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Woodmores Scrapyard

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First, here's a link to the build info.


I have decided to call the diorama after the two major scrapyards: Woodhams (because of the locos saved) and Cashmores (for the locos dispatched).


You don't want to read lots of whaffle do you? Of course not, so let's get on with the photos: (Apparently, Clint Eastwood scraps half his lines when he gets a script. 'What's the point in saying that when one of my looks says it all!")


First, here's an overall view of the diorama:






This is a card from Hornby to confirm that one of the lengths of track used was in James May's challenge! (What are you going to do with your length)






Here's some 'chocolate box' shots taken on a summer's day. Most of these were taken with a compact I bought on Ebay for £31.00. The small size of the diorama and the high backscene make for some un-prototypical shadows!


















Here's too likely lads waiting for a rescuer. I hope no-one views the subject as being morbid or in bad taste. If it encourages you to put some funds into restoring an ex Barry loco then I would be very pleased!







And now, here's some atmosphere: Here's a shot I took at dawn:







And one taken on a foggy night......





Thanks for reading and I hope you think my efforts are a right heap of scrap!

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I recall travelling past Woodhams every fortnight on my way for a weekend leave from the RAF. The atmosphere even to a 17 year old, was quite upsetting. At the end of my posting there were many gaps in the sidings and I was never sure whether they had been cut up or taken for preservation. I do remember some had details chalked on them suggesting a reprieve but I was a novice spotter and unable to work out types or classes. This is a beautiful reminder of the sadness and I think on a par with a David Shepherd picture of Woodham's yard in three dimensions.

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It's utterly fantastic. Now please take this in the spirit in which it's intended - as I would like to think someone would mention in the 'How Realistic Are Your Models' photo thread - the ONLY conceivable detail that signifies it's a model, is the lack of vertical tension in the crane's jib rigging. If that was hanging straight down it would be the icing on the cake for me.


Excellent stuff, and incredibly well modelled. Breathtaking.

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I've seen a few scrapyards attempted, but none has come close to the attention to detail, and realism that this purveys.


My son, a welder/plater by trade, laughed out loud with pleasure at the burning gear, remarking on it's closeness to reality and the fire-blankets placed over the motion.


I noticed rusty tubes, with CLEAN cut ends........just as they would be. I could go on. I CANNOT believe that those are Airfix/Dapol kits.


Excellent, what an eye for detail.

This one gets my vote.

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Thanks for all the nice comments, guys. The Hornby track was in my local model shop and the Hornby rep. was in who confirmed that most dealers had some.


I have just finished the scrapyard, and am hoping it may appear in print some time.


In the meantime, here's 36 mm2 of Bulleid tender. 'Can you tell what it is yet?'.






Happy modelling!

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FAN...B....y.......TASTIC,................truley SUPERB modelling at it's VERY BEST,.........only One little tiny thing,........and this is not a critisism,.........cos there ain't anything to fault................the shadows you mentioned NEVER really detracted me,....


It's ONLY a shame the crane hook and cable couldn't be tensioned somehow,.........and quite basically you could fool anyone with the pics you've done,.........on a inexpensive camera source as well, WOW!!!


A truley deserved piece of modelling that should be on show,......do you plan to take this to a show???.......I'm sure there WILL be many offers!!..........will it be featured in one of the monthly Railway modelling mags, REALLY think you should consider this.........a BENCHMARK for others to follow.........and also proves `ANYONE' can be actively involved in Railway Modelling......WELL DONE!!! :) :pleasantry: :good:

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