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  1. I’m pretty sure I can’t do that so I’ll ask the boss!
  2. Brawa highlight: an 18 axle transformer carrying wagon. https://www.brawa.de/newsletter-meldungen/newsletter-januar-2021/brawa-neuheiten-2021/ Jagendorfer highlight: a mostly metal model of the class 2050 diesel. https://www.memoba.at/ctg_mediaarchiv/PDFKATALOG/H0_Katalog_2021.pdf
  3. I feel for you, mate! I don’t know if all EU countries are the same but my wife and I had to leave the UK very quickly last year, in order to secure our residency rights as EU citizens in Greece. We very nearly didn’t make it due to the onset of the second lockdown but we did, stressful as it was. There were no flights available from Manchester direct to Athens so we had to drive a one way hire car to Heathrow, cat in a secure box and with a very recent bill of health. Our house sale was agreed but we’re still waiting on completion and most of our possessions are in storage. We
  4. Hi Everyone, As the moderator for this section, I feel obliged to remind that we don’t stray into “politics”! You may note that my location indicates that I am now living as an EU citizen so I shouldn’t need to spell out which side of the brexit divide I am on however, with deference to Andy York and the forum in general, please do continue to follow forum rules. The past four and a half years have been very difficult for many of us and frustration is certainly felt by me and mine, personally. The discussion here has demonstrated a remarkable neutrality and I commend everyone for t
  5. Trix H0 new items; http://streaming.maerklin.de/public-media/1az3b/nh21/EN_Trix_H0_nh2021.pdf Still rather slow, it was stopped completely after 1pm German time when the news was made public. highlights, all new E94/194/254. OBB Krokodile. SBB two part Red Arrow.
  6. Absolutely agree with this! A few years ago, I was grinding some material away from some steel mounting brackets, only a tiny bit so I thought I’d be fine with my spectacles for protection. WRONG! A tiny piece of hot steel got behind the spectacles and into my left eye, I didn’t really feel it at the time, just thought it was a fleck of dust. Long story short, it ended up very painful indeed and a trip to an eye specialist who sorted it very capably, thankfully. I was never particularly cavalier about safety before (despite the above) but as we age, we should take every preca
  7. Very clever stuff mate, I love it! This time last year, my mate Doug and I were in Prague for a week and we had a lovely ride on one of these units, in that livery too! Czech railway’s are very interesting indeed. Cheers, John.
  8. I always like to see what new items are promised for the coming year so here are the new Roco items; H0 scale: https://www.roco.cc/uploads/news/Kataloge/2021/20210112_ROCO_Neuheitenkatalog_2021.pdf TT scale: https://www.roco.cc/uploads/news/Kataloge/2021/20210112_TT_Katalog_2021.pdf N scale: https://www.fleischmann.de/uploads/news/Kataloge/2021/2021012_FLM_Neuheitenkatalog_2021.pdf I’m sure most people know by know that Roco/Fleischmann have been separated into Roco for H0 and TT scales, Fleischmann for N scale, they seem to have been busy consolidating this process
  9. Like Ian above, I tried a door once! Mine was actually cut in two lengthways and half thrown away. The good part became a time saver (waster) layout, it was adequate at best but not recommended. Also, it was something that was being thrown out and replaced by a decent door, I would never have purchased such a thing! Cheers, John.
  10. Hi Neil, I went for buried Kadee magnets under the track (the big square kind) and found the steel axles of most Euro stock made uncoupling rather difficult but not impossible. Frustrating though compared to typical US practice. I had started changing over to non ferrous axles but due to my move, didn’t get any further. I also found the Kadee trip pin pliers to be invaluable for adjusting the trip pins. Hope this helps, John.
  11. I would have said, go onto German eBay (eBay.de) but now after the dreaded B word, anything over £135*is going to get hit for duty and that’s if you can find someone who will ship to UK. trawl Contikits website, phone Anorak’s and persevere with British eBay, there are a few decent sellers but beware the charlatans. John. *it may be any value item, I’m not sure, sorry, the £135 figure just changes who collects on behalf of HMRC.
  12. Going all black makes it look like a different loco!
  13. That should be an interesting layout! If you need any Prussian inspiration, please take a look at my layout in the German section, called Leberecht. Far be it for me to blow my own trumpet but it may be used to you. May I suggest that if you’re buying models from well, anywhere really, do only pick the Olive green with red/brown under frame rather than the earlier (model) bright green with red under frame as this is incorrect. Cheers, John.
  14. Oh, I don’t know - if you go back in time awhile, prior to the mid nineteen twenties, Prussian locos (the precursor to the German state system really) looked like this; WP_20150111_13_59_32_Pro by Virgil Wedge, on Flickr I think this livery is quite similar to the G*R of the turn of the century and I rather like it! Cheers and sorry for polluting your thread! John.
  15. To be honest, I’m not sure! The only thing I can think of is as @Lacathedralementioned, something to do with the electrical contact points. In all other respects, the motor sure looks the same either way around. Cheers, John
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