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  1. If the garage has enough room for you to make something in then the main factors I can think of are; Access - If you intend to put a door through to the house this must be a fire rated door in a correct frame. Insulation - can't have enough, the more you put in the less heat you have to provide, the more heat you put in the room the more condensation you have to deal with. If the walls are single skin brick you can put a battens on the wall and infill with board insulation (kingspan and celotex rigid foam are better but you can use polystyrene) andthen cover with a board such as plasterboard. Garage door, if this is the only way in the best bet is to construct a stud wall across the garage and divide it, you can then seal the railway room and have some storage. Floor - Concrete floors are awful to spend a long time standing on, you need to either cover it with some layers or better still an insulated false floor. Ceiling - as much insulation as you can get up there and boarded, in winter places such as B & Q have subsidised rolls of quilt for as little a £3-5 for 100mm thick (I'd put 200mm) Ventilation - although you need to seal up any unwanted gaps you do need some controlled ventilation for the room, could be something as simple as a couple of sliding vents. Only got a few minutes and that is all I can think of at the moment.
  2. So much for all his "Virgin is an Eco company" clap trap, when it proposes internal short distance flights. Considering how long it takes to get flight slots at Heathrow, Virgin either planned this long ago in direct competition to their own possible succesfull bid, or he's talking knee jerk c**p as a bad loser...........I know what I think....
  3. I seem to remember back in the 80's when the TV franchises were let that SRB threatened or started legal action as Virgin were not given one, then when he lost the lotto bid he threatened litigation again, He did mange to get lots of Joe public on his side by trotting out the "it's for charity" spiel while ignoring the fact that Camelots bid was cheaper to operate than Virgins. Personally I blame Mike Oldfield for SRB if Tubular Bells hadn't sold so well i don't think we would have to suffer him...... Just a thought..
  4. Just this week ordered 3 packs of Imperial swanage soft reds. Cost more but can be done. TBH we usually use wallstarters.
  5. Mickey said Attic trusses are not joists, a joist would be 200 x 47 or in the 19thC 8"x2", trusses are usually (but not always) between 38-45mm ( 1 1/2" -1 3/4") The max span of a 200 x47 would be 4.07M (or 4070mm or 13' 4" 3/16ths. . . . .so much easier with Metric) and that is at 400mm centres. To span say 5M would take 220x75mm again at 400mm centres. You have some odd merchants near you if they still work in imperial, they may sell timber as 4x2 or 8x1 etc but it is metric, the lengths timber is imported in for instance are, 2.4m, 2.7m, 3m, 3.3m, 3.6m, 3.9m, 4.2m, 4.5m, 4.8m, 5.1m,5.4m, 5.7m etc. They are the Metric for the old 8', 9', 10', etc. None of the merchants work in imperial, some customers may ask for old sizes but that is not what they are being sold. I don't like the French but Metric is far better for the building industry.
  6. Stationmaster, you have attic trusses which as you know are calculated as a whole unit so in effect the floor as well as spanning also hangs (if that makes sense), the strength is as a whole unit, for example the floor and roof above my railway room is also attic trusses, they span 8.5M the joist depth is approx 200mm, if I were to have spanned that with TJI joists they would of been 275mm (IIRC) in timber I don't think we could get anything to span that without introducing a steel. looks good, so much easier from scratch.
  7. Think of it this way. Your wife/children start a small fire in the kitchen, not too big but loads of disorientating smoke, how do you get out ? Won't happen ? About 2 years ago next door to where I was working an elderly lady(91) living with Daughter & son In Law put a plastic tray down on the cooker/stove, within seconds the tray was alight and the room was full of acrid black smoke, she was completely disorientated as the house filled with smoke. I was alerted to the smoke alarm going off, I got her out of the house and called the fire brigade, she recovered but a dog in an upstairs room died of smoke inhallation(?) It was no more than 8 minutes and one plastic tray, the whole house was smoke damaged and it made your eyes water it was so acrid. Some are a bit too Blase about lofts and their uses, you must have a means of escape from it other than down a loft ladder.
  8. Don't worry about slow progress, you're not alone. I just keep beavering away, sometimes it looks like not a lot has happened then bingo there is enough for a piccie, if you take regular pics when you refer back to them you can see how much progress you have actually made. I find that helps spur me on.
