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  1. yes but you need a very dark NE horizon as it's quite low and only visible for a short time as Triangulum is immediately adjacent sunrise position …………………..
  2. NE sky just before dawn 3:45ish in the constellation Triangulum.
  3. Yes - Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Comet Swan due to the lack of pollution from said Dreamliner's & Airbus's ………….
  4. ISTR the border was generally defined by a strip of different coloured ballast across the track …………. 103's - aren't they just the best …………………..
  5. Where there's a will there's generally a way - I once oversaw the crossing of a tamping machine between two tracks using just a diamond crossing (following the 4-CEP / 319 collision outside London Bridge in '99) …………. daresay others have similar tales
  6. Interesting - Fruit D ? followed by a ??? Anyone else see the "ghost" railwayman at the foot of the "off" signal post ?
  7. and to add to the previous info - The line was originally just a branch to Greenwich Park and was diverted to Lewisham as a through route in 1929. The points under the loco were a siding that lead to the brick-built structure in the background - a "Fyffes" banana warehouse. The turnout in the adjacent track lead to a siding that entered into the traction substation (the large brick structure) via the blocked up door - originally fitted with a steel roller shutter - the rails are still set into the sub floor. The flats to the LHS of the rear wagons are built on the trackbed of the branch to Crystal Palace High Level - closed 1954.
  8. Damn silly Q - it may have already been answered but 24 pages !! When did the classic Freightliner containers give way to the newer / PO versions ? (1975 ish ??) and I'm googling other stuff - would just like to know form someone who knows.
  9. Didn't the ACE change loco at Wilton rather than Salisbury in later days (to avoid clogging Salisbury with 16 coaches) ………. ?
  10. I now know the names of the Bank of England Chief Cashiers since 1955 in order ……......… can't wait to flash that in a pub quiz sometime ……………
  11. Normally about 15 minutes after getting chucked out of WN - never ever got fully round it - whereas OC was always easy.
  12. Continuing the diverted via Westbury theme - a couple of Easter 2013 SWML diversions via the Wylye Valley at Norton Bavant
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