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  1. Thanks I did wonder if it was BG10? I usually keep the label but must have lost this one Cheers Mark
  2. Found these cast springs in the spares box, which was handy for building a Cambrian ZCA. I just don't have the package to be able to order more. I'm guessing S-Kits? Can anyone confirm? Thanks Mark
  3. The 156 will not be split with the bike bus in the middle
  4. I'm glad I don't have to drive this Shortbread tin on wheels
  5. If anyone has Twitter, see Nigel Burkins feed for photos
  6. That's not me taking that one Actually, looking at my bedroom wall, the real thing is closer to Farrow and Ball Stiffkey blue as opposed to almost provincial as Eddie has said
  7. The middle blue on the model is not the same as the new unweathered vinyl on the the real thing... Says someone who has taken one on its first run out of Haymarket Plat 0, with not a Mark on it.
  8. I did raise the subject with Kernow when I took delivery of my PRAs. I didn't get told where to go! If you have a look at what's available out of what's needed to model that area and traffic, then this is a no brainer. I'm in
  9. Wow, Can almost smell it. That main picture fairly brings back some memories. Cheers Mark
  10. Eddie, have you seen the 3d printed 156 u/f detailing kit on DEMU?
  11. Just found this topic, very handy and brings back some memories, especially from the time this place still had activity and Smithy Lye was used for all sorts of stock. By chance got this picture just before the sign was removed. "Electric Traction must not enter No.2 parcels depot line"
  12. yup thanks from me too, not on the any time soon list but down there somewhere, cutting my teeth on OBA/OCA/SPA/ZCA etc just now
  13. Quick check of Roddy MacPhee's Flickr 1996 Album shows mixed Cawoods and BFL from Aberdeen to Inverness Try working back from here you might find more
  14. Wow, the weathering and graffiti on the PCAs is spot on, I just don't have the balls to tackle mine yet
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