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  1. Thanks for the replies. I thought it would be complicated ... Having done some more research, I'm not sure I have the capability, confidence or money to take this too far. I might try and find a friendly designer to see what could be done.
  2. So, having blissfully ignored the perils and merits of 3D printing, I'm just wondering how easy is it to get started? If I wanted to produce some n gauge bogies for example, how much of a minefield would I be walking into?
  3. Crazy. Ridiculous. Ambitious. But also bloody amazing. Cant wait to see it in the flesh.
  4. Evening. Anybody aware of a Farish Class 40 (ref: 371-182) in BR Blue for sale? Thanks, Christian.
  5. That looks fantastic Grahame. Really captures the feel of the location. Very tidy road markings as well.
  6. This is some seriously fantastic modelling ... just captures the essence of the WCML
  7. They look great. Shame about the N gauge version
  8. Gutted but understandable Cav. I was looking forward to a rake of BBAs as well
  9. Thanks for the reply. There maybe a PM sent to you this week
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