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  1. If it really is that slow, why not send it to DCC Supplies for rectification?
  2. I have a box of loco bodies (Classes 25,33,47,50, 52 & 55 plus Dapol 86) and Mark 1 and 2D coach bodies for disposal. All in good condition, some with nice weathering of roofs and underframes. Also some loco and coach bogies, battery boxes, couplings and pick-ups. Cost of postage would be appreciated or collection from Hornchurch.
  3. Thank you Mick. I bought a jar of MIG tracks wash from you at a show where you were demonstrating. In the absence of any replies prior to yours, I tried it on some spare bodies this morning--it seems ideal and is nicely subtle for my N-gauge diesels. I've used it on the side grilles and might track black or dark washes for the roof grilles, possibly mixed with the track wash.
  4. I'm considering pigments rather than masking and spraying; has anyone found the right colour (brake dust/mud) from the jar?
  5. That's a great job you've done there Marke. What was your method? Nice station too.
  6. They seem to have been very popular. No doubt Farish have noticed and will instigate more production.
  7. My B17's fine, so you must have been unlucky. I've learned the lesson that you must always return an unsatisfactory model to the retailer rather than trying to sort it out yourself.
  8. Presumably they didn't, as clearly the DBSOs at the other end would have had no ploughs either.
  9. Shouldn't be long now--Revolution has confirmed they've arrived at Felixstowe.
  10. It's occurred to me that I've never seen evidence that the 47/7s on he Edinburgh-Glasgow route had snowploughs fitted. Does anyone know if they did?
  11. I'm pleased to say my 47711 received from Hereford Model Centre is a good one. Thanks again to Willoughby!
  12. No doubt my one was a duff Shove Duff! Waiting for the Hereford one with some trepidation.
  13. I've just bought a good 47 from Osborn's (green D1779); like you, (?) I've found them the most difficult Farish diesel for good running; it's always best to be persistent and return any sub-standard ones to the shop rather than trying to sort them out yourself (bitter experience!)
  14. Me too, many thanks Willoughby! I looked for these on the internet some months ago but no trace of any new ones out there. Just hope these are in good nick and not covered in mould at the back of a cupboard!
  15. Unfortunately my Greyfriars Bobby was a 'rogue' and never ran properly, despite some professional attention, so I'm hoping Farish will do a re-run too. You never know.......
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