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  1. That's surprising about a 9F with its flangeless centre drivers. My N-gauge one will manage 30cm radius with ease!
  2. From that I assume you're using the magnetic ones Scott; have you tried adjusting the tails?
  3. I use Dapol couplers on my stock; the Sturgeon needs the long Nemcoups to couple to adjacent vehicles; mine is coupled at one end to a Farish SR brake in olive green and surprisingly this too needs a long Nemcoup to avoid buffer lock with the Sturgeon. Furthermore, I can't see how these couplers can be used in a rake of Sturgeons.
  4. It's the NEM pockets that really matter these days. Ben's view that the DJM tooling might emerge is encouraging--I haven't given up hope for the 17 and 23 either!
  5. Got my Sturgeon yesterday--superb in every way! Now for the Shark please guys to complete my train!
  6. Thanks guys, that's a lot clearer now. Thankfully it's just plain track from thereon or a major demolition job could have ensued.
  7. This event is fascinating me, due to its nature and my weekly use of this route, which is now suspended. Accurate facts seem hard to establish; I went to the supposed site of the incident yesterday (Yunus Khan Close in Walthamstow according to Rail Archive, but it was further on from the devastation.) An engineer told me the wagon had remained coupled within the train (0531 Barking Eurohub- Acton) and it derailed at Leytonstone High Road, 2km away. I spoke later to the lady in the 'office' at Leyton Midland Road who said it came off at Woodgrange Park and a colleague had said he thought it was an earthquake as it passed overhead at Leyton! I'm not surprised as it was probably loaded with 70 tonnes of sand! If anyone has more knowledge and any pictures (apart from the broken rail seen via Google), I'd be glad to hear. TIA.
  8. Mine certainly didn't and I think this applies to all. However, Fox Transfers will come to your rescue--they do some lovely brass ones (ready painted).
  9. The N-gauge wagon re-tool is a positive development but the first model appears to be already well-covered by Farish. Wouldn't some of the missing types be a better bet, although these are on a 10 ft chassis? (I'm referring particularly to the 'high' opens and pallet vans)
  10. Isn't the 56 in O a Heljan project?
  11. I think that's normal for Dapol diesels. apart from the '50'. Just pull off the bogies and lubricate the gears when required.
  12. Yes a shrunken V2 would be great. Freightliner FFA/FGA would be nice too--very much missing from the 60s--80s era range.
  13. I look forward to seeing shots of these loaded once customers have received them. Far too many empty wagons on my layout!
  14. Hopefully some older liveries for the TEA tankers. Still hoping for the original pallet vans and the much-needed 'High' 13 ton vacuum-fitted open. Please no more locos to tempt me. Wait a minute--a Clayton and a Baby Deltic please Mr B!!!
  15. Thank you Dan, I've placed my order with Fox. Nice photo!
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