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  1. That looks fantastic Grahame. Really captures the feel of the location. Very tidy road markings as well.
  2. This is some seriously fantastic modelling ... just captures the essence of the WCML
  3. They look great. Shame about the N gauge version
  4. Gutted but understandable Cav. I was looking forward to a rake of BBAs as well
  5. Thanks for the reply. There maybe a PM sent to you this week
  6. Impressive work Tom. Have you ever worked your magic on any n gauge models?
  7. Will there be any news on the n gauge version? Thanks.
  8. Appreciate that this is the 4mm thread, but is there any news on the potential n gauge version?
  9. Dapol's accountants just fell of their chairs with joy! Awesome modelling BTW.
  10. Thanks for the reply Dave. That's really useful. The area I like is that in front of the left hand tunnel. I just like the varition in texture, height and colour. The whole scene just looks so realistic.
  11. Dave. What static grass have you used?
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