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  1. Looks like 66005 EWS is now sold out. At these prices I suspect the rest will go fast. My first Hattons 66 is in the post. If I'm happy with it I may well buy a few more!
  2. Annoyingly the weathered RHTT set only has £7 off yet the pristine ones have £19 off. Might try and weather one myself. The weathered wagon pair are now the same price as a new class 66 loco!
  3. Shifting stock in preparation for a new, wobble free, batch?
  4. Does anyone know if ModelRail are going ahead with a limited edition EWS 47? They were seeking expressions of interest a few months ago. I would have thought the popular EWS livery would be better suited in the main range. Bachmann's only EWS example was also a (now hard to find) limited edition.
  5. OxfordRail have yet to produce HST mk3s though I believe they intend to in the future. They have also not produced anything suitable that could haul mk3s, yet.... Hornby are the only ones producing the HST power cars in oo. They have them in both their expensive high detail and cheaper Railroad ranges. Both versions can easily haul prototypical length trains at high speed.
  6. I like the shorter announcement time. It creates excitement that will help sales. I'm also for the odd duplication. It helps drive innovation, gives customers more choice, and helps to keep the cost of the models competitive.
  7. Excellent news! The weathered, un-named Dutch 33025 with modern warning flashes will go perfectly with the very popular EWS 33030. Both of these locos were based in Aberdeen together at the turn of the century. Pleasantly surprised by this one considering how many versions of 33025 in various liveries have been produced recently. I'll get my order in quick, looking at how fast the EWS one sold. Just hope the weathering has improved since the last batch. Also tempted by the DRS version and the West Coast Railways one (another 33025). Decisions, decisions!!
  8. Does the Rail Grinder use diamond grinding disks?
  9. Perhaps they'll produce weathered wagons, complete with bent hoods. Hornby's weathered three packs always sold well.
  10. To be fair you seem to be talking about the old, now Railroad, version. The (2003?) Hornby retooled sprung buffer version fixed most of your points above, though annoyingly your point 2 still remained. I don't think the 'new' Hornby version is that bad, but the cradle misalignment really stands out making the model look wrong. Looking forward to getting a fair few of these new accurate HAAs.
  11. I recently purchased the R6960 MGR wagon and noticed a few differences to my other wagons and wondered if anyone knows if it is accurate for this particular wagon. Firstly, it has a TOPS code HAA but has a canopy/hood. Is this correct? I would have thought it should be HBA, HFA, HMA, etc. Secondly, the airbrake gear (I think that's what it is) fitted on one end above the chassis is different to that fitted to other Hornby HBA's. It looks like the type fitted to the CDA china clay wagon. Is this correct or has Hornby made a mistake? The model has the newer st
  12. I think Surfsup was referring to the HAA based HBA (mgr with hood) rather than the HEA based HBA. It's confusing that two completely different wagon types had the same TOPS code.
  13. Am I correct in saying the Virgin FO and Virgin BSO mk2f's were never in a rake together? I really hope Hornby produce the micro buffet mk2f next year.
  14. I recently used trainstop.co.uk for some couplings. They have various 10 packs for less than £5.
  15. Oh dear, That's not what I meant at all. I do pay attention to social media etc. I'm sure a lot of people suspected they'd produce it at the time they announced the rocket. Yes, I do realise these announcements take time etc to plan. I simply meant Hornby felt the need to state the fact the model was already well underway.
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