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  1. I seem to remember there's 2 versions--one suitable for a microswitch to be fitted and one with one already installed.
  2. Great pics but views like this are denied to non-members . I think Bachmann should reconsider this policy. Part of the fun in visiting the big shows was to see the latest models.
  3. I'm a bit concerned about Farish items--the catalogue and the Western Pullman in particular---that I've seen in other shops but aren't yet available from Hatton's. They were always 'first off the blocks' in the past with new models.
  4. Thanks Mike--must be more observant in future!
  5. From the above you can see I was confused! Can this thread be re-named OO gauge J94 and a new one created for the N-gauge version? Thanks.
  6. In case other readers (like me until now) have missed Dave's advert on page 127 of the March BRM, you can pre-order or express an interest. I've pre-ordered through my preferred supplier.
  7. Are we able to order these yet? Nothing apparent on Hatton's website a week or so ago.
  8. Dave advertises regularly in the mags, so everyone should be well aware of his products and plans.
  9. Thanks Dan, but I'd rather not shell out on a shell(!) which requires a chassis that I'll have to modify and face a write-off.
  10. The N2 in particular for me please.
  11. Shouldn't the blue/grey Intercity Motorail GUV have B5 heavy duty bogies (or at least B4) in that era? I've found a shot of 93331 in July 1986 with B5s. Or would that create the dreaded height problem as with the Mark 2s?
  12. St Paddy--whoopee! Choc/cream restaurant car--much overdue. Plenty of blue BGs. Black Charrington's TTAs--yes please. (I never saw red tanks like the Revolution Class Bs on the LTS Line). Pity no Highfits--a numerous BR wagon--please note for next year! Not bad overall.
  13. Come on chaps--order these to get them off the ground--my Dogfish are waiting to leave the yard!
  14. I've had to circumvent the system to get my order in, albeit at the higher price; I've used my wife's e-mail address and a new password. Trouble is, she'll find out about my Sturgeon purchase!
  15. I'll go along with that! I'd pick the K-type Pullmans as my number one choice.
  16. I take that this thread relates to OO gauge. For us N-gaugers, these motors can be a problem as the point blades don't travel far enough for reliable contact to be made. I usually find that cleaning the blades with IPA applied with a pipe-cleaner solves the problem, but for those points where this isn't adequate, I wire in an additional Seep motor to purely switch the frog.
  17. If, like me, you've given up on replacing the springs, the couplings aren't wasted; they can be used, e.g., in a rake of coaches, using the one short/one long system in partnership with a long Nemcoup. The short Easi-shunts are marginally longer than the short Nemcoups and will give that vital extra spacing where buffer-locking can occur. I've just replaced short Nemcoups with short Easi-shunts on Stanier coaches and think the appearance is a good compromise for reliable operation.
  18. Really terrific Simon! I hope to see a DVD one day for those who won't see it in the flesh.
  19. I'd love to order a Sturgeon but I've forgotten my password and the e-mail reminder system doesn't work. I've pm'd Mike twice now. Help!
  20. Yes Ed--K-type Pullmans would be great. Agreed re FFAs and FGAs too--both big missing items for the 60s/70s modellers.
  21. I haven't seen a date for this. Is it out there somewhere?
  22. That really makes sense Paddy. What's the point of continuing with an outdated kit which might prevent us getting a quality model to modern standards?.
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