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  1. These are simply stunning. I had forgotten I had ordered them actually before I went N... Ah well back in the box
  2. Yes, the easiest part is cutting up the FO and creating a corridor interior. Getting the BSO brake section cut into the correct proportion is the nightmare
  3. Now I've done a BSO/FO cut-n-shut to a BFK in OO ... Wonder if I could do it in N
  4. My email has been responded to, I thanked them and said I understood we are all under alot of pressure in this climate. so I'm being patient
  5. Hi folks, Does anyone have any recent idea how things are going here. I have an order in since the beginning of the month. Not pulling the communication chain just yet. Cheers Mark
  6. Given that current passenger levels are at 23% and there will be service cuts in the December timetable, I don't see anyone getting bent out of shape to get a full fleet.
  7. yeah see my post on wednesday
  8. I'm just having a bit of an experiment with couplings. Looks like it's tight but might just do Kato R283-45 curves with Dapol short dummy knuckles. At worst one short to one long
  9. I have some blue grey 2f's on the way. BG + RU ready to slot in. It would have to be a serious issue for me not to sell my old coaches with vinyls Mark
  10. Arran Am I doing something wrong with the pre-ordering on the website, it won't get past the checkout stage without an out of stock error. Cheers Mark
  11. I spoke to John very recently when I ordered some transfers, we discussed this very subject. My particular interest was for any remaining FPA chassis, I'm still interested if they are amongst those that survive Regards Mark
  12. Outstanding. Done a Dounreay once, but no where near that level. Solves the Department Grey argument forever.
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