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  1. Now that the MK2F coaches have arrived, is anybody considering selling some of their MK2D coaches in Blue Grey? I'm looking for some Chinese designed and produced models (FOs in particular) rather than the Poole produced versions. Thanks.
  2. A crackin' layout. Can't wait to see it on the road at some point in the future
  3. These look interesting. Where did you source them from? Thanks.
  4. I've only just come across this extremely sad news. Peter was a real character and gentleman - and a truly outstanding modeller. The quality of his layouts, and the skills and knowledge he freely demonstrated and shared, are a true testament to his abilities, creativity and ingenuity. It has been as number of years since I last saw Peter at the old unit or at the local show in Llanberis, but I have never forgotten his friendly and welcoming nature and how jaw droppingly impressive his models always were. Rest in peace Peter. The world of model making is a poorer place
  5. The model looks great. Still gutted there's no N Gauge version though ...
  6. The 31 looks fantastic Duncan. Memories of the ones that worked up the Lledr valley to Trawsfynydd
  7. Nice! In olive green as well!
  8. This is just fantastic modelling. This thread deserves more followers.
  9. Really enjoyed the style of engagement ... just a shame that there's still nothing to tempt me from a modelling perspective yet.
  10. Nooooooooooo! The countryside section is too good to break up!
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