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    Mainly Salisbury - Exeter. Wilton and Hewish Gates in particular as I am intending to build models of them. (EM gauge).

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  1. "There were a couple, which are not now for sale, put it this way. Looking at the photo parts were missing which may have been on a third etch, certainly not visible from the photo." Hi Hayfield, I bought the K10 & A12 and the loco etches look reasonably complete, so is it either of these that you feel had an etch missing. Please say, don't hold back. cheers Phil.
  2. Hayfield, Interesting, so which tender loco is missing the second etch and what do you think should be on it please? Phil
  3. Yes John and Hayfield, I have just bought from Samantha and found the same as you with tender locos. The etches appear new and in my case I intend to mix with white metal kits I have had for years that have known accuracy issues to hopefully produce a good model. Samantha offered me a refund too but at the price I paid I think I've got a good deal for a chassis and 'scratch builders' parts for the body. Keep safe and happy modelling, Phil B.
  4. Gosh fellas, I didn't expect to get this level of response. This is great so useful and just shows how good rmweb can be. I do have a couple of new (old) O2 kits as it happens so one could be used for the G6. (You know how it is, years ago I bought kits to put by and now have enough in the loft to stock a shop!!) Falcon are selling various on eBay - body etches some with chassis but no chassis on their own yet. Phil B.
  5. Thanks DLT, Barry and Hayfield for your replies. I knew about the R1 chassis for the G6 but it's good to know how the Wills kit was adapted to fit. At least now I can be prepared with the razor saw and a drawing to do surgery. I'm not sure on a chassis just now - probably Gibson frames I think. I also have a Finecast M7 cab details set which might suit. Sounds like it's going to be fun, just as well I'm good with low melt solder. Cheers, Phil B.
  6. Barry, I'm interested in your comment " inaccurate old Will's kit" as I have an unbuilt one which I intended to put on a scale set of frames ( probably Gibson). So can you tell me please what the issues are with it? Thanks, Phil.
  7. Hi Wayne, Apologies for not responding earlier, I've just been catching up. Thanks for everyone's explanations to my question, makes sense of course. I saw you had Brighton on rmweb but it's a surprise you're so close. Yes I'd like to arrange a visit if the offers still on, can I pm you? Phil B.
  8. Hi all, very interesting and a great review. I'm curious to know what the rectangular box of sleepers are for half way along? Apologies if this has already been answered but they do spoil the effect of a scale turnout. Cheers, Phil B.
  9. Bill Bedford now lists the Ironclad pull/push set sides on his site with a 6 - 8 week delivery. Love this thread, so inspiring and informative. Phil B. Stay safe / keep modelling.
  10. Hi Richard, will an EM1 fit both the Dapol class 52 and the Bachmann class 42? I was wondering if it could go in the class 42 tanks? Phil B.
  11. Brilliant service Richard - ordered 2 speakers and Kapton tape Saturday and they arrived this morning. Couldn't be better, thank you. Getting ready to order more now having watched some of your videos. Best wishes, Phil.
  12. Hi Richard, do this pair have the same depth of sound as the em2 and what do you think about using a double iPhone? Phil
  13. Tony, that's excellent info. Thanks very much. Especially that photo of the chassis etch as it gives the FC number which Squires are telling me doesn't exist. Now if only I can convince them to find one and sell it to me! Under previous circumstances a phone call to Dave at SEF would have secured a chassis and the other spares I was hoping to get in no time at all. Thanks again that's everything I needed, now I can move on confidently. Phil B.
  14. Tony, a further thought - is the chassis in 30531 a Finecast etch as I believe they can be built compensated? Cheers, Phil.
  15. Hi Tony, yes that does help as I was under the impression that the kit was compromised in the wheel spacing to suit the RTR chassis. I've measured the loco kit body and compared it to the drawing in Russell's book and it measures well agains it. So I'm confident now that the etched chassis are correct - if I can get one!! Squires don't know much about the Finecast range they've taken on, relying on outdated lists. So I'll probably have to wait a while till they get to grips with it. Best wishes Phil B.
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