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  1. Thanks BoD....Blood transfusions....Oh dear I hope he didn't get mine, if he decides on modelling the Great Northern then he did
  2. Your best bet is to come back when you know what you're talking about rather than spouting sh1te. Wasting money doing vaccinations....are you for real, Doctors alone could not have done any of what has been achieved in this country. You carry on using Amazon, ordering via Luxembourg so that tax isn't raised on profits made here. And when there is no one left paying tax to fund your pension, you'll not be able to afford your Prime delivery. God save us from idiots.
  3. The next stage of consultation is now open (with better maps that above) https://eastwestrail.co.uk/consultation
  4. Just to add a note of caution. In trying to ascertain a fault you may be invalidating your warranty. If your models tests for a short without taking it apart then that's probably ok, but if you have to start delving inside then you might invalidate your warranty should there be a fault that could be attributed to the disassembly of the model.
  5. This morning there was a webinaire(?) that I was able to look over the shoulder at. It was an outline of the prefered route The prefered options are 1 & 9 There was a comparison with going into Cambridge via the North, but it meant a greater number of properties would be required as well as 4+km on flood plain meaning viaducts. I understand there is an announcement later today.
  6. It's most likely wrapped up in this fiasco from the US. Their tech giants shaft the world but you can't tax them. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-56565636
  7. You need to sell yours first before looking for another. I build and sell houses, I don't take an offer seriously until the purchaser is in a position to proceed with a sale. I've seen so many that want the house I've just built, but because they're not in a position to proceed I don't fully accept they're offer. I tell them it will be acceptable but only when they can start the process. It's not nice but I could be hanging around waiting for months and occasionally people change their mind when they don't get the sort of money they want for theirs (too many overvalue)
  8. Both panels are metric brick, The older abutment was rebuilt about 10(?) years ago. Metric brick sizes were adopted in 1974/5. While you can still source Imperial bricks the cost is a minimum of 50-60% more and not all patterns are catered for (mainly soft reds and London Stocks)
  9. That may have been abandoned but the dualling of the section of A428 from Black Cat to Caxton Gibbet progresses. https://infrastructure.planninginspectorate.gov.uk/projects/eastern/a428-black-cat-to-caxton-gibbet-road-improvement-scheme/?ipcsection=docs It passed the latest stage of planning this last week.
  10. I did, The first 2 times were to an address given at Warley , the last was via the 'Contact' page on the site, either different email address or it was the embedded form (Not 100% sure on that one, it was quite some time ago and a lot going on with moving house and company). It wasn't facebook as I do not use that.
  11. I was going to ignore this as purchasers seem happy with their GT3's but as you seem intent on trolling I'll answer you with some facts as none of the comments were groundless. The faults that purchasers are bringing up on this thread were on the EP's and were seen a year+ ago but no one wanted to know, they just wanted to heap praise and shout down anybody who thought otherwise. 12+ months ago after seeing the initial EP at Warley 2019 and then on the Hornby Magazine youtube review I wrote to KR with complementary comments but pointed out the front lights being white rat
  12. Brilliant. I'll order some of those variants to try it, GN engines have such small boilers I've been motorising tenders and this might make it even easier.
  13. I'm being a bit thick today....have you removed the original 'D' output shaft and replaced with an axle ( sleeved or not). Very interesting if you have, I've been using these with helical(?) gears.
  14. I'm not a font of knowledge regarding train formations but if you contact Steve White (GNRS Publications or on LNER Forum) he has. Re the 12 wheelers, I did a simple etch for the bogies a while ago which works ok, Greame King used them under his resin version and I will use them under some etched ones which are on the drawing board 'to do' list. I'm currently working my through the GN postal vans and rather more obscure non passenger vans.
  15. The lower lights were red tail lights not white. At the time of GT3's construction train identification/reporting was by discs then head codes. GT3 was built with red tail lights on the front so as to dispense with oil lights, They were seen as old fashioned and out of date while GT3 was seen as the future. Oil lights outlived GT3 by 25+ years....
  16. I understand it is from someone who works there, but trying to get an official response to its status is 'difficult' https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@52.1234881,-0.2499342,3a,78.3y,131.73h,98.33t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s2rgCMGGSzC3Gw2a0jp1Tcw!2e0!7i16384!8i8192 https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@52.1236698,-0.2480269,3a,73.4y,167.51h,107.39t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sObGFnpZuvSHXKjjiex018Q!2e0!7i16384!8i8192 Apologies if this is going off topic. In the late 80's/Early 90's there was some preliminary work to re-route the A1 and one prefered route was a sraight line that followed some pyl
  17. I should have qualified that it applies to either metal or wooden. Metal would be more attractive to anyone interested in Steampunk.
  18. I know Mike, I live half a mile from it. Part of It is Heathland restoration but it has only been in RSPB ownership for about 10 years as it was commercial forestry until then. The RSPB does steward other parts of the former heath, but a large part of it is currently an active quarry. The Lodge itself was purchased in the 1960's for £26,500, after the RSPB sold their London offices for £33,000 recognising that London prices would always be too expensive to expand (a wise move). Since the 60's it has expanded and is now the original house, 2 large office blocks and some very larg
  19. I've just looked and can't see anywhere to delete them, in which case they maybe don't take up any bandwidth/memory/whatever.
  20. Being a carpenter for 42 years I could rabbit on about stairs for ages, but the issue with spirals is they are never compared like for like with normal flight stairs. Spirals were used for decorative purposes rather than practical, part of the problem is headroom above the riser. A spiral must be in it's own free square space between floors (if fitted internally) which is twice the tread width plus hand rail (x2) and centre pole. A normal flight with turned treads (going) half/full landing allows the first floor to be extended over the first steps until the headroom is compromised.
  21. I realise it isn't a problem for modern day route planning, it was more of an observation of the topography for those unfamiliar with the area. There are still people that think Bedfordshire is flat......ish.... The real problem would be the wealthy who live to the North of Bedford and the West/South West of Cambridge who are actively pursuing route re-alignment to move it to an approach into Cambridge from the North..
  22. In a similar vein we did a trip to Nuremburg and a young guide took us to what were the national Socialist rally grounds and associated buildings. In general conversation it was noted how good and precise his English was, he replied that he had got the box set of 'Colditz' from the 70's and used that to learn from. He initially said it was the best tv series he'd seen, but we both agreed after discussion that Das Boot was an equal (if not better).
  23. We did a riverboat trip and moored alongside the bridge only a few years ago. The local guide was in her 20's and kept mentioning the "RAF Inner City Redevelopment Team"...it had to be explained to an elderly American lady who seemed quite surprised there had been a war...... It was a good visit, a highlight was the Roman Mosaic floor just off the main square.
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