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Dapol Class 323 in OO

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On 03/12/2023 at 09:48, Adam1701D said:

It is not in the initial line-up, as there are too many liveries to do all at once. If the 323 does well, then I am sure it will appear in the next batch.


We are producing a 323 in First Barbie livery with Northern branding, if that is of interest.


Didn't realise you'd replied - apologies.


That's fair enough! Gives anticipation for a second batch. It is of interest for sure, but wanted to double check beforehand! Cheers Adam.

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On 26/11/2023 at 16:21, piranha240 said:

I hope they make the tooling correct for the early ones as they used to have very wide thick rubber windscreen surrounds.

The window surround has not changed since introduced.

At first the gap between the windows was painted black to match but later it was done in yellow on some units


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I suppose they would have to incorporate the differences in the tooling for the windscreen as it was very wide thick rubber on the earlier versions prior to mid life refurbishment some of the First Barbie liveried ones and Centro liveried ones had both versions of windscreen rubbers.

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