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  1. Thank you Dan, I've placed my order with Fox. Nice photo!
  2. Agreed. They really are essential for a Southern model. Maybe there's another source somewhere?
  3. Crepello

    N gauge Class 50

    From memory of the article, the cab front and tumblehome were criticised.
  4. Yes it looks rather crude to me too. Deltics did get very dirty as they were BR's mileage champions, doing around 800 per day or more. I recall 55014 on the northbound Hull Executive had a full coating of greenfly when I went from KX in August 81 with only the windscreens kept clean by the wipers. I had an e-mail from Rails also showing 3 clean versions, 2 green (NYP and SWP) and a blue FYP on, so don't worry.
  5. Crepello

    Farish new 8F

    The lamp brackets must have been moved prior to 1966 as the WCML electrification was switched on in stages, culminating in the full service to Manchester and Liverpool on 18 April 1966.
  6. Crepello

    N gauge Class 50

    The latest 'Model Rail' gives the '50' a rating of 88%. I reckon 95% is more appropriate.
  7. Hatton's have advised me the latest one has NEM couplers; the absence of these on the first version prevented me from investing. Can anyone confirm whether these are indeed fitted on the latest version with the small yellow warning panel. TIA.
  8. Crepello

    Farish new 8F

    Pity the top brackets had to be lowered. I think it spoiled the look of the loco fronts. I've opted for the earlier version for this precise reason.
  9. Crepello

    Farish new 8F

    A Crab would be for me in view of a good 9F being available * from Dapol. *Hopefully another run of these will be forthcoming soon.
  10. Crepello

    Farish new 8F

    Seeing that V2 in the background does make me wish for this to be re-instated in the Farish range! Nice pics Tom---much appreciated.
  11. Crepello

    Farish new 8F

    Hopefully something to see at Warley. The livery can't be that difficult to get right on an 8F!
  12. Surely any more vitriol aimed at Dave Jones is totally out of order. I got my King deposit back from the bank/credit card merchant and I doubt there were many who didn't, so nothing lost. I personally hope the King, the 17, the 23 and the Shark all come about one day from Dave's efforts, which were rather good, in my opinion. What will be a pity if he doesn't benefit in any way. As for the negative N-gauge comments, how on earth can a decent OO layout be accommodated in a family house? N is surely the way to go.
  13. I see it's in the Model Railway Journal (in W H Smith at the moment) with some nice pictures .
  14. I'm wondering if there'll be anything new announced in January. Is it too early to start the frothing?
  15. This one arrived with the post-person on 24 October. I had expected a vacuum-fitted wagon but the chassis is exactly the same as the earlier grey unfitted version and lacking a brake cylinder. I consulted my wagon 'bible' , (David Larkin's Working Wagons Volume 1) and the model (B9222283) , seems similar to a pictured one, B922350 (photographed in 1969). This is described as an unfitted one from diagram 1/477, built in 1958 but being in original bauxite livery. So this one isn't for your fully-fitted freights after all. We never stop learning in this hobby!
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