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A couple of Southeastern trains.



466006 brings up the rear of a Charing Cross service - 14 June 2012



375830 arrives at Ashford - 19 September 2013



375807 waits in the bay platform at Ashford - 19 September 2013



465192 passes London Bridge - 24 May 2012



395014 at Ashford - 19 September 2013

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With the South Western Mainline as my local route, 3rd rail EMU's are the bread and butter of the area! Here's a few from me.



Blue & Grey 3-CIG 1497 "Freshwater" stands at Brockenhurst waiting to head to Lymington Pier in the dying days of MK1 EMU operation on the branch. 16.05.2010



Rolling off Setley Plain, 1497 "Freshwater" heads for Brockenhurst on a day before the slammers ceased to operate on the Lymington branch. 21.05.2010



From one of the origional batch of Electrostars that's now 15 years old, 377102 shows its age as it leaves Eastleigh with 1Y77 Brighton to Southampton Central. 29.08.2016



Just a couple of weeks after Wessex Electric operations stopped on the SWML, 442402 waits at Eastleigh to head into the works for warm storage. 16.02.2007



Back on home turf, 442422 races through Worting Junction with 5Z42 Stewarts Lane T&RSMD to Eastleigh Works. 05.04.2016



Seen within Siemens Northam Depot, 444022 & 444017 recieve some maintenance. 06.08.2013



Sat at Brockenhurst, 458006 & 458014 are passed by 444018. The pair of units were working "The Juniper Factor", running as 1Z45 London Waterloo to Poole. This was a fairwell tour of sorts before all the 458's became 5-car Class 458/5's. 23.05.2015



Arriving at Clapham Junction, 458535 works a London Waterloo bound service. 15.9.2015



Off of its normal patch, 460003 heads through Eastleigh with 5Z60 Bournemouth T&RSMD to Ashford Down Sidings. This was just before the class were converted into Class 458/5's. 02.11.2012



Heading the classic location of Wandsworth Road, 465002 has an UID unit in tow as they work 5Y85 London Victoria to Blackfriars. 15.09.2015



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A few from 2012.



319440 stands at East Croydon - 14 June 2012



319430 heads away from Three Bridges on a north-bound service - 10 October 2012



377309 and 456003 at London Bridge - 10 October 2012



456010 and 456022 at a rather damp London Bridge - 27 November 2012




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19 pages of 1980s Southern stuff (some locos admittedly) over here: http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/544-southern-region-photos-1980s/


And a bit more up to date, third rail and overhead in one shot, Ebbsfleet, 2012:



Is that a km per hour speed limit sign?

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Coats of many colours - a selection of class 455s at Clapham Junction - 20 November 2006. These are all taken from scans; I was late to digital photography.



Poppy liveried 455869



Legoland liveried 455856



Old SWT liveried 455858 - I believe, identified though the carriage number 71694, but may have been swapped subsequently


A bit of SWT class 442 action on the same day



2414 passes Clapham bound for Waterloo



2421 passes Vauxhall


More recent history:



458018 eases into the carriages sidings at Clapham



An unidentified member of the short-lived class 460 passes Clapham



Many of the 456s still carried NSE livery at this point - 456009 was a case in point, although starting to look a bit shabby.


A little bit of Silverlink history finally; also on the same day...



313111 arrives at Clapham Junction



313117 at North Woolwich station. The line closed a couple of weeks later.


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Third rail doing what it does, three times:


Sparks and a light trail at the foot of Sole Street bank in Strood, Rochester Bridge in the right background, 1984:



Sparks in the snow, Strood, 1985:



Sparks from a Thameslink train in the Bickley/Chiselhurst/Petts Wood area, 1989 (sorry, bit blurry):



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Loving all the pictures so far, especially the MK1 stuff! Something I only saw the end off. Here's a few more from me:



A 4-VEP makes a stop at Eastleigh near the end of the MK1 "Slamdoor" EMU's reign on the SR. No idea what the date I'm afraid!



The first two of the 444's make a stop at Eastleigh as they work in opposite directions to each other. 31.07.2008.



With the shoe gear causing the rain to spray off the 3rd rail, 444016 leads a UID classmate through Shawford as they head for Waterloo. 31.10.2012.



The different designs of MK1 EMU successor pass at Eastleigh. Siemens' 444016 passes Bombardier built 377425. 03.11.2012.



