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  1. Fantastic news!!
  2. The 31 looks fantastic Duncan. Memories of the ones that worked up the Lledr valley to Trawsfynydd
  3. Nice! In olive green as well!
  4. This is just fantastic modelling. This thread deserves more followers.
  5. Really enjoyed the style of engagement ... just a shame that there's still nothing to tempt me from a modelling perspective yet.
  6. Nooooooooooo! The countryside section is too good to break up!
  7. I'd have to agree with previous comments about the scenery. It's magnificent! I've also watched the video and I appreciate how you've simplified and demistified the various processes. I almost feel like having a go myself. Just need to build a layout first!!
  8. Looking good Graham. Nice to see you modeling again. Stay safe.
  9. Afternoon. Anybody looking to sell any 1/150 Tomytec cars, especially those suitable for the 1970s & 1980s? I know it's a long shot but no harm in asking. Stay safe. Christian.
  10. Still looking for 1 more carflat if possible. Stay safe.
  11. Just a lockdown bump. Anybody aware of any carflats for sale?
  12. Nice to see you back modelling David. The layout won't look right without an IKEA though
  13. Having missed out on the original run of the N Gauge Society release, does anybody have any of the Motorail branded flats that they would be willing to part with? Many thanks. Christian.
  14. I'm interested but not willing to fill out an EOI form yet
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