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  1. I'm sure an old friend told me about a line of this gauge in Staffordshire, somewhere! I can't remember any other details except it was maybe up in the moorlands, sorry. I only recall it as I thought it unusual for the UK. Naughty boy mode: Why not just use 00 - 4'1½" is practically as close to 3'6" as it is to 4'8½"!! There's a nice list here that doesn't include my Staffs Moorland railway! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_foot_six_inch_gauge_railways_in_the_United_Kingdom
  2. Surely, that's as much about lack of (British) government support as anything? I'd say ALL the steam builders in the USA were casualties of the centralised war planning, of which, Alco were the most successful but the ex-steam builders all built quantities of diesel locos, many of which were highly regarded for "slugging it out" (due to decent GE electrical gear). I've read reports of engineers preferring almost anything to an EMD on some roads, due to them being slow off the mark and not having much grunt. Indeed, many Baldwins still survive to this day, surely a testament to their build quality? Similarly with many of the other "minority" diesel builders. As I'm sure you know, EMD never had to transition from building steam AND were given the green light to keep building diesels throughout WW2 - talk about a helping hand from Uncle Sam.
  3. Well, I think that's a perfectly fine looking engine! I'd certainly love to see it available as a model BUT (there's always a but!) how about matching rolling stock? While I'd be happy putting a plastic kit together, I've never tackled an etched brass coach kit and then there's the problem of trying to get a decent enough finish to match the loco. Herein lies the continuing problem for the British modeller - critical mass! Let's think about this another way: If such a loco were to be produced in say, LNER livery - are there sufficient LNER liveried coaches available for it to haul, even if the coaches are a bit "modern" for such a loco? I think most modellers would be happy with that compromise, rather than insisting on era appropriate (NBR) coaches. Cheers, John.
  4. Hi All, Not exactly British outline but British built; http://enuii.com/vulcan_foundry/photographs/locomotives/Publicity/Turkish 2-10-0.pdf http://enuii.com/vulcan_foundry/magazine/Vol1_no3_1948/pages13-18.htm I did a search of this topic and I couldn't find any previous mention of these very Germanic looking Vulcan built locos. Apparently, 22 were ordered under a Turkish-British trade agreement of 11 April 1939 but not delivered until 1948 (some unpleasantness started in September 1939!). I understand there were also 15 more from Beyer-Peacock in the same time frame. I believe there were also some (50?) 2-8-2s ordered (and delivered) too, these were also very Germanic looking. Something I wasn't aware of, anyway! Cheers, John.
  5. That took longer than expected, sorry! I am certainly nothing like a 'master craftsman', merely a bumbling amateur but I hope this goes some way to showing that plastic can be made to look good! Cheers, John.
  6. Hello Tony, Everyone! While I cannot argue against the logic of brickpaper being closer to scale (because it is!) and (maybe) more realistic and you guys have certainly shown some wonderful examples, I have to argue against the like of Metcalfe kits and so on. Why? Most folk simply assemble them as is, leaving the flat surfaces completely without texture or additional colouring AND also leaving those dreadful uncoloured corners, ugh! I can't stand to see them, sorry. I far prefer plastic card or even plastic mouldings BUT I must fill in the mortar lines and add 'weathering' and relief to my structures, this latter is actually done by my dear wife, I admit as I haven't quite got the hang of doing this. The technique consists of adding several subtle changes in shade from the original colour, possibly not easy or possible on paper? I was just about to show pictures of my buildings but I've discovered I haven't any 'online', back shortly. Cheers, John.
  7. Not the typical sterilised reporting. https://www.truthdig.com/articles/the-horrors-of-israeli-occupation-have-been-laid-bare/
  8. THANK YOU!! If you look and see what is actually happening in the west bank, people (Arabs) being murdered for simply staging a peacefull, unarmed protest at having virtually ALL human rights and needs denied to them - them you can see why such as the leadership of the labour party is very open at speaking out about Israeli policy here. Just because Jews suffered during WW2 is no excuse for present-day Israeli behaviour. If you wish to mark me down as "anti-semite" for making the above statement, so be it, however, I prefer to believe in fairness and equality for all. If one people are to be marked down for abusive treatment and another people are allowed to get away with murder, that is a very unjust world and to be criticised for speaking up about it?
  9. Hyperloop closer to reality in India; https://www.globalrailwayreview.com/news/86483/india-first-passenger-hyperloop-system/
  10. Funny you should say this! I thought of this thread again when I read the following interesting link; https://www.lrb.co.uk/blog/2019/july/feelings-of-inertia-and-dread?utm_source=LRB+blog+email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20190813+blog&utm_content=ukrw_nonsubs_blog
  11. Hi All, I'm sorry to say that this layout is no longer in my possession! Last weekend, I took it to its new home where a lovely chap called Bob will be setting it up in his shed. I hope he enjoys it as much or more than I did. Ah, well! Maybe in my new home, I'll be able to build a new version for myself? Lots to do before then, however. Cheers, John.
  12. Hi Mike, That certainly looks 'do-able' to me! Would you have a slight gradient on the curve to the branch terminus so there is some elevation difference between the terminus and the main-line? It looks as though you could manage a 'pop up' section within that curve so you could access at least part of the terminus. Are you still having UK stuff, presumably, in the white section? Cheers, John.
  13. Hi Stephen, That's just what I needed, thank you very much indeed. Cheers, John.
  14. Now you're talking. In my humble opinion, Milton Friedman (aka the Chicago school) is the father of modern "Disaster Capitalism" and largely to blame for the way the modern world is today. It takes no prisoners and ensures that all profits go straight to the top, leaving nothing but disaster and ruined lives in its wake. Sorry - that's a long way O.T. but is a fascinating study in its own right. Meanwhile; Regarding electrification, several of the early British railways studying electrification did look at high voltage AC systems, I always wondered why the higher voltages were not adopted here. The Americans successfully used a couple of 11Kv systems since the late nineteen-teens/early twenties as did the Swiss, Austrian, Swedish & Germans with their 15Kv systems - most of which are still in use and are pretty robust in being able to deliver high current (for heavy/fast trains).
  15. As Fred says, POP colours are very varied (and interesting!). To supplement, here are further liveries; and in more recent times; I think the green/blue liveries were a remnant from era III but lasted pretty much until early era V. Supplanting these liveries were the blue/cream (IC) and red/cream (TEE) liveries of era IV (which could have other liveries mixed in!). The dawn of era V saw the blue/blue and/or red/pink stripe coaches while by the end of era V saw current white/red (IC) or red (IR) coaches. Today (era VI) sees "only" these two liveries on main-line trains but it is not boring as there are also regional and private operator liveries all mixed in, sometimes the private operators run trains or coaches in 'classic' liveries too so everything is very colourful. This is only a very brief (and rough) summary, there is a dedicated German railways forum on Tapatalk in the English language if you wish to learn more. Cheers, John.
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