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  1. This continues to be absolutely inspiring Jonathan, so much proper modelling that can be done with these old coaches Regards Mark
  2. Never really thought the extra cost to put in functional doors was worth it. Same with Cab Lights, for the amount of time they are actually on, mine very rarely Now, the BW HSP, that does need a bit of time effort and some grey matter thrown at it
  3. Aircon, that'll be in the same paragraph as fully working HST
  4. Between yours and Eddie's workbench, it got me digging out the "part finished coaches box" Must resist Anyway, sitting looking at this Mk2d BFK and I've got the urge to cut out below the doors for a bit more depth. Might help improve the look along with blending the tumblehome a bit? Maybe?
  5. Good Morning. I am looking for some spare parts for Bachmann Intermodals and they are not available from Bachmann anymore. I am looking for a couple of buffers and some of the yellow twist locks. Its also long shot if anyone has a wagon that is beyond repair, I'also missing the inner end NEM swing arm. If I can't get one of these I'll just bash two Sfggmrrss into a single Sfgmss Any help (PM) would be appreciated Cheers Mark
  6. Oh I love it, better get some more overtime in and order more
  7. westie7

    DJM, the end.

    Might never know the extent of the shortfall, however you can get an idea of financial trend by looking at the abbreviated figures for the last few years via the company check website
  8. Now these don't fit any of my plans however I do want to support it. I just need to see if I can use these as a base for Tullis Russell PAA.
  9. Just dug up this topic as I was looking at these wagons. I have picked up Electrotrens version to see what can be done with it. I'm thinking about a splice down the Centreline to beef it out and the same with the chassis. Hopefully making it a bit wider means that when I fill in between the body sides and the roof the roof will get lifted a bit. I could seal up the sliding doors too.
  10. After a wee hiccup with my first shipment, Fran and the guys have sorted everything out. Thanks folks, great customer service. Now I must let the dust settle and whack in the overtime before the PFAs arrive
  11. I've glued one in and experimenting with the "inner" part only of the Dapol retrofit pocket. Don't think there's space for the full retrofit assembly The inner can be glued in place giving up down movement, looking at trying a pin thru it for sideways movement.
  12. I've used the Dapol dummy knuckles, works well
  13. My shotty on Monday if they ever get the new rest day working sheets sorted out
  14. 385/HST aside, Part of Abellio ScotRail's problem in and around Edinburgh just now is that so many drivers left to go to TPE for more money and there is only so much training capacity whilst taking guys of jobs for HST training
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