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  1. The BSO is an Eastern example which goes with the rest of the current 2Fs--I for one am very happy! It'll look great behind 'Tulyar'.
  2. 55015 Tulyar arrived from Sheffield today. Farish have done a grand job replicating the FP livery when first applied. Confirmed that the 2 TOPS data panels on each side is correct and also the black buffer shanks.
  3. Crepello

    Farish new 8F

    Yes it does look superb. I note there's not a lot of 'coal' in the tender, so any small layer of real coal should still give that 'part empty' look that we all like.
  4. Rails say the latest batch of Deltics have arrived with them (D9001, D9009 and 55015).
  5. I referred earlier to the height difference between Dapol's Mark 3A and the new Farish Mark 2F, specifically for replicating WCML services. It seemed to me that the current collector contacts on the Mark 3A bogies were worth removing to see if that improved the situation. I therefore removed the whole brass assembly by twisting with pliers; unfortunately this meant the axles were now too short to fit the bogie and no alternative wheelset could be found. However, DCC Supplies came to my rescue with complete spare bogies for £10 a pair. This time I used a slitting disc in a minidrill to remove t
  6. Thanks Flood. Although your pic isn't of the blue/grey livery, I seem to remember red or bauxite being the usual spring colour.
  7. Nobody seems to have mentioned the roof colour yet. To me it looks a good representation of BR blue/grey used in the blue period. Think I'll skip applying the Railmatch paint and just give them a coat of matt varnish. As to the glazing, perhaps you're right that it's too dark, but I feel it gives them a distinct 'air-conditioned' look which was more apparent on the earlier sub-divisions.
  8. I've just received my Farish mark 2Fs; can anyone tell me what the original colours of the springs on the bogies were? TIA.
  9. Have got round to comparing coach heights. I placed a Dapol mark 3a FO next to a 2f (to replicate WCML formations) and the 3a is considerably higher. Against a Farish 2a (doubtfully prototypical) fitted with 0.5mm washers above the bogie pivots,the 3a is higher but not excessively. My conclusion is that the 2fs are probably about right, as JR_P suggests above. I think the 3a must be too high--maybe covered elsewhere on here. See my post above regarding mark 1 heights. As for official coach heights, the following are taken from Colin J Marsden's 'Rolling Stock Recognition' :-- Mark 1 an
  10. Fitted mine with short Dapol Nemcoups--they negotiate all my curves, including short-radius Peco code 55 points. Also fitted these to a Mark 1 RU running within the rake. The BG is more fussy though--won't take the short Nemcoup but a short Easi-shunt does the trick. Both the mark 1s are fitted with B4 bogies which bring the height down to an acceptable level and is prototypical, certainly for the BG. Would recommend a similar colour for the roofs so the small height difference doesn't stand out. A lovely product in my opinion.
  11. Time for a specific thread I think.
  12. Just had an e-mail from Rails--TSOs and FO on the way. Yippee!
  13. I suspect the photos caught the light on the chemically-blackened wheels. What a great-looking model.
  14. Just had an e-mail from Rails advising the Mark 2F TSO and FO will arrive with them next week. Get those wallets primed!
  15. Those HAAs look superb with your weathering and the realistic representation of MGR coal.
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