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  1. Oooo! That's going to be on the shopping list
  2. Couldn't have written a better description myself
  3. Found on Eastbank Model Railway club website. Caption - "This vehicle had been refurbished and had loose unclassified seating for 23 diners. It is seen at Glasgow Central in January 1978" M1959, anyone want to fill me in on the Diagram number? When winter was actually winter
  4. Cheers Clive So all my previous research prior to dismantling a Mainline RBR wasn't in vain, and I'm not going nuts. I had R4973A as a 26 as I couldn't find reference to a 28 to check, and I agree about R4974A (23A) we'll see
  5. These coach diagrams have been going round in my head.. Unless I'm mistaken, based on the images they have used (which I hope they have asked permission for) i see diagrams 23,24,26 and thats just looking at doors and windows, i daren't look at roofs Rgds Mark
  6. I usually have an NLS map window open on my desktop, Try the OS 1:1,250/1:2,500, 1944-1967 map series. Vary the transparency with a Bing background map. These old drawn maps are mind boggling
  7. Love the neatly kept grass! Will be interesting to see how this area develops over the next few years
  8. I purchased a few of Dennis Taylor's pictures before his 80's rail site went down, mostly at Perth. A mix of A's and B's with the odd C in there. Cheers
  9. Based on cheapness I was thinking of a Lima, frames overlaid, windows marked out then cut out. Some mods to the underframes and seam joins.
  10. Interesting work I have some of the shawplan MK2 a-c frames, and for the base and am pondering about whether to use an Airfix mk2d, hack out the windows carve the solebar, or a Lima mk2b and accept the length issue
  11. Might have to test the water on eBay for the kits
  12. I got one of those kits over 10 years ago and never did anything with it as I thought it was too small never thought of doubling up
  13. See that Container wagon in the bottom corner? That obviously demonstrates an ability to do the other Speedlink coal wagon FPA
  14. unreal level of detail on these! And spare buffers in with the couplings and pipes
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