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  1. And it'd be quite off-putting for these normals or extended families of existing modellers if they were told they have to be building a compensated wagon kit in a particular scale by the time they were 25, they need a gateway scale before progressing to hardcore class A modelling. The problem as I see it with this and for some other societies is you don't need to be a member to model in that scale, as alot of stuff is accessible from box shifters and secondhand, whereas the ones who provide unique trade support are invaluable. It's obvious that many people have joined only to become alienated and were unable to buy into renewing their membership, and now the down side to that is apparent, in fact I've read through this thread and wondered why if the few bits of American 1/4" I have that are less accurate duplicates of HO projects will ever see a layout.
  2. Sadly the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum have been the victim of a vandalism attack, and have suffered with over thirty broken windows to replace. I can't see a specific appeal on their website yet but this link to their Facebook page should work:
  3. I used to have some kind of Train simulator computer game (not MSTS) where you could paint 3d outlines of locos by block filling pre-set areas, and am convinced this is how the original Genesee and Wyoming livery was "designed". I was hoping that since FL have never been that quick at repainting their assets and have continually been choosing worse corporate schemes, they might have put a vinyl logo on the Anglia locos and put them straight into traffic rather than messing them up, 90s look better with black cab pillars and the plain flat sides can carry pretty much anything but that yellow looks insipid and the mix between orange and black clashes because neither has a clear majority by area. By comparison the Grand Central scheme by comparison looks classy even with the solid orange band that could be improved with vinyl printed technology. I once has the crazy idea of modelling every livery of 90 (but the idea wouldn't have worked where 90024 for example has carried two unique liveries), but I would have seriously given this one a miss.
  4. Just because Hatton's are doing something generic doesn't mean it's a good idea, it means they have perceived a market for something that is of a better standard than the Hornby 4 wheeler and less effort than a Ratio coach kit. Things that require less effort definitely sell, which is why you don't see box shifters commissioning a run of un-numbered banger blue or large logo diesels for the purchaser to finish themselves.
  5. Preserved railways need to follow a business model that until a few months ago meant as many seats as possible in a coach, which is why a MK1 TSO is vastly favoured over a FK. Other support coaches are merely an asset and if don't serve a purpose need to be removed, which is why quite a few railways replaced ropey big four and Mk1 sleepers used for volunteer accommodation with Mk3 SLE when they became available as it was cheaper and easier than sending a sleeper coach through C&W. Having stayed in a Mk3 last year and a Mk1 at the moment, the latter having been completely stripped and rebuilt makes a vastly superior accomodation for the simple reason that it has opening windows, the other being a sealed metal tube with limited openings that would somehow require power hungry working Aircon or a forced air system to make habitable. Unfortunate yes, but we'll probably end up with more Royal Bedz in preservation than normal sleeping coaches....
  6. *Model Railroad Planning 2002. Modelling a hot spot in Wyoming on the famous Sherman Hill.
  7. I did Photoshop the sign from that image but didn't change the wording, oh well, something else to go back and correct for me the sake of accuracy. I'm not sure of the origin of "Alice Mudgarden", but the latter band have played secret gigs as their anagram, Nude Dragons.
  8. Code red probably because it was jammed, and the condition of the girders is deteriorating. One side has holes you can see daylight through, the other has girders with small brick arch infills. It's probably on a deferred list for total replacement.
  9. In order to give me an idea of the physical size of a coach in 1/100 scale and to test my new 3d printer, I quickly knocked together the Soller Railway coach I've been working on and printed it. The deformation and bowing of the resin certainly suits older wooden vehicles! It is currently sat on a Dapol coach chassis. Note that this is a long term project to model Bunyola and I'm nowhere near being able to share the drawings, if at all as I'm still undecided what scale to use. Hallog have recently announced a Soller tram in HOe, and I'm still debating whether to use that scale or TTn9. Many thanks to those who have contributed photos and drawings to this thread, one say I might be able to visit the island for myself.
  10. Another thing that makes that shot work outside of the 505 that I hadn't noticed before is the front wall slopes into the building, so you get a greater angle of the window...
  11. This is why I copped out and took the freelance option.... But I'd choose #2, our punters rarely look into buildings and don't notice such detail at first so presenting an interior to look through would be more obvious. I did consider it on my own Blue Heron with an "Old Spaghetti Factory" restaurant as a nod to the PNW as they have old trolley cars inside, but the two story building blocked too much of the uncoupling area and was replaced with the single story White Tower restaurant. My own nod to the '505 cafe was a leftover DPM shop (called the 645…) and although the layout of the windows looks odd as it is, presents two rooms to the viewer. My usual method of glazing wasn't up to the job so I quickly added frosted signwriting to the upper windows, and will replace the acetate with mobile phone screen cover glass to make it more see through.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions, I did consider a standalone PC but having something to use in different rooms in the house would be more sociable and was able to use an employee eCard to get a discount on a Dell laptop.
  13. I was hoping to have had my Mars running by now but trying to install the Chitubox software has highlighted issues with the elderly Dell laptop that doesn't see alot of use apart from running SketchUp and AutoCAD elements. I've managed to upgrade Vista to SP2 but the installation freezes at the usual execute VS c++ 2017 command, and I've yet to try adding this manually. Mrs 298 has sanctioned a replacement but generally speaking, what would be a minimum spec and budget to easily run slicing software on and Fusion360 that I have tasked myself with learning....?
  14. 298

    EBay madness

    And the seller is using Hermes, can it get any worse....? After numerous offers of less than a pound, do you think the seller will realise that it's an incomplete pile of turd, and put it in the bin.
  15. 298

    EBay madness

    I never realised cheap plastic train sets were so collectable, even in less than mint condition... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224042393521
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