Breaking the tranquility of the New Forest, 444040 heads through Bishops Dyke, near Beaulieu Road, with 2B60 Poole to London Waterloo. 11.06.2016.



Southern's 455825 rumbles through Eastleigh working 5Y55 Eastleigh Works to Selhurst T&RSMD. 09.10.2012.



Running on its own, 455904 passes Southampton Central with 5B39 Wimbledon CSD to Bournemouth T&RSMD. 17.07.2012.



Slowing for a stop at Clapham Junction, 456019 & 456016 lead a UID Class 455. 15.09.2015.



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Three third-rail EMUs "north of the river"


Dalston 1985, with 3rd rail newly installed for the diversion of the N London Line away from Broad St:


North Woolwich once the services had started, and when it had some preserved stuff there, 1987:



Design classics, Manchester, 1985:


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Good aftrenoon,


Here's one from my collection


Southern Trains Electrostar 377108 arrives at Amberley on 18th February 2014. At this point the semaphores were still around, sadly now have been replaced by a mundane colour light signal.





Best regards,





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A fairly common working on the SWML is from Wimbledon EMUD to Bournemouth T&RSMD, which can produce Classes 455, 456 & 458. The units head to Bournemouth for bogie overhauls and other underframe work. Outwards, the working would run as 5B39 with the return being 5B40. About 5 or so years ago, the return headcode changed and became 5Y51, though the outward one remained the same.


Below is some pictures of these workings, which bought these normally suburban EMU's for a run away from the Capital.



455702 rolls through Millbrook with 5B39 - 14.05.2014.



Passing Shawford Down, 455705 gets a mainline run working 5B39 - 13.06.2013



Heading back home, 455706 & 455703 work 5Y51 towards Southampton Central - 12.07.2012.



455716 and a UID classmate race through Eastleigh on the fast lines with 5B39 - 24.02.2014.



Seen at Deerleap, between Ashurst and Beaulieu Road, is 455724 working 5B39 - 04.02.2015.



Running solo, 455847 passes Millbrook with 5B39 - 21.01.2014.



Heading away from Totton is 455862 working 5B39 - 26.02.2010.



Heading through Eastleigh non-stop are 455862 & 455706 with 5B39 - 04.12.2012.



Heading away from the camera at Woodfidley are 458007 & 458024 working 5Y51 back home - 15.10.2012.



On the up fast at Eastleigh is 458018 working 5B40 to Wimbledon - 27.03.2009.



With its new bogies on show, 458003 trails 458028 as they work 5B40 through Southampton Central - 15.03.2010.





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Almost all of my earlier pictures were taken as 126 format monochrome prints which I cannot successfully scan without a fair amount of work.  Therefore I shall have to enter this topic with some more recent views.


Ealing Broadway in 2007 showing D-stock on the District Line and 1992 tube stock on the Central Line.  A good spot for those unfamiliar with the two "scales" used by the underground network.




The old order changeth.  1858 was one of the few 4Cig units to have been repainted into Southern livery coupled with an unidentified 4Vep retaining its Connex style.  Taken from Norwood Junction with the train using the Selhurst Depot headshunt.




To date Limehouse remains the only station I have been chased from and threatened with arrest for taking photos.  One of the photos in question is this of a class 357/2 unit arriving from the coast bound for Fenchurch Street in plain white livery.  The operator never apologised for the disgraceful attitude of their staff member, somewhat bigger than me and clearly throwing his weight around, who was set to frog-march me away himself if I didn't go quietly.  And for doing nothing wrong whatsoever.



In 2007 Clapham Junction is full of South West Trains.  4-car 458s long before they were strengthened to 5-car sets, a 450, a pair of 444s and some 455s



This 2010 view shows a class 395 Javelin high speed set in the seemingly unlikely setting of Strood.  Bound for St. Pancras rather than Charing Cross and having to endure the same speed restrictions at both ends of the station as its Networker and Electrostar cousins on the "regular" services.




In 2005 one motor coach of preserved 4Cor 3142 was open for display at Horsted Keynes at weekends.  S11201S is now, or soon will be, at the Sellindge site which is not open to the public, for further restoration and may join its sisters at Shepherdswell in the future.



Finally an arty view incorporating that tower and a class 377 Electrostar at Portsmouth Harbour.  2010.



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