  9. I'm trying a few alternatives on some samples, so far UHU has come out the best for me, I have tried a contact adhesive which works fine, but if you don't get it right first time forget trying to salvage it ! I have also thought of copydex for large areas but haven't tried it yet.
  10. I've had a few problems with warping on some laminations i have done, I am moving over to either foamboard or 2mm MDF (both faced with slaters)
  11. This thread has now had twice the views of my Layout Topic !
  12. 99% of the time I would probably agree with you, but this time i think it is very relevant to the section and would probably get lost elsewhere. Like yourself I also pop in here daily to see whats new (if I don't VNC) I read through topics that catch my eye and may hit the "like" button, but don't add feedback unless I think i have something worthwhile to add (which isn't often ) In my own topic I would maybe be a bit miffed if someone was negative but would consider the post before replying in case I had missed the point which was ultimately helpful to me. Positives are always appreciated and with the few replies I have had there are some gems in there. To the OP just hang in there, it will all bear fruit.
  13. Yes, but this is about those that have layout topics asking for people to make feedback posts, surely this is the right place for it ? after all like a layout topic title that doesn't take your fancy you don't have to open it .
  14. Is that a scale 10 mile radius or a Peco one where the shops are actually a bit closer together..
  15. Funny that, that is what I think of this and the Peterboro North thread, but then some of us have ......work......that gets in the way
  16. 15/6 years old on a Midland region railrover in 1978, should of got off at Carlisle to catch an up service for some sleep but we nodded off, came to and looked out the window and saw a yard that we didn't recognise, as the guard walked past we asked him where it was "Kingmoor" came the reply, where does this stop next "Perth" he said .......B****r we said ! It was terrible....... we got looked after by the TTi's in Perth when we arrived and got sent back on a Motorail service in a first class compartment at no cost, back through motherwell yard this time in daylight, and left the train in Carlisle. So went on a Midland rover and came back with a load of scottish stuff in my book!
  17. Out of interest are you working in a parrallel universe where the hours are made up of more minutes ? Amazing what a deadline can do.
  18. I had mine supplied already ripped, but there were still inaccuracies 105-107mm, this is not a problem if you mark a face side and edge and just work from this, I made mine up with the underside of the baseboard as the "flat" surface, this meant any inaccuracies didn't matter as all measurements for legs etc were from that point. To be honest not being at 90 degrees over 25mm won't matter much, just use a resin based gap filling glue, this gets down into the grain as well.
  19. Eerrrr that looks like sheathing ply, or is it just the board you are working on that is. Sheathing ply is poor quality and can (and does) de-laminate. just thought I'd mention it.
  20. I posted elsewhere about my own experience, simply i went to Digitrains and tried the various systems they have on their test track (00) They are in Digby Lincolnshire, do you have anyone near to you with a similar set up ? I had a couple on my short list, but after messing about with a few I chose one "off the radar" as for me it was the easiest to use (NCE power pro) can't fault it, it is 5amp
  21. You could make a simple frame from 3"x1" braced at 1 foot intervals topped with your choice, or you could use 9mm ply cut into 100mm strips and screwed together with blocks. As Kenton has already typed, it comes down to what you want to do on top that matters, think of your track plan first then that will decide for you whether a board of "flat earth" will suffice or you need an open frame.
  22. Rovex you are going to have to spend a few pounds on some Hi performance torch on felt, (15 year life) just "re-tarring" the joints won't buy you much time and you will shortly be back to square one. Something like this would do, although you can get better for less. http://www.wickes.co.uk/torch-on-capsheet/invt/243809/ Is your existing felt nailed on ? and how many layers does it have ? There should be a minimum of 2 layers, the bottom layer is nailed to the roof so that it "floats" with the second top layer stuck to it, there should be a minimum of 75-100mm overlap at all horizontal joints, and 150mm to Vertical joints. Just think of it as 2 locomotives is the shed roof watertight.
  23. I'm not the most IT savvy but to me these are so easy to spot. I am always amazed that anyone would click on them. Capital key and delete deals with them.
  24. Just so long as none of them are wrapped in a bag................ was that a click of a door handle....
  25. :offtopic: Reading your post Dibber I thought I would attach this shot of 2 head units, 14 Ex nightstar stock and an observation car in Halifax nova Scotia september 2009. and if you look closely there are 3 RML's in the top left corner.........you wait for 1 then 3 come along.......
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