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  1. Hi there, I have heard a lot of bad reports about using these (& a few good ones too!) - I think the problem is they will always make a good connection with the bus due to it's larger size BUT may not make a good connection with the dropper due to the dropper being a much smaller cross section. I solved this by ensuring that each dropper end was folded upon itself sufficient to make it approximately the same physical size as the bus wire. The clamping pin then hits each wire equally and current will flow. The shed I was building this in is 32 x 12 and I had no problems.
  2. Hi All, I'm always keen to follow along with anything "American" so am enjoying this, thanks, Zeus! If I may add to Prof Klyzlrs' comments above, I understand that a fairly common problem with some Genesis units was due to press fit pick-ups running from the truck to the main circuit board - solder these firmly and a lot of problems go away. This is different and separate to the weedy MRC sound decoder (ugh indeed!) problem of course. Cheers, John.
  3. Hi Richard, The layout does look really good in it's home, good job you allowed 30mm clearance - there's always something isn't there! I had a similar problem fitting my little Prussian layout in my box room, the clearance was there, just barely enough room to allow for the baseboard dowels that stick out from each board end. Keep up the good work, John.
  4. Hello David, A very impressive project, I like it! Very good work on that rather complex looking main junction - it looks superb. Cheers, John.
  5. As a former resident of the Derby and Spondon area, I feel reasonably qualified to comment. I'm pretty sure that all around Long Eaton is poor ground for building roads, railways etc on due to fairly regular flooding from the river Trent, hence a viaduct would be necessary if ugly. Not that it would do that much harm really! Toton was the site of quite a large marshalling yard and AFAIK is still railway land so I imagine should be fairly cheap to develop HOWEVER, when I was last down that way and commuting into Derby from Spondon, the A52 was always chronically busy. It was most
  6. Thanks, Jeff! Good heavens, time has certainly got a spurt on. I cannot believe that was 8 years ago, it seems like just a couple of years now, so much has happened. I seem to recall that "Big Jim" came to collect my version of Dent and it later went to a local group, I wonder if they made anything of it. The new project WILL be H0, yes! But I will probably run Peaks and the like on it too. I shall also be doing some point building too, as no-one makes the kind of points I want. Will you be doing plenty of point building? Good man for sticking with EM, a far more realistic
  7. Hi Jeff, Gang! It's really great to see the rapid progress you've been making, good for you. I can't wait to get started on my own future project, in the meantime, I enjoy watching what goes on here. Cheers, John.
  8. Yes! I had this exact same problem on one of my locos only I used a piece of a very small drill bit shank to replace the spigots. Probably better to use plastic if possible to avoid excessive wear, as Paul says. I think I filed a small flat on my driveshaft to get my drilling started as the engineering plastic it is made from is quite tough (my spigots had gone completely!). Good luck! John.
  9. Hi Mike, Shhh! Whisper that quietly on here as in my experience, most '00' folk don't like to hear that!!! I will add that Roco locos can be prone to small parts falling off, never to be seen again and please - don't buy the Roco BR93.5 as it's a notoriously poor runner with a badly balanced chassis. Fleischmann steam locos are often tender drive (some folk dislike that for some reason), the more modern models have can type motors but I don't think they ever got around to fully eradicating the "ringfield" (or Round) motor but even that was still WAY better than the Hornby
  10. Thank you, Maico! That is interesting reading. I'm quite a Trix 2-rail fan myself, I might even say they are my favourite brand. Interesting they are pulling production from China, I didn't know they were producing there. Of my own circle of friends, we actually add to the 'German' sales figures as we find the likes of Lippe so much cheaper than anywhere in the UK sadly, although earlier in the year, I did buy from one UK dealer (not that I spend much these days!). Cheers, John.
  11. Hi Richard, I'm liking your woodworking, it looks very neat. I think you've done Mr Rice proud! I also like your recent purchase, I've drooled over those little things for some time and it was a good price too. I *think* the platform is movable, maybe under digital control? It's been a while since I saw one demonstrated. Enjoy! John.
  12. Hi Andy, That looks like an interesting little project! Having a lovely green class 27, does that mean Eastern region or Scottish region? Either sounds great to me. Take care bud, John.
  13. Hi, As a keen British outline H0 scale fan, I've tried to keep track of these wagons but so far, no sign of them. I'll just keep waiting without holding my breath! Cheers, John.
  14. A surprise announcement from Trix / Märklin is the forthcoming Belgian SNCB/NMBS class 1 pacific; https://www.trix.de/de/lp/20/ueberraschungsmodell-2020/ Available, early next year, the whopping price of €599 is already being offered at €539 at two of Germany's major box shifters - a premium price to be sure but I've seen a Philotrain model go for over €1000! To be fair, the market for Belgian steam locos must be rather limited? I like it as it rather reminds me of the last two built Duchesses.
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