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  1. I have to say that the adverts at the foot of the screen on this excellent thread are highly annoying. It would be nice to know how I can get rid of them. Does Gold membership enable this?
  2. When 'coaling' my Graham Farish Standard 5s, I noted that not all of the apparent coal space on the BR1C tender tops had been 'plastic-coaled' by Farish. Am I right in assuming that BR designed these tenders to give the option of full or partial loads?
  3. I assume you mean Dagenham (for Ford's) Fran, although I can't remember seeing them during my observations at Barking. Must do some research now!
  4. Cheltenham's website says release date is 10 Jan 21; hopefully the ports situation won't delay further.
  5. My order shows as ''pending'' on Rails' website, so shouldn't be long.
  6. Thank you guys. That's a lot clearer to me now. The particular ballasted bridge that prompted my query is at Leyton Midland Road Station; it's a steel bridge supported by pillars in the street below, which presumably support the weight.
  7. That was my gut feeling. Thanks Monty.
  8. My interest was prompted by the January 2020 derailment of a freight train at Wanstead Park in East London, a line I travel over regularly (the Goblin) The accident report has concluded that rotten longitudinal timbers were to blame, as well as an issue with one wagon. I'd like to know why on some bridges timbers are used to fix the track in position, whereas on others I've noticed on this line, normal ballast is the method. Thanks in anticipation.
  9. I've just stumbled on this topic and it's prompted me to ask about the blue/grey GUV with the Inter-City Motorail legend. My layout covers up to the end of 1981 (guess why), so would this model be suitable? Thanks in anticipation.
  10. Crepello

    Farish new 8F

    Fitted the cab doors; still runs through Peco code 55 small radius points, despite instructions saying for display only. Does anyone have any hints on fitting the extra injector piping?
  11. Hi Simon, Great stuff as usual. I'd be interested to know how you clean the track on HLJ and do you have to clean the scenery regularly?
  12. Good point Mike. Felixstowe is choc-a bloc.
  13. DBSOs and 8F arriving at Rails this week.
  14. Crepello

    Dapol Britannia

    Could I suggest you ask this on the Dapol Digest? That should get a reaction.
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