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  1. The Northern Belle train pack is now in stock. Unfortunately, as some had suggested Hornby have used the awful ex-airfix mk2d tooling for this pack. Why Hornby have done this I have no idea. They should have used their mk2e tooling so that it matches the coach pack, R4898. The real mk2d FO is identical to the mk2e FO with their toilet windows both at the one side. Also one of the coaches, Chatsworth, should be a mk2e anyway! I don't understand why Hornby couldn't use the Railroad version of the mk2e (plastic wheels, fewer decals) to keep costs down as this would allow modellers to upgrade their coaches with metal wheels and extra decals if they choose, therefore creating a matching six coach rake when combined with R4898. Using the mk2e tooling would have led to more sales of both the train and coach pack. The airfix coaches were good when first released (in the 70's I think) but look awful by today's standard especially their squarish windows with their odd window sills and semi flush glazing. I will be cancelling my order for the train pack and will put off buying the coach pack for now (as I don't fancy trying to renumber/ rename a coach pack). It's such a shame Hornby have gone down this route. They don't seem to understand that they could get far more sales by producing a complete rake of matching coaches. I'm still waiting for them to release a Virgin mk2e FO to complement the SO and BSO relased a few years back. I wonder if Hornby will produce another Northern Belle mk2e coach pack with different numbers to complement the R4898. The coach pack has sold very well and is already oos at many retailers. The Hornby Northern Belle mk3s are selling for high prices on ebay and could also do with a rerun. It will be interesting to see how/if this latest train pack sells.
  2. A motorised model of Cycloped could be quite funny, complete with tts sound! I'd probably but one for my modern image layout just for a laugh!
  3. My guess is that Hornby will produce 10 Limby class 37s next year. I think even Hornby are surprised at how well the limby 66s have flown off the shelves. Poor old Bachmann get stuck in the middle again!
  4. Excellent news, really looking forward to it. I've never been entirely happy with the look of the front windscreens on the Vitrains and Bachmann models. I'm confident you'll get it spot on! Hopefully a 37/4 will appear in the not so distant future!
  5. https://www.oxforddiecast.co.uk/products/mk3a-fo-virgin-west-coast-11042-or763fo003
  6. It's strange that it is taking so long for the Virgin licence. Hornby, Lima, Bachmann, Heljan, Dapol and Vitrains have all produced 00 Virgin stock over the years. It makes you wonder how bad ORs representation of the Virgin livery is. If they had brought the coaches to market to coincide with the release of Hornby Virgin class 87 I'm sure they'd get quite a few sales! Perhaps the delay is due to OR working on a 86 to release at the same time! After all, their Virgin MK3 picture showed more 86 than MK3!
  7. Interesting. Perhaps it's the Hornby website that needs updating. Some retailers (eg Hattons) are calling it MK2D, yet others (eg Rails) call it MK2E. Quite confusing.
  8. The Brexit set could have a popular blue engine that's trying its hardest to move forward but can't because the troublesome trucks won't budge. The trucks would be a range of colours including red, orange, green, yellow, and also a small one that keeps changing!
  9. Delighted to see Hornby use the newer MK2E tooling. I was holding off purchasing incase they produced the ancient airfix MK2D coaches. I suspect many others held off too especially after Hornby stated that the "pack has received no major modifications", suggesting they would be the same as previous releases (Airfix type). It's very odd that Hornby chose to call the pack 'Mk2D' when neither the prototypes modelled (Alnwick, Belvoir, Harlech), or the the actual model, contains a single Mk2D! The examples Hornby modelled should infact all be Mk2E anyway!
  10. I have the Virgin Railroad and the full fat Virgin HST. Interestingly, Hornby have applied the livery better on the railroad model by correctly extended the red upto the bottom two roof slats, something the full fat version missed out. The railroad version doesn't have some painted details like warning flashes, data panels etc. It runs well with a 5 pole limby motor bogie. With a bit of detailing and weathering the model can look fine alongside more expressive models.
  11. I pronounce it Hel-Jin. I know it may be wrong, but I'd sure get some funny looks up here in Scotland if I try to pronounce it any other way.
  12. Hopefully Hornby will produce some reasonably priced spares for the 156. Could do with re-motoring some more Lima models. I also have a limby 156 needing a new motor. Perhaps we'll see a TTS decoder for the 156 soon. I'd certainly buy a few!
  13. A number of years ago Heljan announced a 00 class 66. I remember seeing a big advert in one of the magazines at the time. I was half expecting them to re-announce it this year, just to give the class 66 modeller even more choice!
  14. I've only just found out about this new model after reading a magazine at the weekend. Really looking forward to it! Every year for the last few years people on here may have noticed that the PFA wagon has been on my predictions/wishlist for both Hornby and Bachmann, yet sadly neither bothered to produced it. I'm really delighted Accurascale are now going to produce it. The samples look great! I'll certainly be buying a fair few of these in various liveries. Thank you Accurascale!
  15. Perhaps Virgin are demanding Oxford use the correct shade of Virgin red but Oxford insist on using their own version! I don't remember any other manufacturers having licensing issues with Virgin. Oxford's colours must be way off again! ;-)
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