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  1. There was an article by John Hayes in MRJ 120, describing modifications to the Ratio kit to produce 3 types of SR van, one of which had the Maunsell 8-shoe brakegear. Pete
  2. Are you thinking of the article in Model Railways with a picture of an 0-6-0 tank ( Bamburgh?) on the cover and pile of scrap parts behind? Pete
  3. You may already be aware of this, but there's a good 1964 photo in Coates' L&Y Wagons Vol 1 Plate 153, showing an L&Y diagram 92 5 plank open, numbered 5476 with M S C livery. HTH Pete
  4. It's noticeable that the only wagons in the train are GWR opens, so the GWR obviously took pains not to show wagons from other companies, having provided the filming facilities. Similar to retouching/censoring foreign company initials in publicity photos. There's one in "LYR wagons V1" where a LNWR open has been changed to carry the initials "L Y R". Was the unusual white vertical handrail next to the loco in photo 6 added to help actors to stand on the wagon brake as part of the plot? Pete
  5. 1970s Model Railways, by Bernard Wright , I believe.
  6. Round 1 : 2 Round 2 : 0 Round 3 : 2 Round 4 : 4 Round 5 : 4 Total 12. Just shows I know bu**er all about model railways Pete
  7. I have two photocopied sheets from ages ago, from something called "the colour system", showing Humbrol mixes for the main LNER/SR/GWR/LMS/BR colours. It could have been in a ring binder of some sort, as there are faint traces of punch holes on the photocopy. Under the heading "British Rail Freight" , it has ... "Freight Stock Red Bauxite", it says to use Humbrol no. 133. ( whatever that is ) . "Red" use Humbrol 132 Under the same heading, it has a mix for green. Not sure what that would be used for on freight stock, but clarification would be welcome.
  8. ...and the one before could be Sharlston
  9. Thanks to all for the informative replies, it's always interesting to clear up a wagon puzzle.
  10. I'm puzzled by the provenance of the wagon in this photo on ebay... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ORIGINAL-35mm-RAILWAY-b-w-NEGATIVE-WAGON-CONDEMNED/283808271131?hash=item42144a8b1b:g:Q6UAAOSwXsBeZO4Y Presumably a ballast wagon, going by the axlebox covers on the far wagon, and if the photo is enlarged, the wagon plate could say LTSR Co. I can't find it in the LTSR section of Midland wagons though. The body is shorter than the u/frame, with peculiar inset buffers, and a toothed brake rack. Any ideas?
  11. "The Works" in the Merrion Centre,Leeds (and presumably others) have the Haynes manual of the Rocket @ £6 (RRP £22)
  12. Thought I'd have a go at posting on the new software with a couple of images.... I was wondering how to navigate to the end of 1280 "Wright writes" pages, and you can either .. a) click the blank grey button after the "Next" button ( 1,2,3,4,5,6 Next, Blank ) and it takes you to the last post. It should really have some text added to say "Last". Equivalent to the ">>" on the old format, I think. or... b) click on the "5 min" as below on Unread Topics or... c) click on " 3 minutes ago" under "Topics" H
  13. That's the article I was thinking of. I was pretty sure it was in one of the first RM's I bought in the late 60s from Laygate Model Shop, and here it is in March 69. Not quite the summer of ... Tombstone and Crockett's Creek: Peter Morris STEP refrigerator wagon: D. R. Austin Portishead station: Mike Farr Advance uncoupling: D. R. Mensford The fine line problem solved: E. E. G. Murrell Railway Modeller Cup results - Vivien wins! The Caley "Greybacks": G. A. Russell Coaches of the LM.S.: 60ft flush-sided composites: Ken Morgan and David Jenkinson Industrial steam : Inglis 0-4-0ST
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