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  1. Fleischmann were going to introduce a Bullied Pacific in H0 scale, they had measured one up and I understand, were making everything ready to produce it into their then British range. This was the reason why they actually did do the matching coaches along with the D800 Warship (chosen by Mr Fleischmann himself due to its similarity to the V200), they were also planning a range of wagons too but I forget which. All these models were planned to be complimentary to the then existing Lima range albeit that was cheaper and lower quality however the importer of Lima had them change to 00 to increase sales and that was that. Without a complimentary range, Fleischmann took around thirty years or more to sell off their remaining stock and only right at the very end did they discount it all. More or less as related to me by Mr Hills, the UK importer.
  2. I was always under the impression (I don’t know where from) that the broad gauge allowed greater running speeds, it was only much later that the Stephenson gauge allowed similar speeds. Had the 7’ gauge prevailed in the UK, would it have remained confined to the western parts of the nation or would the other companies have converted? (Probably not due to costs) What about new railways being built? Possibly - if they had at least one BG connection. One thing would have been very interesting, how would models have represented the broad gauge? Probably doable in the original model scales but once you go smaller than 7mm, then what!? Now to retire into my bunker! John
  3. I think that’s the principle problem - could be down to staff training, new staff or simply that staff are free to interpret rules anyhow they please. Certainly here in Greece, it’s simply not worth the risk. All the local courier companies here are free to hit incoming parcels with obscene charges and you need to know the rules inside out and speak fluently in order to fight them. Plus, the government here lets them get away with it all.
  4. Yep! Having followed advice from many, many modelling magazines, from being involved in four different clubs over the years and from building more than a couple of layouts myself, I still didn’t think that I knew it all when I started the topic in my signature. However, when I see others making much more elemental mistakes that could easily have been avoided by reading that topic or hundreds of other equally valid topics on here and elsewhere, then one has to shrug and say “they’ll learn, eventually” and leave them to it. In other words “you can take a horse to water. . .”
  5. Hi Chris, You’re layout is coming on nicely I think and I do like to see the overhead coming along, bravo. I too, pin the pantographs so they look raised but have no fear of snagging and causing loads of damage. Wrt the lovely Catalunya, I can identify an older Fleischmann “Prussian” P8 - it is quite old because the green is dreadful! I am quite sure that such colours on Fleischmann stock were phased out by the 1990s or so. Whether it’s close to anything that ever ran in Spain, I can’t say. The only German built locos I know for sure were the Spanish “V200”s, they were lovely. It’s been rather a long time since I visited Spain but I had some very pleasant times there and did a reasonable amount of train watching. Cheers, John E, occasional Prussian modeller.
  6. Nevertheless, stick to the topic, please. You have expressed your opinion, no need to keep expressing it. Thank you, John E. (moderator for this section of the forum).
  7. Hi Michael, That’s a most unfortunate story, I’m sorry for you. Seeing as ACME are probably made in China, what about components from other manufacturers, might they fit? Brawa, Piko, Athearn, Atlas - as far as I know most of the assembly’s used in these models are quite compatible. I only have one ACME model, a Br.120 too as it happens but it’s inaccessible at the moment so I can’t check, sorry. Cheers, John
  8. Do you have details of your friends quotes and final price, please? Thanks, John
  9. Errr, no! It may be available from your favourite UK retailer but by the time it has gone through the UK importer (who always add their cut plus duty and any additional costs they can) - such an item will be in the order of 25% more expensive than were you able to directly order from Europe. It’s a bit ridiculous isn’t it? Maerklin/Trix are apparently willing to ship to North Korea but not to the UK. Is the UK considered such a pariah state now? How many other companies in Europe are taking this approach?
  10. Hello Dr G-F, Everything is looking great, I’m glad you’re enjoying your self. If you don’t mind me saying it, that track looks excellent! Cheers, John
  11. I was a member for a while, good group, helpful and they used to put on, for me, the best show of its kind in the UK - I kind of agree that their communications need brushing up. However AFAIK, they are mostly quite elderly gents so will have been adversely affected by the pandemic and they likely feel that while everyone is in lockdown or isolating, there are rather more important things to devote themselves to. That’s looking at things with a brighter outlook, there is also the possibility that some members may have succumbed.
  12. Many thanks indeed, Keith this is much appreciated. 1. A very good point indeed and I will follow this up. See above post for brief ideas on dealing with potentially the worst situation. 2. Yes, I’ve been working towards this project for many years! I can’t say that this project was what I had in mind but I always knew I wanted a “big layout” one day. I will be quite happy to simply have a “plywood central” for several years, in all honesty. I simply need to know that I’m working towards my own ultimate layout - that is sufficient. 3. Bang on! Although this layout is for me, it would be very nice to at least share it with others, maybe here, maybe visitors from elsewhere and there is a complete stock list so my better half will have some idea of the value of it all when I’m not around. She is reasonably involved anyway, not that she’s passionate about any trains themselves but is interested in my philosophy and aims. Also, she won’t accept the plywood central for too long! Cheers and thanks again, John PS My initial passion for a forthcoming British outline 00 gauge loco was only temporary. Compare that with my passion for German H0 trains: 15 years fairly continuously, British H0: similar and US H0: roughly 30 years now! Before this, I was staunchly European H0 with only temporary excursions into 4mm, 7mm, 1/48th etc.
  13. I guess that any lower level storage yard is going to be around 2’ above the floor and possibly higher as there’s no way I could fill the entire area beneath the main benchwork with storage tracks. Therefore, it would be awkward or very difficult to physically get into the helix but possible, even if it’s not me doing it. Ideally, any derailments will be quite accessible from the outside of the helix though. With a large radius (1m) helix, I plan to have greater hand access between the levels and also a shallow wall both inside and outside the trackbed to retain stock should the worst happen. All good points, chaps, thanks for your contributions. John
  14. Hi Dr G-F, A wonderful acquisition, I really love the BR65 (and the 65.10 but that’s another story). If you fancy having a go at digitising it yourself, here is a nice set of visual instructions; http://www.hp-pfeiffer.de/digi_umbau1/dcc/br65_flm_neu_h0/br65_flm_neu_h0.html He even includes a link to the various isolated motor faceplates that can make the job even easier. I cheated and bought a DCC ready model, quite a few years ago now but having converted a few Fleischmann locos, I’d say “go for it “ as you’ll obtain great satisfaction from being a diyer. Cheers, John. PS good luck with the thesis by the way.
  15. Oh, I don’t know, I haven’t seen any gerbils frittered recently so I’m guessing the doctor has been busy!
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