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  1. As far as I'm aware there's only one red BYA, painted for an event along with the Biomass conversion from an HTA Jo
  2. Looking at videos of 88s on the last leg of the journey passing Holytown, there's a mix of diesel and electric in use, so no apparent rhyme or reason from an external perspective. Jo
  3. Not just you! The 66s are a different colour to the UK repaints. Presumably the stuff in the EMD factory is the standard Wisconsin Central stuff, but in the UK it's the nearest match a supplier could make. 2 paints can be exactly the same spec but there will be slight variations on shade from the two manufacturers. Jo
  4. Steadfast

    Class 59 in 00

    As built yes. All now exit on the same side (away from the clean air grill). I believe this was altered in the 90s. The silencer is presumably a drop in part (like on their N scale 66), so easy to tool both options Jo
  5. Steadfast

    Class 59 in 00

    Haven't Dapol revised the Yeoman model to offer 005 instead? The NRN roof pods are different on 005 to 001-4, and the tooling they have so far only covers the later position, suitable for 59005, the /1s and /2s Jo
  6. Thanks Jack, Found a seller on Amazon selling the same paint, made by Hycote (the company that makes Halfords paint) for 7 quid. Last one in stock for now sadly, but could be an alternative route for you. It looks better than Hornby for being that bit darker, I'll have to see how it compares to my Phoenix Precision painted FGW stuff when it arrives. Thanks again Jo
  7. The Falcon packs are in stock now! Those who have ordered they are packed and will be dispatched tomorrow, there's a follow on of extra stock due in a week or so. I still have a small stock of the engineer's wagon markings available in stock to buy now, pack N-Misc001. When the weather cheers up I'll get some photos of the graffiti on my EWS HOAs. I'm happy with the test prints so will work to get this into a retail ready pack soon. One pack will do all the EWS HOAs Revolution have released, the graffiti isn't as easy to split up as the Cemex blanking patches. Jo
  8. Hi Jack, Nice work on your repaints! I see you mentioned a Halfords FGW blue shade. Which colour did you use? It looks absolutely spot on. Cheers! Jo
  9. Class 70s (not units I know) have a white light in the steps and yellow ones under the doors Jo
  10. It's Acton Wells Jn, click the pic and it'll take you to Flickr Hope this helps Jo
  11. Morning, it'd be interesting to know where you've heard this from? It's the first time I've heard it, and checking with a DRS driver there is no way a 68 can multi with the heritage DRS fleet as the 68 doesn't use air pressure to control the engine. Blue star, green circle and DRS multi are all basically the same, but with different heads. They also use a small white headed pipe on the buffer beam for the engine regulating air. This pipe is not on a 68, they use the standard European multi working system. From other pics and videos online, that RHTT combo 68/37 are not in multi. No cables between either loco and the wagons. The rear 37 on the Caroline lash-up will be idling or providing ETH. As Blue Star, Green Circle and DRS are all fundamentally the same, the adaptor cable allows any such fitted ETH equipped loco to work with Caroline. ROG have used a 47, a variation from the usual DRS traction Jo
  12. Despite their awkward quirks and unusual looks, 70s do sound good, especially on a heavy load! A driver the other day told me he often opens the door going through tunnels for the sound! Jo
  13. Hi everyone. A small update on what I've been working on recently. It's largely test fittings for decals I have in development so some more new things (so apologies for the watermark, I've reused the photos as they are equally valid for updates to the workbench!), sadly I've not had chance to progress the OCA yet. It's screaming at me to finish it! Who said Coronavirus was giving us more modelling time? Life for me seems busier than ever! Without trying to be too in your face plugging it, (a link is easier than explaining it twice!) there's more detail on the development of these decals on my thread in the smaller suppliers section here if anyone's not seen that thread before: First up are some additions to a couple of JNA 'Falcon' wagons that I have weathered and part loaded previously. Designed to represent empty wagons returning from an engineering site, these empties need a good scrape out from the 360 excavator on return to the yard. I've got another couple of Falcon and a few Swordfish and Coalfish, so I think I'll have to crack on and get them up to scratch at some point soon, adding some of the white chalk markings to them too. I've also managed to decal up a few more HTAs. For those who are interested, the 'Le Chats' are "Insert Face Here" and "DBS Cat of the Year". I've also managed to locate a reasonably price HTA on eBay, so along with these 8, I'll have 6 graffiti free to give me a set of 14 in total. Should look ok on layouts, despite being shorter than most real sets. I'm looking forward to weathering these big beasties up, it really should help set them off. Hopefully I'll be back with more soon All the best Jo
  14. Cheers Steve, getting there a step at a time. My trouble is I keep spotting new inspirations! Jo
  15. Hi all, First up, a massive thank you to everyone who has been in touch, either purchasing products, suggesting future ideas or just being generally interested. It's all appreciated! A thank you too to the guys at Revolution for the mentions, really very kind and has been a fantastic boost. I have put a new blog post up here detailing some new and forthcoming releases. The short of it is: Additional Cemex blanking packs available to order, these are printed to order. £5 per three wagon pack plus postage, two packs available, N-HOA4 and N-HOA5. Cheeky comment, it might also help Ben and Mike decide on running numbers if they do a second run of wagons Infrastructure wagon markings pack. Nearly 60 decals to apply to Falcons, Coalfish, Lobsters etc. Small quantity in stock early July, £5 per pack plus postage. N-Misc001 A pack of graffiti and more specific site markings for the Dapol JNA Falcon model. Covers five wagons, includes an instruction sheet highlighting placement and also patches of yellow to be painted before the decals go on. Small quantity in stock early July, £5 per pack plus postage. N-JNAGR001 These Falcons that I have done show a combination of the two packs used together. As usual, all decals are traced from photographs of the real thing. Finally, I will be putting together a pack for HTA coal hoppers. This will include multiple graffiti decals, numbers for those wagons, as well as lots of the green squares that are applied to one end of the wagons. These are to signify modified brakes and have been applied to all wagons since 2006 (perhaps earlier, but that's the oldest I've seen). The pack contents are subject to change, this picture of my HTAs is to provide a taster. For example, I doubt Garfield will make the cut, as it is a one piece decal and a horrific one to apply! More updates to come soon. If you want to be kept up to speed on news and posts, you can subscribe to the blog at the bottom of the page on https://steadfastmodels.wordpress.com/blog-2/ . This will notify you of a new post being made and send it out in an email, newsletter style, pictures and all! Jo
  16. Steadfast

