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  1. You'd probably have to add megnets to the decks.
  2. Houses and porches in place -bit of an error with a damaged FEP leaking resin so the middle one is incomplete, but I think I'll disguise it with some kind of climbing plant.
  3. On layouts (unless the vehicle has lights) I use a small round neodymium magnet superglued to the engine block/front axle area with a corresponding magnet in the road.
  4. The three (so far, I don't think I could squeeze a fourth one in) Rix houses with additional 3d printed front doors, and then primed with the first off the press porch styled after photos of the originals on Hershey. I wish I'd made the diamond shaped roof tiles more prominent as they could disappear under paint.
  5. I know you can't do much about the distance and travel costs but looking at my total spend for a day out at the NMRA Convention, what I spent in petrol and entrance was more than saved in the cost of a few secondhand freight cars for the Kadee trucks and a few built up houses from the members sales room vs the cost of purchasing them from any other source.
  6. 298

    EBay madness

    It's on an Underground Ernie tube train chassis so there is definitely less value in it. But at least the builder took the demonic eyes out.
  7. 298

    EBay madness

    Perhaps it's a disguised steam loco (as per the GWR?) instead of a true railmotor...
  8. Unfortunately I almost certainly passed it onto my Mrs 298 and she has seemed worse with it, but she is alot better now and was allowed out of isolation today and I'm back at work tomorrow. I've also been working on other projects but have been sufficiently motivated to crack on with this, although there are little signs of progress elsewhere.
  9. Some progress over the last few days of isolation after a positive COVID test, with one of the house kits finished as the depot building. The Hershey didn't seem to use a standard style so it's more freelanced but I'm reasonably happy with it. I've also continued with the company houses and hotel, designing a porch for the former and have ordered some Auhagen sheets for the roof after trying various diamond pattern methods for the tar paper tiles (ironically whilst the roof on our own house is being replaced). I've yet to 3d print the porches or balcony for the hotel, the latter being inspired by the derelict hotel in Hershey. I've also used the time to continue with the artwork for the custom decals, the white Hershey Steeplecab artwork is complete but I need to fill the sheet up with lining and mill names for a few steam locos, and finish the smaller details for a gold sheet for the Interurban cars.
  10. 298

    EBay madness

    Exactly how AL1/ class 81s were made as they had a corridor side and an equipment side. Here's another whimsical kitbash that kept someone from committing greater sins for a few hours. I like it. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OO-Steam-Rail-Motor-Coach-scratch-built-kit-bashed-home-made-conversion-/353855658474?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  11. 298

    EBay madness

    AL1/81s are like that....
  12. "If you book them, they will come" (said the native American in Wayne's World 2). The Derby show obviously used to have a large room that was Continental one year and American the next, but TBH the world has changed alot since then and I'd rather see good non-British layouts at a regular show than run the risk of stepping on the already established specialist shows that seem to be doing ok. Ironically my only two future bookings are these kinds of show, the German Railway Society in Didcot with the US HO layout and this at the Seaboard Southern show in Crawley in September. Conversely though, larger shows that will succeed are the ones sponsored/endorsed by the mainstream magazines, and their content seems to reflect what appears in their own magazines so non-UK layouts are scarse. With all that in mind and the clock ticking I have a resolution for 2022 that I have to do an hour's modelling on Alonzo before getting distracted by other side projects. So yesterday I pottered about down in the garage pondering where to place the structures for the company town. Now it was originally planned to build a small fiddle yard or return loop and I believed the quickest option was to finish this board completely, but there's something that still doesn't pique my mojo and conscious of the space needed I think I might just build a short extension just long enough to enable the 5-car cane train to switch back into the unloading shed without splitting it into two half's.
  13. PM sent. I can now see how necessary it'd be to work from one directly, due to the body locating clips.
  14. Sweet! Is there a drawing online that shows the dimensions for the Z Shorty chassis? I wouldn't mind having a go at a Shorty Soller train my modifying my 3d drawings....
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