coaches do not come pre-fitted with the lighting kits but they can be added at a later stage if required. Single coach lighting kits come under the code 11
  3. Kato have a video showing the quality of one of the pre-production cars. Starts at around 6m 36s in the video after the ads. Some seriously good quality coming along here.
  4. Hattons announcement was one year and 3 months ago. Seems there has been a lot of input in that time. Oddly it appears to have just pre-dated Hornby measuring up a coach in the south of England.
  5. There was another piggyback concept used by Charterail for their Pedigree Petfoods contracts which was based initially on loading trailers via a swinging side ramp.
  6. I know we are all concerned about this from a UK perspective, but the UK is just a test run for the same chaos being applied across the whole of the EU from July 2021. If I read this correctly the rules apply to transactions within the EU. https://www.pwc.ch/en/insights/tax/new-ecommerce-eu-vat-rules-july-2021.html
  7. Very neat result, Nick. Looks like it will match well with the Revolution ones and the various continental style 3 axle units.
  8. A few months back I made all my files for SNCF coach bodies on Shapeways available to download. They are 1/160 scale and designed around parts from a cheaply available donor coach. Strangely, testing some of the files revealed they had been changed - in some cases normals were reversed so not immediately printable. Anyway, I then moved the files to Google docs and provide an updated post on SNCF and French N gauge topics on here and other sites. This seems to be working OK. One enthusiastic user has printed everything on his filament printer which I think is set to the cake icing layer thickne
  9. No. They were loaded on a 'plane. :-) Class 92s inbound! - Revolution Trains
  10. I have added another file to the list. This is test coaches Su 234 and 235 used by Agence Essais Ferroviaires. Two vehicles were converted from the B5Dux/B5Dd2ux (ex- B6Du/B6Dd2ux Vu86), and seem to be used for testing traction. Good photos appear in the recently published Tome 4 of the Le Train Corail archive. The corridor side of the coach is unaltered from the original B6Du layout, so the half drop window has been replaced with a plain non-opener. On the compartment side, the window layout has been revised slightly, and the small window at the baggage end of the coach has become an air int
  11. VAT inclusive pricing is all well and good in theory, and certainly easier for the UK consumer to understand. Shapeways which shows its prices to me in GBP still manages to lose the original price, add a processing fee, buy a van to deliver the parcel, and then produce an invoice in euros, so that the original price is lost in the mist of add-ons and currency conversions. Getting it to show me prices in euros still doesn’t avoid most of the shenanigans.
  12. A big "thank you" to @Quarryscapes for mentioning Hexa³. I had just completed the drawing for the body of a French Railways traction/load testing coach in 1/160 (operated by Eurailtest/Agence Essais Ferroviaires in the real world) so although that was Saturday I uploaded the file on the Hexa³ website. There was an exchange of messages on Sunday, and the two beautiful grey resin prints arrived today, just 4 days to the minute from the original upload. In between times James at Hexa³ sent me photos of the finished prints to check that I was happy with them. As I have written elsewhere, these coa
  13. No, I understood exactly what you wrote. I do not pay a direct fee as I stated, or a combination of a fee and the currency transaction. I recognise that I do not get the current trading rate for the exchange. The point of my question, poorly expressed, was "where can you make a small currency exchange at zero cost?". Your answer is now clear. Nowhere.
  14. I must be really fortunate as neither of my two UK banks charges me to send or receive funds between my accounts and other party accounts in Europe. I pay in the destination currency and the currency conversion rate from GBP is stated at the time of the transaction. Similarly, I receive funds in GBP with the continental sender paying the specified rate for the conversion of his local currency to GBP. I have not yet worked out how to pay someone in euros without a conversion from GBP since my account is in GBP. Maybe @Crosland can enlighten. There has to be a conversion somewhere.
  15. I have only printed N scale buildings and N motorised chassis housings in unpolished un-dyed WSF. The grain is not an issue. The tolerances for the chassis housings are critical. It has an interference fit over the commercial motorised chassis and then clips into the body of an Oxford Diecast bus. Yesterday, just over 3 years after the first installation I had to remove the housing from the first bus I converted to change the Lipo rechargeable. It unclipped from the body as planned. The motorised chassis unclipped as planned too. After reinstallation everything was back to how it has been for
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