    Class 59 in 00

    I'll add this quick snap of it all shiny sat under the yard lights. The blue still has the surface marks from brushing bushes etc. Subtle and not noticeable from a distance but to me suggests still the old paint. Jo
  17. Steadfast

    Class 59 in 00

    Looks much better than before, the Europorte livery is very fussy round the cabs and add in the name plates and cab embellishments and it looked very busy. Also it's orange now, not sand coloured! I was looking up close the other day, and they've repainted the orange sections and yellow panel, but the blue still looks to be the original application. The lettering is painted, so looks like they masked and sprayed that too Jo
  18. Just putting this one out there if anyone wants some light entertainment on a Saturday afternoon... Revolution's HOAs don't bounce very well. Of the 15 that just took a trip down the (luckily carpeted) stairs, 11 are now Red Carded for drawgear defects. Thankfully all free range buffers were found and will be reattached when I have the patience and some glue! The only thing that I've not been able to recover is half a buffer head, and that I'm sure I can sort with plasticard. And if you're asking how...the bottom fell out of the cardboard box I was carrying them in. All findable, and kinda small fry with the world at the moment, don't ya think? Jo
  19. 66055 and 066 are the only two with a white text DB logo, both done at the same time named to coincide with retirements. They preceded the other large logo repaints by a while. On the early large logo DB repaints, some have lettering that doesn't look quite right on the logo, like there's too much white and red letters are bold enough. I think it was the first few through Toton, from memory, as some were being done by Axiom at Stoke at the same time. You can tell a Stoke repaint as the grey on the roof ends in a slightly different place and all the door handles etc are white. Toton repaints have red handles. Some Stoke repaints used a fluorescent orange tape for the cantrail line too. 66128 is in the pic above is one of the ones where the DB logo on the side has letters that don't look quite right. In this link to Flickr 128 is the middle loco, see how the letters are smaller than the other two. Makes the logo look wrong Jo
  20. I believe Mig, AK interactive and Abteilung 502 are all the same product, so a model shop told me. Mixing different things with the powders can give very different effects. As noted, applied to matt model they stick better than on gloss. Mix them with a gloss varnish on a pallette and they make convincing wet sludges. Use black, and add less varnish, you'll have a nice buffer grease. If you mix white spirit into the powder, it'll stick better but dry with the original powder texture. For dusty or sooty effects, applying dry does seem to give the best results. For exhausts, I get it 99% with paint, then add a dusting of black powder on top to add a sooty texture. The best thing I can recommend is have a look at what military modellers are doing, their weathering is fantastic and they may use one powder but in three different ways. Some fantastic websites and magazines out there, in terms of painting and weathering I find Tamiya Model Magazine and Airfix Model World both offer some great tips and inspiration. Jo
  21. Hi Jim, I'd recommend a job lot of pipettes, shot glasses or medicine cups and kids glue spreaders for all your paint mixing needs. I bought 100 pack of each of the first 2, and a pack of 10 glue spreaders for about a tenner all in on eBay a while back. I treat the pippettes and cups as consumables, bin them after and give the glue spreader a quick dip in thinners and wipe with a cloth after use. I've sprayed enamels and other solvent based paints for years, the only trouble I have had was leaving rubber seals in cellulose thinners for a fortnight because I forgot about them... Even when I spray acrylics, I flush out with a solvent airbrush cleaner to dissolve the dried on lumps that acrylic thinners or IPA won't touch. I've always found acrylic is actually worse than enamels to clean up, as with enamels they stay soft longer so actually dissolve in the thinner and wash out nicely. Ok enamel smells stronger, but that's what the mask and extractor are for! I use Alclad airbrush cleaner, cuts through anything I've ever sprayed and available mail order via eBay. Jo
  22. Fresh air I believe! It's a steel flow, pretty sure it's loaded with product from Celsa at Cardiff, you've seen the return empties Jo
  23. Colas is also in the slightly different position where there the 70s form the backbone of their fleet! Jo
  24. Lovely job on the 50 Will, the warm white LED works really well. The markers being slightly warmer is excellent, as they're shining through opaque plastic on the real thing. I think the lighting you've photographed the model in is great, it really helps to bring up detail that could be lost in harder shadows. Jo
  25. No longer in service, I think it was around 10 years ago they got withdrawn. In their latter years, TOPS coded IHA or KIA depending on whether international or UK registered. They were used intermixed with EWS BYAs, VTG JSAs and the grey canvas hooded IHAs on domestic steel trains. Stick things like Llanwern 2009 for example into Flickr and you should get them appearing in trains. Prime example from that search: Image caption on Flickr says Margam - Llanwern. Good mix of covered and open coil carriers on show. The usual wagon picture sites have pics of them, so you should be able to see what they're coupled to Jo
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