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  1. I think other wagons in the train were quoted in the Thirsk accident report, which can be found via Google. It makes fascinating reading.
  2. Crepello

    Farish new 8F

    Thanks for posting that Tom. That 45 looks nice. Wondering if.......!
  3. Does this mean the Class 17 is on the way too? Do hope so (and the 23)
  4. Really looking forward to these Sharks. I had 3 on order with DJ so will repeat with KR. Bring 'em on!
  5. Had an e-mail from Rails today. They're getting them imminently. Don't panic!
  6. Pity Farish don't adopt this approach and update their models.
  7. Rumours that Warley has been cancelled. Confirmation anyone?
  8. That's what I've been waiting for; wow,wow and wow again!
  9. Why the HAAs Steve? Is it the couplings on the Farish one? They're already good models and replacing the rapidos is easy with American Bachmann buckeyes (item 42531). Surely not one for Revolution?
  10. Just what is it with private companies and their branding? I'd consider any publicity to be advantageous.
  11. Lamp brackets don't seem to be replicated on the N-gauge Dapol Cargowaggon ; online research hasn't proved fruitful either. Can anyone help with this please? TIA.
  12. That coal looks just the job for MGRs now Simon.
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