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  1. Hoping not, there should be enough room for a motor, battery and a small ESC/Rx, but first I've to finish the Jinty. Cheers
  2. John, Mine will be BPRC so electrical connectivity to the rails doesn't matter to me. The motor will be an N15 with integral 60:1 gearbox driving, probably, the leading axle via nylon bevel gears with the rear axle compensated. The picture gives the general idea. Both motor and carrier are available off eBay very cheaply, for EM you might have to cut off one side of the channel as well as the lugs. Fixing in the frames will by Araldite. Cheers David
  3. Splendid thread, really good. Could you not Araldite the tube in perhaps with a bit of support behind if there's room?
  4. I'm wondering if it's insurance issues which are now causing cancellations. WHO advice is that if masks are worn and people try to maintain 1M distancing then ok. This is what's caused HMG to open up public transport with mandatory use of masks even though it's all but impossible to be sure of 1M distancing on buses in particular. I'm thinking that if shows had mandatory use of masks and hand sanitizer on entry then it would be ok, but whether the insurer would agree is another matter. Cheers
  5. John, I am intending to make a chassis for a Ks Johnson 0-4-0ST and I have most of the components I need all from AGW including the side frames. After looking at the videos Derek Russlan made for the Avonside jig I have decided that it isn't appropriate for this chassis. Cheers
  6. John, I could never make the AGW hornblocks work and I've not tried the LRMs. I do have some LRMs in stock, but then I found HL and didn't see much point in further experimentation. With HL it's best to push the folded up hornblock guide as far as it will go in the slot then it will be square and the hornblocks will go straight up and down vertically. I have used draughting tape to hold them in place while soldering. Cheers, good to hear from you.
  7. John, Finished looking at the YouTube videos, most interesting, they seem to imply that if you're going build a six-coupled diesel with a jackshaft then you need to buy the jig for an 8/10 coupled locomotive. There are also silent and sound videos which is confusing. Have to put my thinking cap on, these are expensive tools Cheers
  8. John, Coming back to your thread, how do you set up the HH jig when the mainframes have slots in them for hornblocks? Just asking because the next project will be a chassis for the Ks Johnson 0-4-0ST and I've just bought the AGW side frames for this and I'm thinking very strongly of buying the HH jig for the project. Cheers, hoping you're well David
  9. I can see why focus stacking is in favour right now for macro photography, but I do feel that it can be overdone. Remember that depth of field is a natural phenomenon, one we experience every day, naturally. I think the key to making natural looking photos of model railways is to remember this and make the number of increments that are appropriate to the subject to give a natural feel to the picture.
  10. I recently bought a K's GW outside framed 0-6-0 advertised as a Beyer with Belpaire firebox in unmade condition. I may say it is nicely cast and looks the part but I haven't yet compared it to drawings, assuming that the drawings are themselves accurate. Regards
  11. GoG's problems don't seem to be related to it's show but I might be wrong in that. The others might actually see their finances improve with the loss of their shows, but they might feel the need for another form of socialising, perhaps based on their already existing Area Group format. Perhaps meeting by Zoom or in member's gardens wearing face masks might be a good way forward. Certainly the NLG's Zoom meeting are a big hit with me, looking forward to another on Monday! I don't feel at all comfortable in an enclosed space with other people unless everyone, including me, is wearing a face mask and I wouldn't attend any show were the wearing of them wasn't mandatory and the stewards had the power to require people to leave if they removed them. Sorry, but it seems to me that the wearing of masks is pretty much a civic duty until a vaccine is available. Regards
  12. Interesting that you are using an N20 motor on a medium sized locomotive. I'm currently making up a Comet chassis for a Jinty but I chickened out and used a Mashima in a HL gearbox because I thought a 1:60 N20 would have been too small. I'd be interested to know how this installation works out, please. Cheers
  13. The cost of the kit has risen substantially but there is no mention of the minimum size of the model required. Will it fit into a Ford Transit or does it need something larger? Cheers
  14. The EMGS website still has Expo North as TBA, is it going ahead? https://www.emgs.org/events/exhibitions/ Cheers
  15. I'm really surprised at how little I miss shows, but I do miss the weekly gathering of the club. Zoom and WhatsApp video meetings have their virtues but lack the spontaneity of face to face conversation. Lockdown for me isn't such a problem there is the garden and I do share the house with another human and the cat but I do miss the club.
  16. I understand that 02001-4 were painted blue on renumbering in the TOPS system. I'd be grateful for photos of them in BR service as 02001-4. EDIT photo above shows 02003 in green, thanks for that. Cheers
  17. Never used Romfords because I've always modelled in P4. My method with AGW wheels is to hold the axle in the drill gun and chamfer off the ends of the axles. Then I use the GW press held in the vice and fix the wheels as tightly as I can to the press with draughting tape then offer up the chassis axle by axle and squeeze the press by hand. This method does depend on the axles being the right length to give the correct B2B, and it does work after a fashion, in that it can result in a wobble free assembly but in any case it massively reduces the wobble. Regards
  18. I'll do some more later The running number is in-appropriate for a green engine
  19. I have two DJH whitemetal examples, one an un-built kit the other a built example of eBay which the vendor thought was EM but it is actually P4 with turned up Romfords! Research showed that the vertical pillar on the side windows is actually the rearmost edge of the front window which has a protective metal or plastic bead on it. Further research showed that only the BR examples (either in BR or private hands) had the footwell commode handles the machines built for private service not having these features. Barrow Hill has a splendidly restored example and when I was there a year last December they were in the process of re-engining another with lots of huffing and puffing. Not an easy job with very limited access. The NRM's example, which once served at Newton Heath and Salford Docks I believe, is generally not available for viewing. I'll try dig out the pictures
  20. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Anderson_(mechanical_engineer) The impression I'm getting here was that Anderson was very much an excellent Victorian/Edwardian engineer in an age when a change to the 20th Century was needed. Sometimes, and not that rarely, engineering is more than the sum of previous experience, and I suspect Anderson wasn't up to that. If you like, he lacked imagination, but that should have been clear before he was promoted. Which begs the unanswerable question, why was he promoted to being Chief Locomotive Draughtsman?
  21. The thread title seems to imply that the problem is with the Comet chassis as bought, but this isn't so. The problems lie elsewhere.
  22. This one Seems to be a good one, at least it does what I want Cheers
  23. Thanks for that. I have a Micron Tx which has a three way toggle switch (up/down/push) which I imagine is much the same functionality. Cheers
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