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  1. It only seems to be you that is on tenterhooks - the rest of us simply have to wait and see. Why keep pushing?
  2. Quite likely, yes! But then, unlike a lash up of six regular locos, the four 'B's would have no means of hauling a train, perhaps? When you break it down, each section is "only" about 6400Hp and there's plenty of European designs considerably more powerful than that.
  3. From 'Railway Gazette International'; "CRRC Zhuzhou has unveiled first of eight 28·8 MW six-section electric locomotives which mining company China Shenhua Energy Co has ordered for hauling 10 000 tonne coal trains on 1·2% gradients on the 266 km Shenmu – Shuozhou line." "Designated Shen 24, the 106 m long, 24-axle locomotive with a maximum speed of 120 km/h is a development of the HXD1 design." "Shenhua Energy operates a number of HXD1 derivatives, including three-section locomotives rated at 14·4 MW, and plans to order a further 12 Shen 24 locos." https://www.railwaygazette.com/traction-and-rolling-stock/288-mw-freight-locomotive-unveiled/57096.article?utm_source=RGInewsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Main Story Link&utm_campaign=RGInewsletter- 20200807 My own and online conversions say that 28.8Mw equals 38,600Hp - is this the most powerful electric loco ever?
  4. Err, ever heard of high voltage transmission lines? https://www.power-technology.com/features/featurethe-worlds-longest-power-transmission-lines-4167964/ Brazil and China have managed to send power lines quite some distance. Plus, I seem to recall that steam locos do require rather a lot of water - unless you add in condenser units? South Africa did use these of course.
  5. For when you want to run a SD70ACE but don't have room!? http://www.nsdash9.com/rosters/4800.html I doubt this would ever be more than a kitbashers dream, it may not even become more than one unit in real life but I like it! Edit: The picture header said GP33ECO but other data calls it a GP34ECO so I think it is a GP34ECO.
  6. Thanks again, mdvle! Having watched about half of this video, I can certainly see why the higher price is justified. PHEW! That's a heck of a lot of details. And features, the BCR version has ten working front lights, 10! Gulp, the my problem now is that, were I to buy one, it would so outshine my Kato versions details wise, which are detailed up from standard but I couldn't do the different walkways, see through radiator grills and so forth. I don't even know if such details exist now, they didn't back then, I'm sure. Staggered in Warrington, John.
  7. Thanks mdvle, I hadn't seen the other items on the website. I used to follow the Texas & Pacific (as well as C&NW, SP and various others) and that Roundhouse flat car with boat - I'm sure that both the T&P and C&NW versions were knocking around on ebay for years afterwards! Surprising to me that they're back due to popular demand but ho hum. Cheers, John.
  8. I actually found that over exposure to those kinds of layouts put me off the north American scene! Not just Model Railroader, our own Continental Modeller is rather fond of them too imho. Back OT, I actually think Dr G-F has found a very attractive niche where he can still get his GM kicks as well as familiar prototypes, similar coaches, swb wagons, buffers etc (to the "British" scene!?). I followed a similar route by getting interested in the Danish scene, NoHabs etc then started going all German from that! It never ends.
  9. Sweet! Genesis-2 GE;s; Dash 9-44CW BNSF H1, H2, Dash 9-44CW CNW, Dash 9-44CW UP, Dash 9-44CWL BC Rail, Dash 9-44CWL CN, Dash 9-40C NS, With/without sound (from Tsunami 2 decoders), amazing detailing but not cheap at $249.98 analogue, $339.98 srp (ouch!). http://www.athearn.com/newsletter/073120/GEN_Dash 9 Series_073120_Combined.pdf Am I tempted by the North Western one? Maybe.
  10. Hi Chris, My last years of train watching in Spain ended at just around that time, say 1982 - when I was a mere stripling of 17! Unfortunately, I was mainly interested in the different types of locos then and didn't even take many photos but from what I remember, there were all the usual suspects of typical European 2 axle and bogie vans, opens, flats and hoppers. A lot of stock could change axles/bogies at border stations so I'm pretty sure you could see DB, SNCF, FS etc etc wagons. As well as the fairly obvious Portuguese (CP) neighbours, you could also see wagons that ran to the UK (ferrywagons of various types), for the British types, see the British H0 scale society (http://www.british-ho.com/) website for suitable wagons. As for native Spanish types, try looking through these; https://mabar.es/en/ http://www.ibertren.es/en/ https://clubelectrotren.com/index.php/club/catalogos (As produced by Hornby International!) I wish you well with this, Spain is a very interesting country to model and of course, there are quite a few Brits living there. Cheers, John.
  11. Hi Ken, Welcome to the dark side! I say as long as you enjoy yourself, that's the main thing. Cheers, John.
  12. On the face of it, that would be a pretty sensible solution! AIUI, our government wanted HS2 to be a bit of a landmark, a standout from the crowd with the rather high speed of 400kph/250mph which would have been really piling on the "high speed" part of the project, as previously discussed - not really what was needed but if you're going to build a new railway, you might as well go all out. Coincidently, the Russians are aiming that high too, see: https://www.railwaygazette.com/high-speed/partnership-to-develop-400-km/h-high-speed-train-for-russia/56826.article The distances in Russia may justify such speed but for the UK, no - not worth it.
  13. I think it was mooted they may not run at 400kph (250mph) - they would still be bloomin fast if they run at around 320kph, which appears to be the current "standard" for high speed lines nowadays. As Ron says above though, if this means a more conventional looking track, it would be a big cost saving not to mention actual energy costs, catenary maintenance etc.
  14. At 05.45 local time, on Monday 16 July, 75 years ago, "the gadget" was tested near Alamogordo, New Mexico and the world was never the same again. Niels Bohr said "Now there can be no more war", if only his words came true.

    1. Harlequin


      Oppenheimer could immediately see the threat posed by his new technology and famously used the quote, "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds".


      We had the sense to pull back from Nuclear Armageddon but we don't seem to be able to act on the equally serious, insidious and creeping threat of ecological destruction.



    2. truffy


      DA BOMB! could never stop war, only attenuate it (it seems that, in this respect at least, Niels Bohr was a fool).


      But for how long? It appears that cats, once out of the bag, have a strange reluctance to get back in.

    3. toboldlygo


      Which reminds me, I must get Enola Gay finished..

  15. Hola Peter! I guess your best bet is to set up a search on ebay! First choice would be ebay.ES, the Spanish version, it will search all the European versions whereas the UK version is less successful at this, unfortunately. DJH also made some Spanish outline steam loco kits, I believe a French concern took the H0 kits over and was re-releasing them one by one but most likely concentrated on French prototypes. The ultimate Spanish kits were from ATF Models, mentioned here: I used to have their site bookmarked but it no longer works sadly so I don't know what happened to them. I do possess one of their kits for a lovely little 0-3-0T, this is lying in wait for my retirement! https://www.ebay.es/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_sacat=0&_nkw=ATF Models H0&LH_Complete=1&rt=nc&_trksid=p2045573.m1684 As you can see, a completed 2-10-2 can fetch a large sum! Cheers, John.
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