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  1. Just a recommendation for double- sided tape users:-- fit it to all surfaces, so you get a tape to tape fixing--otherwise those fuel tanks will drop off leading to a nasty accident.........!
  2. Just to get the right amount of brightness and leave it at that. I can live with a compromise. Thanks to those who pointed out that reds will be bright--mine certainly are. My current set-up is powered by a Bachmann train-set controller, but it seems to fail regularly with all lights out, until I manage to re-set it, sometimes by changing direction with the slide switch or by switching off . I'm wondering if it's not really suitable for this application.
  3. I'd be grateful for recommendations on controllers on which the brightness of the signals can be adjusted. TIA.
  4. Can I please have recommendations for either an enamel (preferred) or an acrylic colour for the brown colour seen on steam locos.
  5. Can anyone recommend a source? I'm looking to service my Farish Class 20 and need to remove the body. The screws are difficult to remove and replace and I dread being unable to fix the body back on. Thanks in anticipation.
  6. Crepello

    Farish Class 69

    Not much reaction on here! Now if it were a 45 or 46.............!
  7. Hi Jonas, Just to clarify, do you discard the cab interior or re-fit it in some way as your photo seems to suggest?
  8. Thanks for the kind comments chaps. None of the items were perfect/complete so it didn't seem right to seek a payment. I'm just glad they've gone to a good home.
  9. Great to see the Scottish Brits with the new tender for variety.
  10. BR introduced blue foam windscreen protectors at some stage--presumably fitted with straps passing through the front doors. Best to ignore this to save your great work on the wiper marks!
  11. I would have thought it would be much safer on the train.
  12. 2 x Minitrix Warships resprayed maroon FYE (Spartan) and green (Dragon)--some glazing missing. Minitrix 9F shortened body resprayed--some valve gear detached. 2 x Farish Poole Class 20 blue and green FYE--some glazing missing. Farish Poole Class 47 blue--lacks battery box. Farish Poole Class 25 chassis with Class 20 bogies and Silver Fox Baby Deltic body green/off white--glazing incomplete. Farish early China Class 55 chassis complete. Farish Poole Class 55 chassis--lacks battery box. Would prefer to send in one package.
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